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Urgent Care ❮Read❯ ➵ Urgent Care ➹ Author C.J. Lyons – CJ Lyons returns to the front lines of the ER and the lives and loves of four very special women Angels of Mercy Hospital charge nurse Nora Halloran has been living with a painful secret for two long CJ Lyons returns to the front lines of the ER and the lives and loves of four very special women Angels of Mercy Hospital charge nurse Nora Halloran has been living with a painful secret for two long years When a coworker is assaulted and killed Nora must face her deepest fears and reveal all her secrets to the man she loves to stop the killer from striking again.

10 thoughts on “Urgent Care

  1. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    The ladies of Angel of Mercy hospital are back This time the cases are personal When Charge Nurse Nora Halloran discovers Nurse Karen Chisholm nude body lying at the cemetery her defenses go down and she is flooded by bad memories Nora has a secret that she has kept for two years No one knows about it Karen’s death causes a shocking revelation by Nora She admits she killed KarenIn the mean time Gina Freeman’s latest patient is a young boy by the name of Tank His real name is Harold Trenton III He is fourteen and he has meningococcemia A flesh eating bacteria disease that is very contagious Amanda has problems of her own A young woman by the name of Natalie has been brought to Mercy No one knows anything about Natalie other than she is deadly sick and has seizures Amanda has made it her mission to determine what is wrong with Natalie before it is too late Urgent Care is the third medical novel by CJ Lyons I really like this series The characters are real and so are the patients they treat If you are a fan of television dramas like ER Grey’s Anatomy House and Scrubs than you need to check out this series This series centers on four womenDr Lydia Fiore Charge Nurse Nora Halloran and Medical Student Amanda Mason and Resident Gina Freeman It has been great experiencing how these ladies have progressed from the first book Lifelines One thing that bummed me a little was that the sparkle from the two prior books didn’t seem like it was all here in the latest On the other hand I did like that the story line took on a serious issue This was Nora’s moment It was nice to see her walls come down and she begin to open up CJ Lyons is exactly what the doctor ordered I can’t wait to read the next novel

  2. Mia Mia says:

    Fast paced like her previous two books The detailed knowledge of the medical field is fantastic So often authors fake certain things but you can always tell when the author knows the subject matterThe are very much human with flawsThe interaction between the characters is fantastic tooA very touchy subject is dealt with tactfully in this book Rape victims often hesitate to report their rape and often do not get the help that they need afterwards to heal This book also shows that rape touches everyone the rape victim is involved with including her partnerI really have to say that I did not see the plot twist at the end of the book That was totally unexpected

  3. Michele Howell Michele Howell says:

    Couldn't Put the Book DownIncredible story telling So many twists in the lives of the close knit circle of women Lydia Nora Gina Amanda You will be on the edge of your seat thinking one thing when the complete opposite occurs You won't be disappointed

  4. Susan Gottfried Susan Gottfried says:

    Okay so it's been many years but I've met CJ a few times I really like CJ and have a ton of respect for her But I had a hard time with the start of this novel There was too much stopping of the scene in order to explain things to the reader And while I needed to know a lot some? of those things there were other ways it couldshould have been conveyed to me I don't like all that stop and start stuff Just lay it out in a scene and what's important will always find the right place to pop out So we've got this story about the doctors and nurses and EMTs affiliated with the fictional Angels of Mercy hospital here in Pittsburgh I love the setting of course but there's a long seuence where people are out and about during a sleet storm Umm that kinda stretched my limits No one's going to move around that easily during an ice event Other than that this is an entertaining read and the last what? Fifty or so pages are worth the price of admission It's truly can't put down don't look away whirlwind reading with your heart in your throat I'd recommend CJ's books to anyone My daughter's read some of them in fact The rest of the world needs to catch on too

  5. Jodi Jodi says:

    The third book in the series was every bit as compelling as the previous two Though this book focuses on Nora it is an ensemble story One of the nurses is found bound raped and murdered in the cemetery a few yards from the hospital It happened to the nurse that broke up Nora's relationship with Seth Corcoran Nora finds her and it immediately brings her back to her own kidnapping and rape a few years earlier and it becomes pretty clear to Nora that Karen is a victim of the same man This is the central theme of the book trust For each of the women for different reasons trust is a big issue and there are some big revelations in this one I am looking forward to book four The story is practically impossible to put down

  6. betty betty says:

    As always this book was fantastic I've always loved books based in hospitals When I was little one of my grandmother's friends would bring doctor and nurse books by the box Devoured every single one Keep up the good work C J

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    BafflingThis book keeps you on edge and interested trying to figure out who is stalking Nora will Amanda survive? Just two of the many personal stories involved in this thrilling mystery

  8. Geneva Stokes Geneva Stokes says:

    Love reading CJ Lyons books The Angels Of Mercy Medical suspense series is great I am binge reading the series Trauma is edge of your seat reading Excitement on every page Going on to #4 Isolation

  9. Donna George Donna George says:

    So many twists and turns I love this series especially because it takes place in Pittsburgh

  10. Marlene Bessette Marlene Bessette says:

    Really Enjoyed this mystery Was stunned by the near end

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