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Gothic Art The Splendor Of Gothic Art Can Be Seen In The Magnificent Cathedrals Of Notre Dame, Chartres, Rouen, Salisbury And Lincoln And In Their Sculpture But Also Between And A Vast Quantity Of Very Fine Paintings, Stained Glass, Manuscript Illuminations, Metalwork And Tapestries Were Produced Andrew Martindale Writes Of All These Great Achievements In One Of The Best Available Concise Surveys Of This Highly Creative Period In Western Art

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    Read for a class on the art and architecture of the Gothic I remember studying the photos carefully for a test we had to identify churches period of time they were built based on slides shown to us Tricky test, but an excellent class that I really enjoyed Which is why I still have the books some 20 years later.

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    HRV Pro itano za nastavu na faksu i kori teno u seminarima.ENG Read for my college classes and used for seminars.

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    Disproportionately architecture, which was not what I was looking for Knowledgeable, albeit dry.

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    It s a bit dry in prose, but this is no surprise for an art history book Nonetheless, it is an informative, and even an inspiring, read And oh, it contains such pretty, pretty pictures of glorious Gothic paintings and architecture Recommended for those who obviously are students of art history, people who love art history and, well, people who enjoy Gothic art in general.

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    I found some bits factually incorrect, so I put this book down after reading about 120 pages.

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    Une synth se bien ficel e sur l art gothique, avec de belles photos.

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    While I loved looking through the pictures, I didn t walk away understanding the gothic period in greater detail, it s peculiarities, nor how it moved the Romanesque movement forward.

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    Nice introduction, but mostly focused on Architecture, some beautiful examples of manuscripts and sculpture though.

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