The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades ❮Reading❯ ➾ The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades Author Robert Spencer – The courageous Robert Spencer busts myths and tells truths about jihadists that no one else will tell   —MICHELLE MALKIN  While many choose to simply blame the West for provoking  terrorists Ro The courageous Robert Spencer Incorrect Guide PDF ↠ busts myths and tells truths about jihadists that no one else will tell   —MICHELLE MALKIN  While many choose to simply blame the West for provoking  terrorists Robert Spencer’s new book  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades™ reveals why it is time to ignore political correctness and identify the enemy   if we The Politically PDF/EPUB or hope to ever defeat them In a fast paced politically incorrect tour of Islamic teachings and Crusades history Spencer reveals the roots of Islamic violence and hatred Spencer refutes the myths popularized by left wing academics and Islamic apologists who justify their political agendas with contrived historical “facts” Exposing myth after myth  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades™ tackles Islam’s Politically Incorrect Guide Kindle × institutionalized mistreatment of non Muslims the stifling effect Islam has on science and free inuiry the ghastly lure of Islam’s X rated Paradise for suicide bombers and jihad terrorists the brutal Islamic conuests of the Christian lands of the Middle East and North Africa and In  The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades™ you will learn Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam Epub /   How Muhammad did not teach “peace and tolerance”—instead he led armies and ordered the assassination of his enemies Why American Muslim groups and left wing academics are engaged in a huge cover up of Islamic doctrine and historyHow today’s jihad terrorists following the ur’an’s command to make war on Jews and Christians have the same motives and goals as the Muslims who fought the Crusaders Why the Crusades were not acts of unprovoked aggression by Europe against the Islamic world but a delayed response to centuries of Muslim aggression What must be done today—from reading the ur’an to reclassifying Muslim organizations—in order to defeat jihad terrorists  .

10 thoughts on “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades

  1. Nandakishore Varma Nandakishore Varma says:

    Ladies and gentlemen I am uitting I can't stomache this diatribe any furtherI do not have any illusion about Islam or any religion for that matter and I wouldn't have minded a criticism of the faith from a point of view outside the ambit of political correctness But this is ridiculousThe author could have saved a lot of effort and paper by just writingChristianity Good Islam BadThis is not just politically incorrect it's totally incorrect30012018Ladies and gentlemen a Hindu fanatic troll who has been following me about for uite some time has infected this review too If you want to see what's wrong with India today you can read his demented ravings below For further examples visit my review of HindutvaDon't worry only a miniscule number of Indians are like him The majority are decent human beings

  2. Alok Mishra Alok Mishra says:

    Bold factual and significant I commend Robert Spencer's guts and his writing style He has written what needs to be written I recommend this book to the readers who want to understand why some among us are hell bent to defending Islam and some of us are ready to accept Islam for what it actually is a religion that discriminates between believers and 'non believers'

  3. murph murph says:

    Oh my God what a stupid bookIt's difficult to know where to begin with a book like this On the one hand you cannot dismiss it as the invention of a whackjob Robert Spencer has clearly done research on his subject and there are a fair number of points that an honest mind would have to concede to himYes Mr Spencer the Crusades were not an example of the Western world colonizing the Middle EastandYes Saladin's chivalrous reputation glosses over some of his bloodier exploitsThese two facts are used to buttress Mr Spencer's assault on what he perceives to be the established view of the CrusadesThe way he misuses these facts demonstrates that Mr Spencer is not engaged in scholarly analysis he is simply selecting the facts that suit his viewpointTake the point about colonizing It would be easy to say that the Crusades were a form of colonial conuest and Mr Spencer rightly points out that this is mistaken The Frankish kingdoms in the holy land were not extensions of their motherlands They were independent conuests ruled by the very nobles whose armies established themThat changes nothing about the essential character of the Crusades Namely Frankish knights invaded the Holy Land to conuer it for their own gain at the expense of its inhabitants with the blessing and encouragement of the popeThe fact that they didn't rename their conuests New Auitaine and send money home to the king hardly mattered to the people they subjugatedSpencer lingers over this meaningless technicality as if it undoes all of established history The historical record of the Crusades is eye deep with barbarous actions by the invading crusaders slaughtering the populations of surrendered cities Jerusalem treacherous knights Tancred and Reynald de Chatillon even cannibalism on the part of supposedly holy warriors After killing their way into Jerusalem the system of government chosen by the Franks was pretty much beside the point To any resident of the area they were invaders To any scholar of history they were unprovoked invadersSpencer also takes great pains to point out the bloody deeds of Saladin as if to reveal some great cover up The truth is yes Saladin enjoys a great reputation in the West for chivalry and piety And yes as Spencer points out he did have thousands of his prisoners executed It's actually worse than what Spencer describes Saladin had his prisoners executed by Sufis holy men not soldiers who botched their executions and caused additional sufferingOnly people who watch period movies will ever accuse Saladin of being a blameless adversary Spencer is arguing with a myth that exists only in terrible movies like Kingdom of HeavenWestern history remembers Saladin fondly because of his numerous acts of benevolence chief among them releasing the residents of Jerusalem after the Frankish nobles refused to buy their freedom choosing instead to take their treasures with them While many of his actions like providing replacement horses to Richard I in battle cold be seen as shrewd strategy there is a definite chivalry gap between the Frankish knights and SaladinYou could spend a long time trying to find a record of Tancred's good deeds in the holy landSpencer lingers long on the bloodshed of battle of Hattin and pointlessly debates whether the 1099 fall of Jerusalem really made blood run leg deep in the streets For one thing Spencer is comparing the end with the beginningHattin was the culmination of the war against the Frankish kingdoms It came in 1187 after almost a century of Frankish domination and bloodshed To compare Saladin's extermination of the Frankish army at Hattin with the wholesale slaughter of 30000 40000 defenseless Jerusalem residents in 1099 is to put it mildly missing a bit of contextThe Franks brought the concept of total war to the Middle East For many in the region this was their introduction to the West a heavily armed mass of religious fanatics When later Arab leaders like Baybars waged total war against the Franks there should be no confusion as to where they got the ideaSpencer's arguments against Islam as a religion are best described as selective Pitting one religion's writings against another is hardly an objective exercise but he tries anyway Here's a uote from his introduction trying to explain his motivation for doing soI have placed a Muhammad vs Jesus sidebar in every chapter to emphasize the fallacy of those who claim that Islam and Christianity and all other religious traditions for that matter are basically eual in their ability to inspire good or evil It is also meant to emphasize that the West built on Christianity is worth defending even if we live in a so called post Christian eraThese are not the words of a scholar They are the words of a modern crusader

  4. ♥ Ibrahim ♥ ♥ Ibrahim ♥ says:

    There is not a day that goes now by without hearing the harrowing news of what fundamentalist Muslims are doing Fundamentalist Islam has its appeal to young people because they want what is authentic not the traditional Islam of their grandmothers that is rooted in amulets and folk practices The closer a Muslim gets to Islam the saturated he is with the spirit of death and Allah commands him to go to extremes in devotion by practicing Jihad against the infidels the enemies of Allah To say that Allah has a Son makes you automatically an infidel They try to make Islam modern but it always turns out to be a far fetched dream since Islam is not dynamic and the text of the uran itself is mechanically dictated We can confidently say that Muslim fundamentalists have taken over 80 percent of the mosues in the United States There are than 3000 mosues in the United States This means that the ideology of extremism has been spread to 80 percent of the Muslim population mostly the youth and the new generation The church is light and salt Talking about things won’t change them Prayer does change things The Great Commission of going and telling them the Good News is going to change things I was groomed to be a Muslim fundamentalist myself Having a modern version of Islam was not the answer to my dilemma but having a new heart becoming a new creation was and will always be the answer to the problem of Islam as a wholeI love it when people call a spade a spade Yes we love Muslims we genuinely love them and and respect them but as for Islam itself it has to stand on its own merit We can't sugarcoat Islam Islam tells me as an Egyptian to beat my wife if she rebels Read it for yourself in sura Nissa 4 34 We wish that verse wasn't there but it is still there and you can just go to Youtube and type wife beating in Islam and what Muslim clerics would have to say as they elaborate on the uran Just go to google and google me Testimony of Ibrahim and see what I had to go through for giving up Islam And I wish it was fully safer here Islam made it much less safe for all of us I used to be a preacher of Islam as a little boy on the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt Reading this book cheered me up considerably; finally somebody tells it as it is and speaking the truth in love He deals magnificently with the issue of the Crusades that Muslims keep bringing up If you want the real meat and get to the point without being too much diplomatic and want the truth the whole truth this is the book that I highly recommend for you The entire story of my conversion to Christianity is here

  5. taarak taarak says:

    This is the definitive answer to Karen Armstrong's well known history of Islam Scary captivating and damned blunt this is a must read book for anyone that hopes to live through the next two decadesYou think you know about Islam But did you know that Islam teaches that Muslims must wage war to impose Islamic law on non Muslim states or that American Muslim groups are engaged in a huge cover up of Islamic doctrine? These and other politically incorrect facts are revealed by Robert Spencer in The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades Spencer traces the history of Islam the teachings of the ur'an and the Crusades and reveals the myths and realities related to Islamic law the treatment of women and the continuing jihad

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    This book preaches hatred and I am disgusted that something so blatantly discriminatory is regarded as remotely acceptable Shame on Robert Spencer for spreading hatred

  7. Kelley Kelley says:

    This is a controversial book; of that there is no doubt It is difficult to endorse it without appearing to be racist or paranoid That having been said let me heartily endorse this book to anyone that does not believe that Western Society Western Civilization is not threatened by the spread of Islam Those that believe that Allah as worshipped by Islam is the same God Christians and Jew worship are either ignorant at best or diluded at worstThis book makes the case through careful examination of the teachings of Mohammad the interpretation of the teachings by 1300 years of Islamic clerics and the continued growth of Islam that the goal of Islam today is the same as it was 1300 years ago a world wide theocracy in the Name of Allah where True Moslims will be first class citizens Moslim converts will be second class citizens and everyone else will be at the mercy of the first two groups One only has to exam life in the Middle East and the Far East where Islam dominates to see this being lived out on a local scaleToday England France and Germany are making concessions to their uickly growing Moslim minorities In the US freedom of religion other than Christianity apparently allows unchecked growth of the Islamic communityThere is a crusade in progress and dispite the protests of Moslim clerics it is not a Christian Crusade this time

  8. Ebookwormy1 Ebookwormy1 says:

    This book was recommended to me by an avid reader as the best summary I have seen of the main tenants of Islam and how they relate to the current socio political challenges of our world The power of this book is it's focus Spencer uses primary sources to illustrate not ALL the tenets of Islam but simply those that have bearing on the socio political interaction of Muslims within Islamic society and with those outside of Islamic society be they co located or in outside nations Throughout the book there are recommendations for primary source research should the reader desire information Spencer also has an agenda to expose the fallicies of the politically correct presentation of both Islam and Christianity in Western society While I wasn't too interested in the Crusades section when I picked the book up Spencer's logic was compelling enough for me to devour these sections when I came to them His basic point is that both Islam and Christianity are being misrepresented in public discourse Islam is being presented too favorably while Christianity is being presented too harshly The result is a dangerous underestimation of the political threat of Islam combined with an apathy toward Western civilization and the Christianity it was built upon which is rendering the West somnolent This was a compelling arguement that made me recognize my apathy and rethink some of my actions As somewhat of an aside I should mention that Spencer is intentional about documenting that NOT ALL MUSLIMS agree with ALL the concepts of Islam that he is presenting But his point is three fold 1 We simply don't know a credible way to determine what percentage of Muslims embrace specific doctrines of their faith; 2 The concern remains that if one is truly commited to Islam this IS what Islam teaches; and 3 While atrocities have certainly been commited by Christians sometimes even in the name of their faith an examination of Christianity via the primary source method Spencer applies to Islam reveals that Jesus and the Bible neither endorse nor encourage these egregious acts Which brings me toAnother theme of Spencer's work though less developed is that whether or not you agree with Christianity it's presence was essential to the development of Western Civilization as we know it The Christian and in some cases Judeo Christian concepts of a natural order freedom loving others as yourself intrinsic law and therefore the reuirement of lawfulness and compassion for the oppressed have not only influenced but molded our society into what it is today Spencer contrasts the Islamic society which was established by Mohammed in rejection of these Judeo Christian concepts and notes that the two worldviews are drastically different And not in idea only for the society created by each is also vastly different and not many of the West would want to live in the Islamic version I know I certainly wouldn't Of course the challenge Spencer faces is that telling Westerners this different worldview exists and is threatening their lifestyle is kind of like warning fish that water is drying up Who can really fathom it? In order to increase my own comprehension I think this is a book I will need to read again2017 updateThis has come to my attention recently and I've had to look it up a couple of times so I'm hoping that typing it here will help me remember while also assisting readers evaluating this book The white supremacist that has come to prominence in the USA recently is RICHARD SPENCER The author of this book is an entirely different gentleman named ROBERT SPENCER who is the director of Jihad Watch a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the author of seventeen books His full biography is here

  9. Dennis Dennis says:

    Makes broad sweeping wrong generalizations Intolerant

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    This letter was posted on barenakedislamcom 81913Heartfelt letter from an Egyptian Physician Sherif Emil MDCM FRCSC FACS FAAP Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery Surgery and Pediatrics Director; Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery Associate Chair for Education Departmental Citizenship Department of Pediatric Surgery McGill University Faculty of Medicine Montreal Children’s Hospital McGill University Health CenterDear friendsAs a human being and a physician I categorically and unconditionally deplore all killing As a father my heart goes out to all those who lost sons and daughters in Egypt’s violence today and since the uprising of June 30Nevertheless in the middle of a frenzy of Western politicians and Western media consistently presenting only one side — the Islamists’ — I could not let this day pass without sharing some thoughts and some truths For the last six weeks since the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi the Western media consistently portrayed the sit ins that paralyzed Cairo and other parts of Egypt as sit ins by “peaceful demonstrators” As mayhem broke out throughout Egypt today they conveniently ignored what was happening in the rest of the country to focus on those “peaceful demonstrators”Peaceful demonstrators??Peaceful demonstrators do not have the capacity to kill than 47 police personnel documented by name rank and serial number in a few hoursPeaceful demonstrators do not attack the Kerdasa neighborhood close to the pyramids police station with rocket propelled grenades kill the station’s police officers strip them of their clothes and drag their bodies down the streetPeaceful demonstrators do not threaten Christians with genocide as was called for by many of their leaders over the last six weeks and as documented by multiple videos available on YouTube and other outletsPeaceful demonstrators do not raise the black flags of Al aeda over their sit ins and marches and take pride in the likes of Bin Laden and ZawahiriPeaceful demonstrators do not attack than 45 Christian installations burn 19 churches and cathedrals some several hundred years old to the ground in less than 12 hours destroy millions of dollars worth of Christians’ homes businesses and property and threaten the entire Egyptian Christian population with annihilationPeaceful demonstrators do no call for the return of a fascist president who only days before presided over a 2 hour orgy of hate speech by his imams calling Shia Muslims filth worthy of extermination only to see that actually take place 2 days later in the public lynching of 5 Egyptian Shia Muslims in broad daylightPeaceful demonstrators do not defend a fascist who purposefully let thousands of terrorists back into Egypt from Afghanistan Pakistan and Ira to establish an Islamic Emirate in the Sinai and kill Egyptian army personnel and civilians on a daily basisPeaceful demonstrators do not put their children in the face of danger and brag that they are ready to see them die for the Islamist causeHow much of that has the Western media reported today??The Muslim Brotherhood and their jihadist allies have never known and will never know peace Those who live by the sword will die by the sword Prior to Morsi’s election they publicly declared that they will burn Egypt down if their man does not win These terrorists who have been proven liars at every step in the political process are finally making good on one promise — destroying the country if they can’t subjugate itThis Muslim Brotherhood is an international terrorist organization Their masuerade of moderateness has fallen apart with the events in Egypt You should all be aware that this terrorist organization exists not only in Egypt or the Middle East or the Islamic world but also right here in Canada and the US It exists legally and has managed to gain the sympathy and alliance of the United States Government as well as many other Western governments as we have seen in all the statements over the last six weeksI implore you to educate yourself about this and to consider contacting your congressman senator or member of parliament Confront them with the facts and ask them to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and all other Islamist political movements what they are — FASCISTS and TERRORISTS

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