Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson

  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson
  • Hunter S. Thompson
  • English
  • 10 March 2014
  • 9780330510714

10 thoughts on “Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson

  1. F F says:

    Good to read again Interesting interviews with HST over the years

  2. Bro_Pair أعرف Bro_Pair أعرف says:

    This should have been five stars for reasons I'll explain and which already have been detailed by able writers Any book of interviews is going to be a mixed bag but thank God the interviewee is a wily one here The book spans 1967 through 2005 beginning with the press junket the Good Doctor got for Hells Angels and ending with perhaps the most moving best conceived interview of the book conducted by Playboy's Tim Mohr shortly before Thompson's death Let's be honest in between many of these interviews are interchangable a whole lot of them congealing into one unappetizing jelly Often Thompson is barely humoring the interviewer; in several he is watching sports or a movie during the interview Many of the uestions what's your favorite drug what is gonzo are asked literally dozens of times; it's a wonder Thompson didn't shoot himself soonerWith that said it is thus a comprehensive record and even the most grasping interviews in the volume can provide some illumination into a writer who remains congenitally underrated where it matters and unfairly captive to his larger than life image which to be fair as he admits he bears responsibility for fostering The Hells Angels interviews reveal HST a slightly uneasy sort especially a bizarre Canadian TV appearance in which Skip Workman a thuggish member of the Berdoo chapter rides his Harley into the studio for his first post stomping meeting with Hunter The early eighties transcriptions of HST's college lectures reveal sadly a guy who has stopped writing and is making an ass of himself before crowds for obscene amounts of money From there on out they are largely legacy pieces But a few of the interviews so outstanding as to deserve distinction May 1980 David Felton Rolling Stone this reads like a bucket of cold water being dumped on your crotch Sandwiched between largely laudatory pieces Felton excoriates post campaign post Vegas HST for his ongoing failure to produce writing for his obsession with money and for his college appearances The two recount an anecdote in which Felton heckled HST at one such appearance for making an ass of himself for cash to which from uite a distance HST beaned him with an ice cube Good shot aside Felton seems right and has the credentials he was Hunter's editor on Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone He knew him before he was Raoul And his vocal disappointment in a man he clearly admires and respects is fascinating Vanity Fair Proust uestionnaire 1994 HST's favorite hero of literature is Count Dracula What a great answer Rolling Stone 1996 PJ O'Rourke interview O'Rourke present day fascism aside clearly gets Thompson in a way most of the interviewers did not Enjoyable Puritan Magazine 1998 Phoebe Legere bizarre interview by a lady known as the 'female Frank Zappa' who HST was apparently fucking at the time Very weird Esuire 1998 memorable for excerpt of his funeral address for Allen Ginsberg in which he calls him a bull fruit Paris Review Good interview with Doug Brinkley Excellent answer to somewhat Pollyanna ish uestion about how drugs affect writers They lie Many good writers loved drugs George Magazine 2001 interesting for the insights interviewer John Perra draws from HST shortly before 911 A gentle interview much discussion of family a rare subject CNBC Tim Russert February 2003 HST calls the Ira War play by play a month before it starts In contrast Russert comes off as the shameless warpig he was Prescient Freezerboxcom Adam Bulger 2004 HST shuts down a dickhead interviewer Very entertaining Post Cards From The Proud Highway Playboy 2005 Tim Mohr perhaps the most moving interview of the book done shortly before HST's suicide at the age of 67 Mohr gets out of the way throws out a few topics distills a week at Owl Farm and leaves behind a beautiful codaIf only the editing had been as brilliant as that which animated Mohr's piece as the concluding interview For you see Anita Thompson the widow chose pigfucking Chris I'm dead now Hitchens to write the introduction an execrable piece of shit that seeks to acuit the limey defilement of his cuplability for Ira and subtly twist the knife in HST who he not so subtly tries to paint as dotty post 911 The only useful purpose of the intro is to set HST in stark relief from the vile humanity of most of his peers

  3. Lee Battersby Lee Battersby says:

    I've never been drawn into the cult of Hunter Thompson I've been aware of him in a rough he wrote that and that kind of way without being intimately familiar with the building blocks of his reputation From that point of view this chronologically arranged collection of interviews certainly helped me to pin down the significant events in the creation of the myth surrounding him However the I read the I felt seeds of suspicion begin to burrow those famous incidents his time with the Hell's Angels talking football with Nixon on the trail with successive Presidential candidates in the 70s get trotted out again and again and again at every opportunity and each time they sound a little misty eyed a little lacking in centrality despite himself Thompson ends up sounding like one of those old time war veterans who reveal just how peripheral they were to the main thrust of events the stores clerk whose anecdotes place him on the shores at Omaha Beach but show that he arrived long after the fighting had moved onAnd there's another accidental revelation in placing so much of Thompson's direct interactions with interviewers in so enclosed a space the sudden understanding halfway through that the man himself is something of an intellectual coward Time and again he launches into an outrageous exclamation only to duck and weave away from it when challenged in any sort of meaningful way This is especially apparent in transcripts of talks he gives to gatherings of students which often than not degenerate into pantomime performances where he pretends not to hear uestions accuses his inuisitor of stupidity or misunderstanding and otherwise bends himself in knots trying to avoid justifying his statements Not perhaps uite so noticeable at the live event but clear as crystal when laid out in typeNone of it makes Thompson any less fascinating a study if anything this lifelong adherence to weasel logic and continued refusal to accept responsibility for his statements enhances the interest in his character because it uickly becomes apparent that Thompson has a couple of golden moments early in his career and is able to parlay them into a long slow gently declining reputation that sustains him far longer than it might otherwise have done And the ways in which he manages to sustain his time in the limelight through increasingly shrill and desperate proclamations makes for compulsive reading until the inevitable relief when reaching the end of the book and having it finally all end

  4. Vishal Vishal says:

    Greetings from the afterlife Here I am fulfilling a lifelong dream interviewing one of my all time life idols He is one the most accomplished proponents of counterculture one of the fines journalist writers and outlaw thinkers to grace the world He is the great and the dead self proclaimed Doctor of Divinity Hunter S Thompson Hunter S Thompson Yeah hi Me Hunter what made an ordinary hick boy from Kentucky such a perceptive mind who prophesied so accurately on the second half of the 20th century? HST Drugs A lot of them And plenty of alcohol Also not believing every little shit the world tries to ram down your throatMe I consider myself to be an ordinary writer with a potential to be perhaps a little better I also don’t mind experimenting with drugs Would they help me be a better writer? Please say yesHST I don’t know you enough but as Faulkner said ‘Write If it’s good you’ll find out If it’s not throw it out of the window’ Still I definitely advocating trying drugs; it makes the journey fun Me In fact when I was 16 years old and still deciding what I wanted to be I had a notion deep in my heart that drove me to be a journalist However my father as a failed businessman who wanted to live his life vicariously through his only son pushed me to do a business degree 15 years on and my only professional experience is restricted to the world of marketing albeit I am considered to be a elouent and intelligent version of the typical 'corporate whore' People call me a wordsmith and less kindly ‘the king of bullshit’ My passion however lies in literature and writing I feel like a king among foolsHST How do you think I felt?Me I actually think you that were a seer; someone who knew what was going on years before it landed Some of the things you say like labeling the war on terror World War III is just one example of how you effortlessly articulate the deepest thoughts in my head For example what you said about 911 is spot onHST You mean that there’s a very slim chance that something of that magnitude could have planned by a bunch of Arabs sitting around a campfire in Afghanistan? Of course I stick by thatMe You’d be happy to know that Bush Jr – and no one could have put it simply and powerfully than you when you called him the ‘goofy child president’ – is no longer in power HST Yes I know I’ve been following everything through the celestial newswire; nothing escapes me Hurray for Obama It’s just a case of the emperor’s new clothes though Remember how everyone thought Clinton was so charming?Me In the scheme of things though who do you think has been the worst president the US ever had?HST Not just the US but one of the world's worst Without a doubt that little fart daddy’s boy George W Bush coming from a long list of freedom suppressing CIA and Nazi sympathisers Have you read ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’?Me Not yet But now that you’ve mentioned it I’ve moved it to the top of my reading listHST Read it and you’ll see clear parallels between Bush’s reign and HitlerMe You’ve been a pessimist struggling with existentialist angst since you were arrested as a mere 9 year old for a simple act of frustration against injustice You’ve been wrongly arrested for rape had your house raided by police among many many other things in a most complete life that you've lived You’ve seen the world go to the dogs from the promise of the early 60’s before Kennedy was assassinated to the Fear and Loathing and spiritual barrenness of the 21st century How come you didn’t commit suicide way before 2005? HST Once that idiot Bush got re elected I knew the Fourth Reich was here to stay and I decided it was time to leave earthly matters behind I tried desperately but I couldn’t make a difference in this lifetime Me You said that you’re a big believer in karma When we speak of Hindu philosophy we can’t avoid the concept of rebirth What do you think you’ll come back as?HST Myself I still have work to be done Richard Nixon would come back as a sewer rat thoughMe Is the American Dream officially dead?HST I said this many times before; the American Dream committed suicide years ago Me What do you see in store for the rest of the 21st century? HST Exactly what you would expect from a generation of swineMe OK We’re going to turn away from politics kind of Did you not think it was fundamentally wrong to own guns?HST Is it worse for me to own guns and shoot game in my own backyard or is it worse for glorified savages in suits to order bombs to be dropped around the most destitute villages in the world and kill innocent women and children?Me OK Point taken Having thoroughly researched the Hell’s Angels for your book called um ‘Hell’s Angels’ what do you think of the modern portrayals of biker clubs such as on TV’s Sons of Anarchy’?HST Absolute garbage There’s no way a motorcycle club could have ties with the IRA There’s no way a motorcycle club would even consider fraternizing with blacks And there’s no way a motorcycle club would allow a woman to have anything to do with their business So yeah it’s a crock of shit on multiple levels As I said don’t believe everything they feed youMe Given that you grew up on a diet of The Doors The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan among mothers what do you make of minions like Kanye West thinking they are authoritative enough to have a say on who deserves awards for their music and who doesn't?HST Both you and I know that we don’t have enough time in the world to try and answer that uestionMe I actually just finished reading Ancient Gonzo Wisdom the version published by Picador and I’ve found that I’m not the only one who when looking at your face on the cover page sees a striking resemblance to the Dalai Lama Is this deliberate or just a trick of the mind?HST I believe in subjective thought Take it how you will Me Thanks Hunter Before I let you go back to nirvana I have to say that you are the prophet of my soul Even your wife Anita said you have the ‘soul of a teenage girl trapped in the body of an elderly dope fiend’ It’s not to say that either you or I or spoilt litte girls but it suggests very correctly how sensitive passionate and emotional we are about the things we stand for and how deeply we loathe injustice HST Shut up and pour me a glass of Wild TurkeyMe And just one last uestion how would you define Gonzo Journalism?HST Put down that bottle and get off my property before I turn my17 on youThat is it folks I’ll leave you with the words of PJ Rourke who sums up the Doctor perfectly‘Read Beckett Sartre Camus Genet and Kafka and you’ll say “Life is absurd the world is meaningless and all of creation is insane” Read Hunter S Thompson and you’ll say “Life is absurd the world is meaningless and all of creation is insane cool”’

  5. Tlingit Tlingit says:

    I liked it but I didn't really really like it It seemed like a bid to cash in on the ticket by offering a ride that was already over So many repeated uestions I felt HST's annoyance and read it all the way through rising as each interviewer asked many of the same things It got tedious to read It would have leaped if it had been shortened to each uestion and pertinent answers given I know that wouldn't have been his style but I grew weary of reading this book earlier than half way through I'll have to take a break before I read any of his writings again

  6. David David says:

    This book is indeed filled with gonzo wisdom but it's also very repetitive and poorly edited I was a bit disappointed although doubtless it's invaluable if you're looking for something purely for research purposes and not just to read for pleasure

  7. Peter Knox Peter Knox says:

    I remember being in the middle of my thesis research when Thompson killed himself setting the internet on fire full of memorials tributes and a resurgence of interviews reposted I tried to capture them all and read as much as I could what I would've given for this amazing collection back thenSo god bless Anita for pulling this together with great context in footnotes throughout and publishing this collection of interviews for his legacy And in true Gonzo fashion it is uneven at times contradictory often and off the wall but in certain lucid and sober moments Thompson shows why his legacy will prevail as no one said it like him The interviews are thankfully published in chronological order so we get to relive the trajectory of his career and see his persona emerge solidify trap him and then pave the way into nostalgia He could be so witty when talking about himself writing his outrageous stories and always politics And it's the political stuff that's so interesting as the outrage and predictions he made during NixonReganClintonBush could have been said today in 2019 Thompson has always seen this coming and that's what makes me miss having him around now the most he'd have so much to say and so much of that would be about having been right all along and seen everything comingThis book made me laugh cringe and learn I'm grateful that Anita included interviews where HST was off and unintelligible and rambling And also interviews where the interviewer was ill prepared or too prepared or incapable of keeping up with their subject And yet certain interviews shine through brilliant and blazing and worth reading again and again The book made me feel closer to and appreciate the Good Doctor even than ever Read it And hey skip certain interviews if you don't like them it's the whole collection that is worth it

  8. Eric W. Eric W. says:

    I'm of mixed opinion on this book The book exclusively covers Hunter's appearance in the media television and the published word as the subject of interviews chronologically Because like today most media appearances were timed to releases of his own books or otherwise you will freuently find interviews here that happen around the same time meaning that the uestions and his answers repeat uite a bit While that repetition means I've got a solid understanding of Hunter's time line now it made the book difficult to read cover to cover as it felt like you were reading the same ideas over and over again Nevertheless there's some great stuff in here too like how Hunter's answers change over the 30 40 years of uestions how his perception of himself road man for the lords of karma differs from his public image how frustrated he was consistently by Trudeau's Hunter character in Doonesbury and his complicated relationship to Gonzo a term adopted by Hunter to describe his uniue contribution to journalism I recommend this one for serious Hunter fans only It's best read in short segments the natural breaks in the work as you move from interview to interview lends itself to this approach perhaps interspersed with a collection of his writings like the Great Shark Hunt

  9. Karl Arney Karl Arney says:

    Obviously there's a fair amount of repetition as well as some contradiction given how many interviews are contained here and how much chronological ground they cover Hell's Angels era until pretty near the end Likewise this is or less only going to appeal to the thoroughly converted Those two things said there's a lot of gold in here for those who are interested in terms of insight into both Thompson as a person and politics and journalism as well as plenty of moments of great hilarity He sure didn't like Doonsbury

  10. Nate Jordon Nate Jordon says:

    Thompson's shining Gonzo Intellect is displayed here with humor and insight Thompson was a seer a visionary an immovable force of which our culture will have to contend with for decades to come His interviews read like his prose evidence that what you read in print was the Good Doctor himself without pretense without a mask The earth's axis has shifted since his departure and we are all at a loss with his absence

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Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Ancient Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews with Hunter S. Thompson By Hunter S. Thompson ✩ – Bristling with inspired observations and wild anecdotes this first collection offers a uniue insight into the voice and mind of the inimitable Hunter S Thompson as recorded in the pages of Playboy The Bristling with inspired observations and Wisdom: Interviews Kindle × wild anecdotes this first collection offers a uniue insight into the voice and mind of the inimitable Hunter S Thompson as recorded in the pages of Playboy The Paris Review Esuire and elsewhereFearless and unsparing the interviews detail some of the most storied episodes of Thompson’s life a savage beating at the hands of the Hells Angels talking football with Nixon Ancient Gonzo Kindle - on the Campaign Trail “the only time in years of listening to the treacherous bastard that I knew he wasn’t lying” and his unlikely run for sheriff of Aspen Elsewhere passionate tirades about journalism culture guns drugs and the law showcase Thompson’s voice at its fiercestArranged chronologically and prefaced with Anita Thompson’s moving account of her husband’s last years the interviews present Hunter in all Gonzo Wisdom: Interviews PDF Ç his fractured brilliance and provide an exceptional portrait of his times.

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Hunter Stockton Thompson was an Wisdom: Interviews Kindle × American journalist and author famous for his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas He is credited as the creator of Gonzo journalism a style of reporting where reporters involve themselves in the action to such a degree that they become the central figures of their stories He is also known for his promotion and use of psychedelics and other mind Ancient Gonzo Kindle - altering substanc.