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The Ghost Downstairs [BOOKS] ✮ The Ghost Downstairs Author Molly Ringle – After making a fatal mistake on the job Lina Zuendel seeks shelter in a Seattle assisted living facility as their live in nurse But peace is not what she finds She soon hears tales of ghosts haunting After making a fatal mistake on the job Lina Zuendel seeks shelter in a Seattle assisted living facility as their live in nurse But peace is not what she finds She soon hears tales of ghosts haunting the house and of two tragic deaths that took place in the s Unexplained events send her to ask uestions of the handsome resident houseboy Ren Schultz a seemingly young live in houseboy tries to avoid his The Ghost PDF/EPUB or growing attraction to the new nurse His secrets are too dangerous to share no matter how lonely he has become But Lina is persistent and soon uncovers dark truths that no one else has dared to face As their attraction grows so does the intensity of the paranormal activity Can their love survive the mysteries that lurk in the old sorority house.

About the Author: Molly Ringle

Molly Ringle was one of the uiet weird kids in school and is now one of the uiet weird writers of the world She likes thinking up innovative romantic obstacles and mixing them with topics like Greek mythology ghost stories fairy tales or regular world scandalous gossip She's into mild rainy climates gardens androgyny chocolate tea and perfume or really anything that smells good S.

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  1. Leslie Leslie says:

    A sweet romance between a nurse named Lina and a 1930's style houseboy and resident ghost named Ren For reasons even unknown to Ren who died in 1936 he appears full in the flesh as long as he stays ON the property of the old mansion where Lina works as one of the retirement home caregivers Lina has no idea Ren who works as a cook is a ghost and is drawn to him from the beginning Perpetually lonely Ren tries to sway Lina in another direction as he knows his love comes at a priceThe historic house also holds the presence of another ghost named Julia Although she is in spirit only her wrath is mighty as she was in love with Ren all those years ago; when the house was originally a soroity for the nearby college As the story goes Julia attempted to convice Ren to go to a dance with her but when he refused because houseboys weren't allowed to date the girls; Julia accidentally kills him as a result Two days later she tragically takes her own life The pace of this story was a bit slow but I understood why the author chose that way of revealing her story It's gentleness carried the story well and I found myself enjoying their enchanting yet peaceful relationship come into full bloom The intimacy between Ren and Lina was thoughtful and even chivalrous at least on his account which I loved The only issue I had with the book came towards the end as I felt it was a little too unrealistic if that makes sense due to the story's theme to begin withI recommend this book for it's uniue storyline and nice writing style The descriptive landscapes of Seattle and it's fall and spring months worked very well in setting up the environment surrounding Ren and Lina's sweet love story

  2. Maranda Maranda says:

    Ghost BOO Love story with some twists Ringle kept me reading till the end; I had to know what was going to happen to Ren and Lina Maybe a bit too much background on Lana and not enough on Ren but still the characters were uniue and had crowd appeal Just enough secondary characters to make the plot move along Lina is a nurse who is riddled with guilt over a patient's death Ren is DEAD or is he? As always there is the conflict between good and evil or in this case jealousy Secret of a couple deaths in a University Sorority House seventy years ago affects the elderly House inhabitants of today Emotional see saw of the effects of accidental dealth and the ones left behind A copy of this book was provided by The Wild Rose Press Inc via NetGalley with no reuirements for a review I voluntarily read and comments are my honest opinion

  3. Robert Morrow Robert Morrow says:

    I will preface my review by disclosing that romance is definitely not my genre and that books concerning ghosts are not a priority for me That said Molly Ringle is a very talented writer with a strong sense of narrative and exceptionally sharp descriptive skills The book will keep the reader engaged and is difficult to put down at times Scenes are vividly described so it is very easy to lose yourself in the environment of the novel I can't remember any time in the book where the author collapsed into cliché driven writing which is always a danger when you write in a particular genre All in all a fresh crisp and very well written novel that I can recommend without hesitation

  4. avery avery says:

    LOVE ITRen and Lina well i just love them i thought it would end the way i imagine it but im wrong if ghost really exist well i want to meet one but not the cruel and bad one ; Molly Ringle wrote an absolutely amazing tale about ghost and i couldn't put it down i love the way she wrote and the story is totally amazing very likeable characters if such things exist on earth maybe there would be second chance for those whose lives was stolen from them

  5. The Word Nerd Reviews Blog The Word Nerd Reviews Blog says:

    This is the first book I’ve read by Molly Ringle and it won’t be my last What an amazing first experience to have with an authorThe premise of this book intrigued me; a haunted nursing home and a splash of romance an excellent combination I went in with no expectations other than the hope for an enjoyable story It was that and so much I would categorise this story as primarily a romance with a suspenseful twist The story definitely has a spooky theme through it and there are certainly moments that make you want to check over your shoulder; but the book is not a horror The ghostly encounters serve a purpose in illustrating the frustrations jealousy and growing anger of the trapped spirit The main theme is a love story that must defy the odds if it is to overcome what seems to be its inevitable fateThe author has a lovely writing style It flows well and has an addictively dreamy relaxing uality to it while simultaneously being completely compelling capturing the creepiness you would expect of a ghost story Character development is very well done Lina and Ren are genuinely likeable characters; they each have their flaws and are scarred by their past bad experiences but these only add depth to their personalities and make them relatable The secondary and minor characters are fleshed out enough according to their roles in the story so that they each have a uniue personality but you are not drowning in too much descriptive detail The primary secondary characters of Marla and Mrs B have their own individual roles in developing and progressing the story and the minor characters primarily the other nursing home residents add colour and flavour giving the impression of a generally happy and relaxed environment; that is until the ghost’s behaviour is no longer limited to harmless mischievousness but becomes increasingly erratic and violent directed towards Lena and anyone in her peripheryThe Ghost Downstairs was a lovely story with enough creepiness to give it that bit of an edge It had me compulsively turning the pages to discover just how Lina and Ren were going to beat the odds and I was than happy with the endingI would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sweet romance with a dash of ghostly creepiness Advanced Reading Copy provided by the publisher in lieu of an honest review

  6. Joshualyn Prater Joshualyn Prater says:

    I received this ARC copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review So thank you netgalley and publishers This story is about Lina After accidentally giving a patient the wrong medicine it lead to his death so Lina she uit her job as a nurse  She is then hired to take care of the elderly residents at retirement home Lina’s patients tell her about the ghost that wanders around the house at night Lina likes the houseboy and the ghost gets mad and starts targeting Lina with dangerous pranks The houseboy can’t leave the property The only explanation Lina gets from her employer is that he is under house arrest for a crime that happened years ago This is my first book from this author and I can say it won't be my last it is perfect for halloween coming up Fall is my favorite time of the year so this book just made me happy It's light hearted funny and intriguing I love a good mystery it's a 1940's time period sorority house where an accidental murder and suicide once happened My birthday is coming up on October 1st so I'm going to see if I can track down a hard copy as a late bday gift to myself so I can one day pass down to my daughter Such a good book

  7. Cindy Cindy says:

    Sweet paranormal love story that's tied into a tragedy from 1936 Bit uirky at times but a good mystery into what really happened all those years ago and wondering how a woman from today could get a HEA with a man who died many years ago

  8. Fred Fred says:

    MC Lina takes a job as the live in nurse at a small retirement home after an unfortunate incident at the big hospital where she's on staff I could have told Lina that reading Stephen King when your job involves staying up all night is a major mistake My wife finally made me turn the lights out at bedtime a week after I finished It Her new digs are a funny old place though It's an elegant mansion a former sorority house rud to be haunted by one of the former sisters Lina is sceptical and far concerned with her feelings for Ren the houseboy It's not just that he's the sole occupant anywhere near her age he's also kind something she needs in her life just now and uel coincidence for a romance novel he's also kind of hot His aloof manner and mysterious comings and goings give her pause though Is the attraction all one sided?This is a really good read It is a bit hard to review though because there is a big ole twist and although it's not that hard to spot nonetheless it's much fun to encounter it yourself without a nasty spoilerboots ruining all the fun So I'll just talk a bit about the characters and the atmosphere which honestly to me were the richer part of the reading experience in any event Lina ia so charming and sweet you are rooting for her to find something good in her life from page one I think Molly Ringle has a major knack for creating super relatable female characters From a guy perspective they are that elusive combination of smart sweet funny without knowing it strong but vulnerable and of course cute that makes them irresistible Lina is a lonely girl though and we find out why as the story progresses Her story is poignant and tender and it's great to see her find friends among her patients ? they're not sick just elderly but I'm not sure what else to call them the residents? She seems to find the family she needs among them and seeing her come out of her shell is a touching part of the storyRen is enigmatic and elusive but not in a way that makes you think he's a jerk On the contrary it's clear he too has suffered and that he and Lina are just what each other needsSeattle itself is another major element of this book and Molly conveys a beautiful sense of the city which is very important to Lina Here's a passage from the beginning of the book I thought was beautifully and sensitively writtenA fresh September dawn bathed the eastern sky Lina stumbled along the sidewalk blinking at buildings and citizens and seagulls Salmon colored sunlight gleamed on the cars; roasting coffee filled the salty air with its scent; a beeping bread truck backed up into an alleyFor some reason that just put me totally into the scene it felt poetic but also real Which is actually a pretty good way to describe Molly Ringle's style in general Obvs this book has a lot of fantastical elements but she does a good job of maintaining credibility and pulling you in so that it's all believable Another thing I like about this book is that even the bad guy sees a little redemption at the end and has motivations and a humanity that contribute to the aforementioned credibilityAfter you've read a few books by an author it's tempting to try to sort of rank them by uality or as favorites It's hard with Molly though because each book I've read is so different One thing they share though is a fun lyrical style engaging endearing characters and a heartwarming empathy for them They all have their flaws and issues some of them are pretty serious And it's not just that it makes them real it makes their stories deeper meaningful than if they were somehow less scared scarred and worried Haha the I talk about this book the I like it Check it out I bet anything you will too

  9. Margaret Margaret says:

    I always love it when I come across an e book that captures my imagination and delights me to no end And Molly Ringle’s The Ghost Downstairs did just thatAfter accidentally giving a terminal patient the wrong medicine which results in his death Lina Zuendel uits her job as a nurse Even though the hospital said she could remain on the staff it just felt all wrong to stay After several failed attempts to get hired elsewhere she’s hired to take care of the elderly residents of Drake House—a retirement homeRight from the beginning Lina’s patients tell her about the ghost who wanders about the house during the night Lina thinks nothing of it until the ghost starts switching off lights and moving her stuff around When Lina shows an interest in the houseboy Ren Schulz—and he in her—the ghost turns ugly targeting Lina with dangerous pranks Something’s a little off with the houseboy too For some reason he can’t leave the property The only explanation Lina gets from her employer is that Ren is under house arrest for a crime that happened years ago But that doesn’t stop her from falling in love with him and bringing down the wrath of an angry ghostThe Ghost Downstairs is just what a light hearted ghost story should be It’s delightful funny and intriguing with just enough chills to give you goose bumps You’ll also get caught up in the mystery of Drake House—a former 1940s sorority house where an accidental murder and suicide once happenedAll of the characters are uniue and likeable in their own way I especially loved the spry elderly characters who seemed to enjoy life to the fullest even at their age And I could so relate to Lina She’s at a point in her life where she uestions everything she’s ever done or ever will do—erring on the cautious side—and she wishes she could just let it all go throw caution to the wind and live Ren is the perfect charming hero with a wonderful sense of humor and you can’t help but to love him no matter how mysterious he may seemIf you’re in the market for e books I urge you not to pass up The Ghost Downstairs It’s one of the most well written and entertaining e books I’ve come across to date Do yourself a favor and pick up your copy todayThis review first appeared in NightsandWeekendscom

  10. Ashley Ashley says:

    Okay I seriously cannot say enough amazing things about this book My step mom let me borrow it to read on a car trip home from the beach I could not stop reading this book I read for five hours straight in the car and finished it that night when I got homeRen is such an amazing character because he is this mysterious guy that you are just dying to figure out The book really keeps you guessing what is up with him and once you find out that he is a ghost but human as long as he is on the mansion grounds it makes this so interesting Towards the end I was literally pacing my kitchen while reading The thought that Ren was gone forever made me so sad and I hoped that it wasn't the end of him I was so excited when he was able to have a second chance at life and got to be with Lena My favorite thing about Ren was how he was described as smelling of Brandy and different flavors of gum To me it made him seem as though he really existed and got a sense of what it would be like if he was real I love being able to do that in books I love when writers describe little things like thatI would recommend this book a hundred times and would read this over and over again

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