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    A good book for anyone interested in vexillology The book shares the flags of the worlds as well as the arms of some countries, their meaning and all of its characteristics type, colors with a brief history of the country in question plus its location on the map.

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    Such an informative book with superb pictorial of flags The book provides a brief about the country s demo and short history Definitely recommended

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    A nice reference guide or something to spare random glances at The guide shares terminology, symbology, and history along with differing versions of flags The book serves as an annotated history of modern nations It also features a few common non national flags, but it this venue it is incomplete.

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    Although some entries have information than others, this is a good reference of world flags It has a good uncluttered layout and nice reproductions of the flags in terms of size and color I really li...

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    A few typos and no doubt soon to be out of date, but an absolutely wondrous read for any budding vexillologist Personally, I d love to see UK county flags included.

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    I have read the 2014 edition It is well illustrated book with good information on all of the flags.

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    A wonderful resource

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    Love flags, love this book THe only knock is that they talk about a few older national flags for some countries but don t show them I want to see them all

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Complete Flags of the World Vexillology, Or The Study Of Flags Is A Fascinating And Ever Changing Subject The Complete Flags Of The World Presents A Detailed And Compelling Overview Of The History Behind The Development Of World Flags Each National Flag Is Fully Described With Text And Annotations That Describe Its History, The Development Of Its Design, The Significance Of Colors, Symbols, And Crests Even The Smallest Countries Are Given A Full Page, And The Story Of Each Flag Is Analyzed Consistently To Make Comparisons Simple The Attractive Format And Handy Pocket Size Will Make This An Ideal Gift Or Reference For Anyone Who Is Interested In Flags.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Complete Flags of the World
  • DK Publishing
  • English
  • 24 May 2019
  • 9780756641153