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    I am referring to the 1967 version of The Mystery of the Great Swamp set in the great okefenokee swamp An intriguing story involving an adventurous boy in the Okefenokee Swamp who discovers a few survivors of a lost tribe of native Americans hidden in a remote corner of the water jungle I loved this book so much when I was a child I even read it to my own children when they were old enough to appreciate it.

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    I really liked this mystery when I was like ten or something It was well written and very intriguing It s about a boy who has lived in the Florida swamp area with his family the entirety of his life While exploring on his raft boat on the water one day he discovers a secret waterway in which he explores and finds the last of an Indian tribe and all the fascinating ruins of the formerly great tribe A good read, especially for children and early teens.

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    I must have read this thing about 100 times when I was 10 or so Didn t have a lot of choices, and a pet alligator seemed like the coolest thing ever.

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    I read this book as an impressionable youngster many years ago and the Okefenokee became one of my obsessions I finally spent several days camping in the swamp this past winter and it was everything I imagined This book is a decent read for an older kids book, and it holds a special place in my head.

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    This young man grows up knowing the swamps Upon discovering an unknown waterway, he goes to explore it and ends up fleeing from an unknown sound His fear of the unknown causes him to make some poor choices but he seeks to find the answersand does that turn his fear to understanding There are so many fears in life that only last until we come to understanding.

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The Mystery of the Great Swamp Jeb Had Grown Up Near The Okefenokee Swamp He Had Known It From Babyhood And It Had Never Held Fear For Him Until The Day He And His Dog Mac Were Driven From A Lake They Had Just Discovered By A Strange And Eerie Sound