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  1. Arthur Arthur says:

    A sweet story about two pianists AJ and Tyrone who do 'piano duel' in Reno They have been close friends for about 3 years they played together Along the line AJ fell in love with Tyrone Tyrone is at least a bi but AJ has seen the way his friends spent his night on a series of one night hookups When they get a chance to play in Las Vegas and might have to share apartment together AJ is not sure if he can stand to see Ty's behavior every night But Vegas is Vegas A dream for most entertainers So he has to prepare himself for whatever might comeI'm happy that when the conflict arises one of them was adamant to fix the issue so it doesn't drag into a series of unnecessary misunderstandings that plague many mm stories

  2. Ami Ami says:

    In INTERLUDE the story is about two piano players AJ and Tyrone They have been partner as a music act in Reno for three years and AJ has hidden his feeling for Tyrone for just as long Tyrone is a bi and he seems to never run out of men or women to date AJ does not want to be another notch on Tyrone's bedpost so better keep his mouth shut Then Tyrone proposes him to move to Las Vegas for better job opportunity and suddenly shows interest in him Oh what to do?I think I will add Vivien Dean to one of my favorites I love her stories of course I know her as part of the two names behind Jamie Craig and I like those stories AJ is adorable Love how the relationship resolves how Tyrone shows AJ that he is serious about the feeling So so sweet Love the piano act between the two as well Wish there is a movie or a TV episode or something on this so I could enjoy the piano play sigh

  3. Maureen Maureen says:

    This was a very pleasant novella at first it was sad to read AJ secretly in love with his best friend and entertainment partner Tyrone would watch him flirt and take off each night with someone new after their performance My first book by this author very sweet and enjoyable

  4. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    AJ and Tyrone are work colleague and friends both pianomen in a Reno Casino They have a personal show where they duel on stage using music and on the stage they have a perfect alchemy Off the stage instead there are some problems since AJ is desperately in love with Tyron and instead Tyrone is a playboy who doesn't discern on the gender men and women are the same for him if they help to warm his bedAJ is a shy guy who lives for his music; and since he met Tyrone now he also lives for the man from afar He has never had the courage to unveil his feelings to his friend and every night he suffers on seeing him pick the choice for the night Tyrone is a very handsome African American man open and friendly with everyone After the show AJ drinks his beer alone and goes home Tyrone parties till the few hour of night They are like Ebony and Ivory and not only for the color of their skinThen everything changes Tyrone has the chance to a big engagement in Las Vegas and he wants for AJ to go with him Change city home and friends It's a big step but not doing that means fo AJ to loose Tyrone and so it's not really an option But in Las Vegas also Tyrone changes all his attention is devoted to AJ but it's only the spur of the moment or it's the real thing?The story is pretty simple and not very long 60 pages or less It's a pretty classical theme two friends one of the two hopelessly in love with the other and then BUM the big revelation my best friend is also in love with me And instead of joying at the idea AJ is scared he can't really grab the opportunity since having it for a bit and then loosing both friend than lover is worst than not ever having to lover but always having the friendA nice reading good for a rest and relax breakhttpwwwdp160272797X?

  5. Mandy*reads obsessively* Mandy*reads obsessively* says:

    35Cute friends to lovers story Tyrone and AJ have been piano playes duo for a few years and during that time AJ has fallen in love with Tyrone but Tyrone has someone different on his arm every night and so AJ keeps his feelings to himselfThey get a great opportunity to move their show to Vegas and Tyrone decides to change the rules a bitThis was a sweet uick read that I enjoyed I just sort of wonderEd why Tyrone chose that setting to talk to AJ and not something intimate and private

  6. Snowtulip Snowtulip says:

    Sweet straightforward story

  7. Gwengwel Gwengwel says:

    35 stars

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Interlude [BOOKS] ✯ Interlude ✴ Vivien Dean – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Sometimes it’s better to be friends than loversor is it Onstage AJ Mobley is smart clever and commands attention Offstage he’s shy and lost to everything but his music The reason for the differenc Sometimes it’s better to be friends than loversor is it Onstage AJ Mobley is smart clever and commands attention Offstage he’s shy and lost to everything but his music The reason for the difference Tyrone Dahl For the past two years AJ and Tyrone have been the star attraction at the Reno bar Heat Wave Their dueling pianos act is fast and funny but their camaraderie isn’t just under the spotlight They’re best friends away from the show too An opportunity to take their act to Las Vegas seems like the perfect next step in their careers There’s only one problem—AJ’s been in love with Tyrone almost from the moment they met He’s hidden it well; after all Tyrone might be bisexual but he’s also never lacked for company AJ would rather be his friend than another notch on his bedpost But Vegas beckons And Tyrone wants to take the leap The last thing AJ can ever do is deny his best friend.