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Action Figure KINDLE Action Figure Author James J Caterino Valtrex 4.us It S All About Who You Know It S All About Networking It S All About Who Is The Best Bold Faced Liar It S All About Listening To Your Instinct When It Screams Run Meet Wes Jackson A Burned Out Shell Of A Man Leading A Life Of Quiet Desperation Then One Day, He Has A Fateful Encounter With Two Security Guard Goons The Confrontation Escalates And Turns Deadly, And Now Wes Jackson Is A Man On The Run He Is A Hunted Man A Man Who Has Been Reborn And Re Invented And A Man Who Is Determined To Succeed In His Dark Journey Of Escape, No Matter Who Or What Stands In His Way Action Figure Is A Lurid, Relentless, Adrenaline Filled, Avant Garde, Action Packed, Roller Coaster Ride Of Adventure That Never Lets Up From Start To Finish.

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    When I finished this book, I closed the cover, held it tightly, and caught my breath as I tried to slow my heart The book starts off with a thrilling, fast paced, adventure that sparks about a million questions in your head that you don t want but NEED answered And let me tell you, the action does not stop The entire book is thrilling beyond your wildest dreams, sparking questions, giving answers as Caterino brilliantly unfolds the plot line.Caterino pulls off many things that a TON of writers struggle with, such as realistic character development, showing and not telling, sentences you want to quote over and over again because they are so good, and MANY other things I cannot recommend this book, or this author, enough James Caterino is ahead of his time and has set a new standard in the noveling reading community Everyone, and I mean everyone, who loves to read, write, or both should read this book ASAP The excitement simply does not stop in this astounding thriller It is among the few books that have really gotten my adrenaline pumping and my heart racing I do not believe I have ever turned pages so fast A lot of the time when I speed through books, I forget ...

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    It seems that to be able to do a credible author review I d better bring something else to the table So here is a behind the scenes and hopefully insightful look at The making of an Action Figure.http jamescaterino.blogspot.com 201As far as the book itself If the back cover copy below piques your interest, if the idea of a lurid actin pulp thriller appeals to you and you are free of any heart conditionsthen Action Figure is the book for you 24 meets Falling Down in the furious adventure novel Action Figure It s all about who you know.It s all about networking.It s all about who is the best bold faced liar It s all about listening to your instinct when it screams run Meet Wes Jackson A burned out shell of a man leading a life of quiet desperation Then one day, he has a fateful encounter with two security guard goons The confrontation escalates and turns deadly and now Wes Jackson is a man on the run He is a hunted man a man who has been reborn a...