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Mormon Sisters: Women In Early Utah [PDF / Epub] ☁ Mormon Sisters: Women In Early Utah By Claudia Bushman – In the last twenty years an increasing number of books on the history of Utah and Mormon women have appeared The book that led the way for these varied studies came to be when a group of Boston area w In the last twenty years an increasing number Women In PDF ☆ of books on the history of Utah and Mormon women have appeared The book that led the way for these varied studies came to be when a group of Boston area women connected with the periodical Exponent II named in honour of its nineteenth century predecessor The Woman's Exponent got together to publish a collection of topical essays on Utah women's history titled Mormon Sisters The book became a minor classic in Mormon women's studies and inspired Mormon Sisters: PDF/EPUB ² several imitators Mormon Sisters has been out of print for a number of years Now back in print this new edition adds new illustrations an updated reading list information on the subseuent careers of the contributors and an introduction by prominent historian Anne Firor Scott author of numerous books including Southern Lady.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Mormon Sisters: Women In Early Utah
  • Claudia Bushman
  • English
  • 01 January 2016
  • 9780874212334

10 thoughts on “Mormon Sisters: Women In Early Utah

  1. Heather Heather says:

    Did you know that the first woman senator AND member of the house of representatives was from Utah and a Mormon? Well it is true Cool huh? I've learned so much from this book It is absolutely astounding and makes me so incredibly proud to be a Mormon woman I almost think this book should be reuired reading for LDS women It addresses all the hard points of LDS doctrine and history and addresses them with straight forward and accurate facts The authors don't try to give you their personal opinions but let the history tell the story I especially enjoyed the chapters on Polygamy because I have LOTS of unanswered uestions about that Midwifery and Mormon Feminists Did I already say it this book is incredible It is one I need to get for my personal library

  2. Karen Karen says:

    Easy reading book with essays done by different women It’s a lot of historical context to the Mormon church enjoyed reading it

  3. Sadie Sadie says:

    Although I consider myself a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka Mormon I have never been interested in the history of the church This is a series of essays from different writers on varying topics all compiled into a book I did find some of the essays interesting and I gained a greater respect for the women that helped build up Utah I also found some of the essays fairly dry and hard to stay with Probably my favorite was the essayshort biography of Susa Young Gates She was an amazing woman and made me feel wimpy for dreading my pile of laundry I have to get through I did enjoy the book enough to give it 3 stars I think someone with the love of history or interested in the lives of women in the early church would enjoy it better than myself

  4. AllTheMarbles AllTheMarbles says:

    Some chapters were interesting than others but overall this was an informative book I'd heard a bit about suffragists and feminists among early Latter day Saint women but I didn't know the details This book filled me in These women were intelligent ambitious charitable and faithful to their beliefs Such a difference from the common perception of that time that women were weak and needed to be protected

  5. Jenalyn Jenalyn says:

    These essays about Women in Early Utah were fascinating I learned a lot and wonder about what contribution I am making to my world I would have given this 5 but some of the essays were a little dry and hard to stay focused on

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I really liked this book It read uickly Mormon Sisters is a collection of essays about LDS women in early Utah This is not fiction or an opinion piece The authors do a really good job of just stating the facts and suggesting simple analysis Some of the essays were interesting and focused than others but all of them were good For the most part it was a really fascinating read These ladies were ambitious and independent Eliza R Snow sounds kind of crazy and Susa Young Gates was super woman and were great supporters for the feminist cause Women in the Utah territory had the right to vote 50 years before anyone else There was uite a bit written on polygamy in the book While the authors didn't take any stance on polygamy itself they suggested that polygamy had a positive effect on the feminist cause as it reuired women to stand up for their beliefs against persecution become involved in politics and act independently of their shared husbands on a daily basis Interesting Also it talked about the aftermath when polygamy was ended and what happened to the abandoned women and childrenOne part I really liked was learning about Dr ELLIS Shipp one of the first female doctors in UtahReally fascinating I would definitely recommend it

  7. Jason Jason says:

    A collection of essays by Mormon women about early Mormon women A somewhat mixed bag but mostly pretty interesting In the days when American society was determined to rid itself of Mormonism the principal casualties of the battle were the Mormon women the Church's opponents pretended to speak for Reviled and mocked by the public and sometimes estranged from their husbands who were forced into hiding many Mormon women suffered greatly in those times These essays cover the lives of these women from their polygamy to their political activityThe polygamy essay was interesting in that it avoided the normative pitfalls of almost every discussion of the subject and focused on what the life of a polygamous woman was actually like The essay also provides some informative statisticsAlso fascinating was the degree of independence politically and socially of Mormon frontier women Rather than the slaves they are often painted as Mormon women tended to be relatively autonomous for that day

  8. Brian Brian says:

    The book was originally published in 1976 and came from a discussion group of Mormon women's history later it was republished with additional essays Each author decided on a particular topic to research study and write up and was ultimately edited and compiled by Claudia Bushman Each essay is easily read and digested and ranged somewhere between 15 and 23 pages including the notes section of each chapter The topics include women's healing pioneer midwives plural wives feminists political activists mini biographies of Eliza R Snow and Susa Young Gates earl Utah school teachers and charity work carried out by Mormon women largely via the Relief Society The final chapter was a look at Fictional Sisters through Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's analysis of 20th century novels depicting 19th century Utah life This was a most interesting parsing of storytelling and it is this portion of the book I'd like to highlight here

  9. Amber Amber says:

    This book is basically a bunch of different articles by different people I found some interesting than others The Victims in the Conflict article really caught my attention because it brought up interesting issues that I hadn't thought of before My main uestion from the article is Why if polygamy was so important to our eternal salvation did God only let it last less than 50 years? If God could defeat armies just for the children of Israel to have a plot of land then why wouldn't he have paved the way for the church to continue practicing polygamy? It doesn't make any sense to me that the practice would have been restored and then gone extinct so uickly It almost seems like the whole thing was in error and God was letting it die naturallywouldn't that be a nice reality I really liked the last few paragraphs of the article which talked about how polygamy has become an embarrassment from our past and a skeleton in our closet

  10. Sirpa Grierson Sirpa Grierson says:

    This book first published in 1976 and edited by Claudia Bushman came at a time when women in the faith were revitalized in their desire to know about the roots of their heritage Some chapters are fascinating and there is plenty to offer a reader who enjoys history photographs from the LDS Archives and times as well as chapters about of midwives healers schoolmarms LDS women in fiction early political suffragettes plural wives and One of my favorite chapters was about Susa Young Gates the remarkable daughter of Brigham Young Despite stereotypes to the contrary the pioneer women of the early Church were accomplished educated and often liberated than the women of their day An insightful and worthwhile work

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