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  1. Lea Lea says:

    Oh My GoshI LOVED this book loved it loved it loved itGot this from a GR friend then took nearly a year or ? to get around to reading it better late than never right?It's hard to categorize this book or even to know who would really enjoy it it isn't funny in the way most people would enjoy; most of the characters are unconventional even unlikable; and the story meanders uite a bit In short it definitely isn't the sort of thing you read every day but I'm a big fan of weird so the odder it got the I enjoyed itJerome Coe is like the Angel of Death for any woman he falls in love with and boy does he fall in love easy he doesn't even have to know the girl he can fall in love with just the idea of her and we're talking obsessive stalkery love here He has debilitating mental issues hallucinations and breaks with reality that keep him rotating in and out of mental institutions For whatever reason and I don't think it's ever made clear Jerome is just emotionally fragile and completely unable to cope with lifeDespite his ongoing problems Jerome has a certain amount of charm he's sweet even if he is unstable and he constantly struggles to do what he feels is the right thing Unfortunately Jerome's compulsion to do the right thing perpetually backfires hurting those he cares aboutMost of the book takes place in New Orleans where Jerome goes to make a fresh start He falls in and out of loveobsession and in and out of sanity but the book really starts to gel when people from his past re enter his life he also develops a new crush which will affect his life in a very profound wayPart of the story does seem unnecessary although it sets a mood and helps reinforce Jerome as an ineffectual and doomed person Some of what seems unnecessary does come into play later in the book some of it doesn't That's probably my only complaint with the bookFor me the strongest part of the book was view spoiler the description of Jerome's stay in an institution in New Orleans This part was bleak and brutal it was difficult to read and I felt it might be an accurate depiction of life for disenfranchised patients Jerome's abuse at the hands of his doctor was chilling and I felt sick at the revelation that the doctor had been transferred to a juvenile ward Although a small part of the book I felt it was extremely powerful hide spoiler

  2. David Katzman David Katzman says:

    I have a love hate relationship with this book At first it charmed the pants off me Then I experienced flashes of intense frustration and irritation with the main character By the end I found it so outlandish that I couldn’t decide if it was a case of authorial wish fulfillment or merely a forced attempt to create a dramatic endingThe main character Jerome Coe hmmh I’m always suspicious when someone names a character with the initial JC has two unfortunate conditions 1 a mental illness somewhere in the schizophrenia family and 2 luck so bad you’d think he molested a leprechaunHere’s Jerome he’s an orphan in his twenties; he hops in and out of mental hospitals escaped state institutions twice; he’s apparently cute if stalker ish; and he sometimes completely loses it by hallucinating thought bubbles like in comic books and by going on a delusional rampage self destructive than harming others He’s also intelligent awkwardly naïve neurotic about sex and relationships and desperately means well It’s this last uality that often leads him to really really mess things up Like getting people dead by accident messed upThe good• Never a dull moment in the plot• Written with vivid attention to detail without being pretentious or wordy • Has an engaging energy teetering on cartoonish without going over• Witty The first half of the book made me giggle in a this shouldn’t be funny but it is kind of way Like laughing at poor old Charlie Chaplin’s ridiculous scrapesThe bad• Jerome can be so goddamn hapless I just wanted to scream at him and knock some sense into him• Second half of the book has some really nasty things happen the nastiest being something Jerome witnesses the love of his life do when she thinks he isn’t watching No spoilers but there’s something that smacked of authorial manipulation to the extent that it made me feel uncomfortable Sexist? Maybe not but definitely objectifying• Last third of the book everything collapsed for me I was reading fast sometimes skimming just to get to the end Yes I wanted to know how it ended but I didn’t really care about the details any because Cotter had lost me by this point the story had become too far fetchedI realized half way through reading this that it was a McSweeney’s Book I’ve avoided McSweeney’s because it has struck me as pretentious and a cult of personality Not sure if Fever Chart is representative of other work they publish or not but I’d be willing give another book in their catalog a go It had enough rewarding material in it to make it a good read 3½ starsIf you haven’t seen Modern Times I highly recommend it One of my favorite movies of all time It’s on Netflix here

  3. Linda Linda says:

    I call dibs on the movie rights now if I only knew the Coen brothers or someone who could make the film This book reminded me of a cross between Confederacy of Dunces and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest with a tinge of the movie Brazil thrown in Especially the hole in the floor thing Fever Chart now sits proudly upon my favorite books shelf cover facing outward It's amazing that this book has so few reviews on and some not so nice reviews on Goodreadsbut don't let that let fool you If you're looking for something normal something to recommend and read in Grandma's book group forget it If you're looking for something that transcends the norm that's fun uirky and unusual go for it This one I will probably reread It really hit a nerve or brain cell with me maybe all of them

  4. Rupert Rupert says:

    What a mess Occasionally a glorious mess ONce again a modern novel where the first 50 to 100 pages are incredible and insightful and then when they try to develop a plot it spirals out to the great shitcan in the sky There is great descriptive writing in here and some of the characters are well drawn and hilarious The early part where he is purely writing about the narrator's experiences in the mental health system are great But when folks start dying at a fairly rapid clip and we're supposed to care about ridiculous crushes as the basis of the last half of the book I started to yawn Would give the next book by him another chance though because I think there's a lot of potential in his writing

  5. Erik Erik says:

    Amazing I loved the characters the story even the nasty parts of which there were many the heartbreakall of it There were a few rough spots but only enough to ding the book by one star I may have to re read this one and as a general rule I don't read books than once

  6. Drea Drea says:

    with shame i am giving up on this book at page 192 i just can't make myself care any it is written well and i can certainly see its merit but i feel there is a lot of wasted potential here to talk about larger issues our mental health system being one of many but it's suandered on a long winded story full of unnatural dialogue unnecessary descriptions and cringeworthy desperate infatuations with the opposite sex i did not find the protagonist endearing i didn't love to hate him either this book came off like it was trying too hard to be uirky in the details just to veil a tired trope heavy plotugh

  7. Leo Portugal Leo Portugal says:

    Fever Chart follows Jerome Coe a well meaning and mild mannered man happy to go about his life fawning over girls and doing menial work; his most notable job is being a world champion grilled cheese sandwich crafter Coe however is also prone to the occasional mental breakdown where he sees comic book style word bubbles appear over peoples’ heads before descending into madness This is the wonderful debut novel of author Bill Cotter who had spent years in mental hospitals himself and after having many bad experiences he decided to take some real stabs at the psychiatric system in the United States Thanks for writing what you know and doing it well BillThis isn’t a novel solely about total insanity however as most of the characters inhabiting this world are only mildly crazy And these are “characters” in every sense of the word While they are not necessarily totally realistic they’re interesting and loveable and this is fiction and they make me happy so leave me alone alright?Much like the characters most of the story is pretty crazy but in an absolutely fun way It’s part kooky adventure part love story all hilarious and witty The book opens with a bang there’s an explosion pretty early on and Cotter moves Coe’s story at a fast clip moving from place to place and event to event in a way that had me thoroughly enthralled The only thing that kept me from reading nonstop were Cotter’s often brilliant turns of phrase that would smack me in the face and leave me awestruck forcing me to reread a particularly interesting description or a subtly hilarious joke Cotter is a talented wordsmith and I just couldn’t wait to see what was next I was always pleased by what I saw even upon a second readingThe opening pages of Fever Chart can be found at McSweeney's Internet Tendency These pages feature a hilarious tongue in cheek discussion of the main character possibly committing suicide and are a good example of what you can expect from Fever Chart If you find that short sample enjoyable be happy with the knowledge that the whole of Fever Chart is out there waiting for you you lucky duckThe Bottom Line One part real and one part surreal Fever Chart is the hilarious and witty story of one man's journey through the psychiatric system and New Orleans Just beware dark turns that may make some readers uncomfortable

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    This book began with me intrigued by the book itself A uirky half mast jacket cover and a lemon imprinted inside cover Once I began reading the book I found myself immersed in the offbeat romp of life of a one Jerome Coe mental patient in the Northeast that finds his way down to New Orleans From what I could tell shenanigans should be Jerome's middle name He has a way with girls in a kinda happenstance way and makes a mean grilled cheese He does not shy away from violence maybe that's the mental patient part talking and goes off the rails with aplombAbout halfway through the book the threads start to unravel What happens mid book is all shades of gray and I barely remember it All of which is very unfortunate because the start was wacky fun Towards the end of the book things start to become cohesive again at least cohesive than previous the previous pages I did enjoy the book a lot and even when it lost its way the way was never boring

  9. Meara Meara says:

    This is the first book I've ever read that made me sick to my stomach Sick to the point that I had to put it down for a second and take a deep breath which was hard to do what with the less than pleasant odors that make the air thick on my commute on public transportation But I think that's one of the reasons why I liked this book so much because it was so gross Nonetheless it was very unpredictable and kept me wanting with my eyes glued to the pages and my butt at the edge of my seat This book is not for the weak

  10. mary mary says:

    a mazing almost perfect in a way that books are perfect to me everything was so wromg but the way that it was written made it so rightthe only reason it took me so long to finish it is the fact that i have too many tv shows movies and video games that i am subscribing to if you're a fan of Geek Love or Confederacy of Dunces buy this book right now

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Fever Chart ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Fever Chart Author Bill Cotter – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Having spent most of his life medicated electroshocked and institutionalized Jerome Coe finds himself homeless on the coldest night of the century — and so with nowhere else to go he accepts a ride Having spent most of his life medicated electroshocked and institutionalized Jerome Coe finds himself homeless on the coldest night of the century — and so with nowhere else to go he accepts a ride out of New England from an old love's ex girlfriend It doesn't uite work out but he makes it to New Orleans and a new life — work friends and only the occasional psychotic break What follows involves his last two chances to find real happiness one's from Ecuador one sells cigarettes the old vicious enemies that may prevent him from obtaining it and a cast of Crescent City denizens that makes for one of the most vivid ensembles since Toole's A Confederacy of Dunces.

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Fever Chart
  • Bill Cotter
  • English
  • 22 April 2014
  • 9781934781418

About the Author: Bill Cotter

Bill Cotter was born in Dallas in and has labored as an antiuarian book dealer and restorer since He presently lives in Austin with his girlfriend the poet Annie La Ganga and Travis an inextinguishable roach who divides his time between the shower and the silverware drawer.