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Red Bride ➳ [Read] ➮ Red Bride By Christopher Fowler ➾ – When John met Ixora it was love at first sight Here was the woman of his dreams and he wanted her After a whirlwind romance a marriage is planned but not before John gets a glimpse of Ixora's darker s When John met Ixora it was love at first sight Here was the woman of his dreams and he wanted her After a whirlwind romance a marriage is planned but not before John gets a glimpse of Ixora's darker side Too late he can only descend into desperation with almost no chance of survival.

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Red Bride
  • Christopher Fowler
  • English
  • 13 June 2016
  • 9780451452931

About the Author: Christopher Fowler

Librarian noteThere is than one author in the GoodReads database with this nameChristopher Fowler is an English novelist living in London his books contain elements of black comedy anxiety and social satire As well as novels he writes short stories scripts press articles and reviewsHe lives in King's Cross on the Battlebridge Basin and chooses London as the backdrop of many of his s.

7 thoughts on “Red Bride

  1. Frankie Frankie says:

    I was sure I had a good list of suspects for what seemed a rather average mystery for Christopher Fowler anyway Of course his average is far above many other's best but I figured older novel not uite a polished as his later I was wrong He had been showing me indirectly exactly who the killer was but I kept denying it to myself it just couldn't be that character I liked the person and there were many other characters I wanted to see as the murderer And even when the big reveal came the ending Fowler put on it was included a chilling scene Several characters from what would become the Peculiar Crimes Unit are investigating the murders and I always love seeing Janice Longbright pop upI shouldn't have waited so many years to track this one down

  2. Spiderorchid Spiderorchid says:

    The synopsis sounded promising but Fowler succeeded a little too well at creating an absolutely ordinary protagonist the guy is so boring I couldn't bring myself to care what happened to him Something is not working in a book when you've just read a gruesome murder scene and left the protagonist enthralled by a stunning mysterious woman and then forget to read on and the book gathers dust for over a weekFor readers who have the ambition to read everything by their favourite author everyone else should stick to his Bryant May books that's where Fowler shines

  3. Dan Dan says:

    This is an early novel of the author's and it has some early novel issues That said it has obviously been worked over and well researched It was clearly conceived to be a novel and has been worked over and carefully structured For me it has density and detail than I believe is reuired and this tends to halter the narrative's forward motion Also it is character loaded which reuires a bit of calling up and slows the narrative race to the end of the bookThe author has said he was disappointed in the sales of the novel and I believe perhaps he should not be His two previous books were successes and as this is an early book it contain characters locals and tropes that will figure in his development his wonderfully realized Bryant May series of booksIt is my goal to read much of his early work as possible a lot of which are uite good short story collections before I begin re reading the entire BM books in order

  4. Soho_Black Soho_Black says:

    Christopher Fowler's books have always been pretty difficult to get hold of When I first started reading his work I found that and Waterstones were always the best places to find his past novels This twin pronged attack served me well until I only had one of his novels left to find an early book titled Red Bride I'd virtually given up finding a copy as it was out of print and even the author himself describes it as virtually impossible to find anywhereThat was until it was located for me on eBay by a friend who knew how big a fan I was and how hard I'd hunted for a copy When it was sent to me I was like a child on Christmas Day diving into the package with great hopes and expectations Having enjoyed all of Fowler's work up until this point would the search of every second hand bookshop I passed be worth the time and effort now that the book had been found for me?John Chapel has just made a strange career move from accounting to public relations In his first days in his new job he is introduced to the captivating model and actress Ixora de Corizo Despite having been a happily married family man when time allowed in his old job he falls for Ixora He sacrifices virtually everything he has to be with her losing his wife his home and his job as a result of their liaisonHowever it seems that Ixora may have a hidden past As their relationship progresses John is warned away from her by a number of men who have previously loved her Men who subseuently die in strange ways It soon seems to John that to be associated with Ixora is to either die horribly or to bring yourself to the attention of the Police But the John comes to know her the he loves her Yet while the knowledge of Ixora's past eludes him he can never uite trust herThis is one of Fowler's earlier efforts and unfortunately it shows The story takes a long time to get going and never really gets to a place where you're completely gripped by it which is uite unusual for Fowler It's as if he wants to spend a lot of time setting the scene which isn't necessarily a bad thing but Fowler's strength has always been his ability to keep things happening and keep the pages turning Once you're into the real meat of the story things do pick up a little but they've had to build up to get there rather than being on the pace right from the startThe other thing that's noticeably missing from Fowler's normal style is the touch of reality He's freuently categorised as urban horror because much of what occurs in his novels happens in a known world usually London and features people you can relate to and in many cases see yourself in The situations are often uite realistic and sometimes the scariest part of reading a Fowler novel is the knowledge that what is occurring could happen to youSadly there is none of this in Red Bride The whole situation is a little too fantastic to leave you looking over your shoulder Whilst John Chapel is supposed to be everyman the character we can all sympathise with and relate to but he wasn't well drawn enough to seem realistic As a supposed hero he is too weak to get you on his side and it's hard to figure out what Ixora sees in him Ixora herself is fairly two dimensional as well which as the Red Bride of the title means that the whole book is lacking as far as the characters go Fowler has written characters you can empathise with and really care about what happens to them but sadly none of them are in Red BrideHowever perhaps the biggest crime in the novel is that it's all worryingly predictable Admittedly some of the murder scenes are nicely done and show a touch of originality but they seem to be the exception rather than the rule as far as this book is concerned and the victims are not well enough known for it to be possible to care about their demise Fowler's strength has always been to turn a normal person's life into a nasty ride but here he seems to be treading the same tired path as any number of horror writers before him The end result is that few of the story's events are surprising and the ending is probably the least of these It is only the details surrounding the story that vary slightly from anything that's gone before in the field of horror writing and they're not well written or original enough to take your mind off the obviousness of the basic storyThe book was for me much like getting a tie for Christmas You might need them and it will be a valuable addition to your wardrobe but you really wanted something a little exciting After hunting high and low for this book for two years it turned out not to be worth the effort and I'm grateful only that it was bought for me rather than paying for it At the same time knowing it's uite a rare book these days and because I have to have every book written by my favourite authors I'm glad to own a copy But like that tie it will go to the back of the wardrobe and only see the light infreuently and even then mostly for decorative purposes rather than for serious useIf you're a fan of the horror genre I wouldn't bother with Red Bride as you'll probably have read this story before albeit in a different form and probably better written If you're looking for a new author I would never hesitate to recommend Christopher Fowler just not this particular book If you're a fan of Fowler's writing it's all going to come down to how much you want to complete a set of everything he's writtenThis review may also appear under my name at any or all of wwwciaocouk wwwthebookbagcouk wwwgoodreadscom wwwcouk and wwwdooyoocouk

  5. Anji Anji says:

    Not one of his best novelsbut an enjoyable read nonetheless

  6. Andrew Nick Andrew Nick says:

    Not generally my kind of book story wise but really well written and up to Christopher Fowler's usual high standards His love affair with London shines through

  7. Peter Peter says:

    Slow and uninteresting

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