Amen Amen Amen Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn't Stop Praying

Amen Amen Amen Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn't Stop Praying Among Other Things [EPUB] ✰ Amen Amen Amen Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn't Stop Praying Among Other Things Author Abby Sher – Until the age of ten Abby Sher was a happy child in a fun loving musical family But when her father and favorite aunt pass away Abby fills the void of her loss with rituals kissing her father's pictur Until the age of ten Amen Memoir MOBI ☆ Abby Sher was a happy child in a fun loving musical family But when her father and favorite aunt pass away Abby fills the void of her loss Amen Amen MOBI :Ê with rituals kissing her father's picture over and over each night washing her hands counting her steps and collecting sharp objects that she thinks could harm innocent pedestrians Then she begins to pray At Amen Amen Memoir PDF/EPUB ç first she repeats the few phrases she remembers from synagogue but by the time she is in high school Abby is spending hours locked in her closet urgently reciting a series of incantations and Amen Amen Memoir of a PDF/EPUB ² pleas If she doesn't she is sure someone else will die too The patterns from which she cannot deviate become her shelter and her obsession In college Abby is diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder and while she accepts this as an explanation for the counting and kissing and collecting she resists labeling her fiercest obsession certain that her prayers and her relationship with G d are not an illness but the cure She also discovers a new passion performing comedy She Amen Amen Memoir of a PDF/EPUB ² is never happier than when she dons a wig and makes people laugh Offstage however she remains unable to confront the fears that drive her She descends into darker compulsions starving and cutting herself measuring every calorie and incision It is only when her earliest deepest fear is realized that Abby is forced to examine and redefine the terms of her faith and her future Amen Amen Amen is an elegy honoring a mother father and beloved aunt who filled a child with music and their own blend of neuroticism It is an adventure full of fast cars unsolved crimes and close calls It is part detective story part love story about Abby's hunt for answers and someone to guide her to them It is a young woman's radiant and heartbreaking account of struggling to recognize the bounds and boundlessness of obsession and devotion.

10 thoughts on “Amen Amen Amen Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn't Stop Praying Among Other Things

  1. Donna Donna says:

    I enjoyed this book I have dealt with issues associated with OCD so I could definitely relate to some of the things she experienced Great memoir

  2. Jeremy Hornik Jeremy Hornik says:

    I really liked this book I plowed right through it in two sittings couldn't really put it down Stayed up too late to finish it and now have to write a bit before I'll be able to sleepIt's uite good She vividly evokes that feeling of responsibility you get when you just feel responsible for things that are clearly out of your control The whole thing reads a bit like a thriller she is so often just barely on the edge of control and you read headlong with this sick feeling of fear for what might happen And it's funny tooThere's this whole second level to my reading it though which most people won't have See I knew Abby I know her best from improv circles and then directing her in a show that briefly merits a mention halfway through the book the one where she plays the bearded lady At the time I found her talented and extremely interesting and really was happy that she was in the play It was much better for her having been in it I had no idea that she was afflicted with OCD Reading this now it's not so much like I'm dumb how could I have missed it It's like here at this one point in my life was this person who I barely knew but found really talented and interesting And now fifteen years later I discover this whole massive book all about who she was where she came from what she was going through and who she became And the funny thing is I think I always wanted to know I am a nosy bastard by inclination and since I think this is basically a weakness I try hard to respect the walls of privacy people put up around themselves This is like some kind of crazy gift that I can't imagine how it ever got to meThis is a good book even if you didn't ever direct Abby Sher in a show where she plays a bearded lady But that improves it

  3. Josephine (Jo) Josephine (Jo) says:

    This book shows us how devastating the effects of OCD can be on a person's life It started for Abby at a very young age and then grew over the years until it took over her days and made it impossible for her to have a normal childhood and to experience the fun side of university My heart went out to Abby the beautiful little girl with elfin face who adored her daddy who was taken from her so early Abby had a close relationship with her mother who was always there to listen to her lists of worries and fears of what she may have done during the day Abby had a strong Jewish faith which in some ways added to her inhibitions but in others was a great support I can understand how she clung to her religion I would certainly hold on to my Catholic faith if I was as frightened as she was G d I write it this way out of respect for Abby's faith I learnt from this book why Jews don't write His name in full was a constant in her life and talking to Him was at least a small release a way of getting things off her overburdened conscience Telling Him her imagined faults at least have her a small respite from self blame Of course when this became a ritual which she had to do for hours each day then it added to her troubles When Abby started to include the tight regulation of food in her daily regime her life was totally taken over by the cruel illness and her love for her mother did become a bit suffocating I was routing for Abby to get well and find happiness in her life and I realised that I also have my little rituals and needs to pray for certain things We are all potentially at risk of being tipped over the edge by some traumatic event in our lives

  4. Paul Paul says:

    I somewhat liked reading this book because I have OCD and this book made me feel like a neurotypical I would hate to have the obsessions and compulsions of the author I felt and thankful for my brain as I read this book and and fearfulsadsympathetic about the author's brainI've never heard of anyone with such horrible obsessions and compulsions I feel bad that she kills everyone she sees has to pray all day has a completely undifferentiated relationship with her mother and tries to emulate or copy the personalities of those of whom she is fondI would have thought she also has schizo affective disorder too based on some of her hallucinations but I'm not a psychiatrist and I've never played one on TVBy the last 40 pages of the book I was asking myself Does this ever end? Does she ever get better?She writes at the end that she felt the closest to normal when she got pregnant That poor baby has got uite a genetic load to overcome; I hope she turns out OK As my adopted daughter said to me when she was in high school This was a great family to grow up in but I'm sure glad I'm not genetically related to any of you She also said Dad if you get Alzheimer's how are we going to know? My daughter folksSher's an excellent writer with an admirable vocabulary The only mistake I found was that she used the word nauseous causing nausea when she meant nauseated experiencing nausea If you can get through this book without screaming or running around with a bag over your head claiming you are Jesus you'll do well

  5. nicole nicole says:

    My brother has OCD and I don't understand it I mean I understand it the way someone who was a psychology minor in undergrad understands it but to see someone you love so much suffering so greatly makes it harder to find any comfort in that clinical understanding I want so badly to know the right thing to say to have the answers for him or at least for myself My brother's ability to describe the nuances of his own struggle are brave and incredible but I still feel like at such a loss So I sought comfort in my own compulsive reading Spending time with Shear's story was both helpful and hurtful seeing things that mirror his life and things that don't They both developed these behaviors after an unexpected loss although there were signs before that They are both incredibly creative individuals who want so badly to protect others There are things they cannot say cannot do because of the way they believe the world works But her path led her to physical self abuse where my brother is in a constant battle with his mind She chose cognitive behavioral therapy and he has not I appreciated the candor with which she told her story even when it wasn't easy I felt frustration with her at times but mostly because I recognized the situation in which she was in or put others in and that opened the gate for feelings I have about my own family situation to present themselves This was a read that I needed

  6. Erin Shea Smith Erin Shea Smith says:

    LOVED this book Gracefully written heartfelt lovely It did feel a bit rushed at the end and I think I maybe unfairly expected as much detail at the latter half as I did the first There were some major developments that felt rushed hurried Significant though is that she doesn't attempt to make this very complex disease simple or easily digestible for the reader It's raw and poignant and worth the read

  7. Susan (aka Just My Op) Susan (aka Just My Op) says:

    3 12 stars I am a literary voyeur I love to look at others' lives so I thought this “memoir of a girl who couldn't stop praying among other things” would be right up my alley In some ways it was in others – not so muchAbby has had much too much loss in her life beginning when she was most vulnerable as a child Her OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder began manifesting itself before the losses but was greatly exacerbated when someone close to her died She began to feel she was responsible for countless deaths and she had to find ways to ward off the deaths she was causing Lots of rituals hours of compulsive prayer and ridding the world of anything dangerousThat last part meant picking up trash stray paperclips that could puncture a tire causing a blowout and death for an entire family pieces of glass sharp metal even leaves with sharp pointy stems If she let down her guard or didn't pray enough or if she let down G d she couldn't write “God” for reasons she explained catastrophe was sure to follow Her religion seemed of a superstition than faithI know that repetition is a huge part of OCD but the reader shouldn't have to suffer the same fate A good part of the first half of the book involved countless recollections of imaginary deaths and molestations she caused Abby even uit a job working with children because she convinced herself she was molesting them She would circle a block numerous times looking for the person she thought she mowed down on the previous lap Very sad but the repetition got oldThe second half of the book was interesting but also frustrating to me in some ways Memoirs are supposed to be about the person writing the book all fair and good But Abby was so involved with her illness that she seemed to have very little insight into the people around her I didn't find the empathy I expected That doesn't mean that Abby doesn't feel it but it didn't come across in the bookIn my opinion the book has some flaws but I did find it interesting Abby has worked hardto overcome her OCD and I wish her the very best Through the Goodreads First Reads program she provided a copy of this book to me and I thank her

  8. Diane Diane says:

    Abby Sher was a happy child from a musical family until about the age of ten When her father and favorite aunt pass away Abby deals with her grief and the loss by performing various rituals For example kissing her fathers picture over and over again at night Suddenly something so seemingly harmless grows into a series of elaborate rituals such as repetitive praying washing her hands over and over counting her steps and collecting sharp objects from the pavement Before long her prayer ritual alone grows into her spending hours reciting prayers and pleas for she firmly believed that if she stopped other people would surely die tooIt is not until college feeling out of control suffering from anorexia and self mutilation issues as well that Abby is finally diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorderMy Thoughts A touching haunting memoir about a young woman's struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD I was surprised that the story was even funny in parts and it did not leave me feeling depressed If you enjoy memoirs and aren't afraid to examine a few of your own harmless uirks as you read about Abby then this book is RECOMMENDED

  9. Cassidy Cassidy says:

    It's easy to write reviews about mediocre books good books decent books nice books pretty books okay books bad books and horrible books But it's very difficult to write a review about a brilliant book'Amen Amen Amen Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn't Stop Praying' is a brilliant book I don't know how to write this review The only way I can think of to describe the brilliance found in this memoir is to say I can't describe the brilliance found in this memoirInstead of typing up 100 hundred pages trying and undoubtedly failing to describe the brilliance of 'Amen Amen Amen Memoir of a Girl Who Couldn't Stop Praying' I will only type two words Read it

  10. Edessa Grace Uy Edessa Grace Uy says:

    Picked up this book immediately after reading Prozac Nation and I'm glad I did What a great read Honest and refreshing this gave a clear view of how people with OCD go through life on a daily basis Unlike most memoirs recounting a life of mental illness Sher did it in a light and humurous way Amen Amen Amen is very deep and personal but is insightful inspiring beautifully written It doesn't overwhelm it does not alienate outsiders; it doesn't pull you in a hole of darkness Simply put this is a tale about a girl who used praying as a weapon to face her different battles in life and coming out the winner

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