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The Arrival Jonathan Doors A Man At The Head Of The World S Largest Corporation, Doors International A Man Of Wealth And Power, With The Resources To Change The World A Man Whose Life Is About To Change Forever.In The Early Days Of The Twenty First Century, The Earth Stands Still To Hear The Message We Are The Companions The Taelons Have Arrived From Beyond The Stars On Mission Of Mercy, To Help Humanity Claim Its Destiny Contacted By These Companions, Jonathan Doors Helps Introduce The Aliens And Their Fantastic Technology To The World But There Is A Dark Shadow Behind The Taelons Bright Promises, And When It Is Revealed To Jonathan Doors, He Will Become Their Greatest Enemy.

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    I am an Earth Final Conflict fanatic I have all the DVDs and still watch them I believe the strength of the series was in its unique approach in that it showed US through objective alien eyes The focus was on EARTH not the stars Too bad the potential was never realized to the max Same with this book.It was so devoid of strong plot lines I felt almost NONE of the strength of character of Jonathan Doors which we have come to know and love in the series His father s story was not captivatin I am an Earth Final Conflict fanatic I have all the DVDs and still watch the...

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    It s a ok book for a sci fi story but as part of the universe of earth final conflict tv show is simpy bad with the characters and taelons being profoundly different from the show, to make it worst most of the book is told my doors father past which is plain uninteresting.

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    I wish I had noticed that it was about a TV show before I read itbut it was good It was Sci Fi, which is what I needed at the time Also, he seems like a good writer I ll have to readof his.

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