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Significations: Signs, Symbols, and Images in the Interpretation of Religion EPUB Significations Signs, Symbols, And Images In The Interpretation Of Religion By Charles H Long Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Significations Is A Criticism Of Several Major Approaches Phenomenological, Historical, Theological To The Study Of Religion In The United States, In Which The Author Attempts 1 A Reevaluation Of Some Of The Basic Issues Forming The Study Of Religion In America, 2 An Outline Of A Hermeneutics Of Conquest And Colonialism Generated During The Formation Of The Social And Symbolic Order Called The New World, And 3 A Critique Of The Categories Of Civil Religion, Innocence, And Theology From The Perspective Of The Black Experience And The Experience Of Colonized Peoples.

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    Despite any ways this book may seem dated, it is a classic and superbly written It remains insightful and cogent 30 years after publication.

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    Whoa Nelly, this book covers a lot of ground The venerable black historian Charles H Long speaks of signification, the process of rhetorical misdirection, in which people can hide or disguise or alter the world to match their own biases Essentially, Long things that pro Western assumptions have completely colored the way historians of religion look at religious practices around the world Long wants a postcolonial understanding of religion, where we no longer assume that all religions have to match or contain Christianity s components But Long has another goal He broadly supports a social science approach to religion, gathering empirical evidence and such Yet even as he abandons old notions of Christian and European theology, Long recounts the long and varied history of religious scholars like Mircea Eliade and Rudolph Otto, who felt there was some sort of sacred energy out there, to which humans respond Long may not want the old imperialist and Christian biases in the study of religion, but like Eliade and Otto he does think there is something mysterious out there He wants a deeper sense of reality to come through in secular studies of religion Now, I have NO IDEA what such a study of religion would look like I don t know how you can be secular and study observab...

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    The idea of opaque is central to this text Opacity blocks light Learning to read in opacity allows for signs and symbols to take on meanings.

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