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Fly by night ❰Epub❯ ➛ Fly by night Author K.M. Peyton – Fly by Night was not the best choice for an 11 year old girl who had never ridden before but as soon as Ruth Hollis saw the lively pony she knew that he was the only one she wanted But having taken po Fly by night was not the best choice for an year old girl who had never ridden before but as soon as Ruth Hollis saw the lively pony she knew that he was the only one Fly by PDF/EPUB or she wanted But having taken possession of him Ruth was about to discover that her problems had only just begun.

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  1. Emma Rose Ribbons Emma Rose Ribbons says:

    In a way I'm glad I read one of Peyton's books right at the start of my pony book discovery for she's by far the best author I've read in the genre and now I can focus on her back catalogue Then again it does set an impossible standard for all the authors I have yet to discoverFly By Night is special in many pony books where the heroine starts pony less the journey is about winning a competition or earning a place at an euestrian school Here 90% of the book is about Ruth wanting to have a pony going through the long expensive and frustrating process of acuiring and taming one and having to deal with the conseuences of having her dream fulfilled It's an incredible story because it's so much about the huge gap that can exist sometimes between wanting something so bad you'd rather die than be without and coping with not being especially good at it in the end but carrying on valiantly partly out of shame and partly out of loyalty to your old self Rare are those books that take a look at this uneasy side of life and I was very impressed with Peyton's handling of that particular topic One of the characters explores the opposite dynamic in that he's good at something he doesn't want to pursue which is another interesting situation and really allows for good descriptions of the dichotomy between inclination and ability The background is that of relative poverty where worrying about money is a daily occurrence the main conseuence of that is an above average resilient heroine and a realistic time frame during which tiny things can finally happen after loads of saving up and making doThere's lots of excellent pony content and the characters are varied the adults all have their own personality I was even surprised by something happening to one of them away from family clichés the horses have different lives and adventures and their owners sometimes deserve them and sometimes not I really liked this element of surprise in Peyton's book she doesn't follow specific guidelines and it gives a very free floating atmosphere to her books where good people sometimes end up in unfair situations while unkind characters get than they deserve Very engrossing book and different from anything I've read in the genre I thoroughly recommend it

  2. Aldi Aldi says:

    Sod off reality Sometimes a girl just needs to be eleven years old and read a damn pony book

  3. Annes Annes says:

    Story of a young girl Ruth who desperately wants a pony of her own She attends horse shows hunter trials pony club rallies watching all the other riders and becomes determined to find a way to afford a pony of her own The drawback is her family isn't the least bit horsey and are not financially able to help What follows is how Ruth finds a cheap pony cheap for many reasons and the ensuing struggle to train feed shoe and look after him Her only help are some text books and an aloof boy called Peter who although is an accomplished rider is not interested in helping Ruth or her ponyThis is a beautifully written book I defy anyone who has ever wanted a horse of their own not to break their heart over Ruth This book is much grittier than your average teenage girl falls in love with her horse book There's no galloping off into the sunset scenes instead you read of Ruth's stubborn determination to overcome her lack of knowledge her battles and inevitable setbacks and the snobbery she faces from certain members of the horsey set Although set in the 1960's all the struggles that Ruth faces are just as relevant today I cannot recommend this book enough for anyone aged 12 100 I read it about once a year a real feel good book

  4. Tabitha Suzuma Tabitha Suzuma says:

    Favourite childhood author who read my first attempt at a book when I was 17 despite having never met me

  5. Anna Anna says:

    All stars are given solely for the prose and the characters which are brilliant and beautiful Other than that this is utterly irresponsible horse novel writing Should not be published any without carrying a severe warning DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME IT'S UTTER HORSE MANURE If this was a popular children's book in the 70s I now understand why there are so many people around me who think you can learn to ride a horse and to back break and train a wild pony successfully at that from books with no practical experience and no formal instruction whatsoever The idea that a girl who has never sat on a horse in her life backs breaks and trains a wild New Forest with no experienced help whatsoever is totally preposterous I kept reading because I thought at some point there would be a serious defeat and someone experienced would appear to help Ruth but noshe just does it all from books and succeeds The only thing she needs to learn is to have confidence and then two days at pony club after she has already trained her pony then she just sails over those jumps at the Cross Country courseKM Peyton should hang her head in shame for the message she is sending here

  6. Priscilla King Priscilla King says:

    Sixpence?Her name The price is somewhat A tough sweet little girl wants a pony even though she can only afford a problem pony nobody else wants and she'll soon be too big to ride it The practicalities of how Ruth pays for her pony Fly by Night are a refreshing to parents counterpoint to all those other stories where the children just have ponies until they're old enough that they just have horses instead As a series Ruth's story may interest teenaged girls too The same personality traits that make Ruth the right child for a problem pony also make her the right wife for a problem husband But this book is romance freeI enjoyed Fly by Night in grade school Pennington's Last Term in high school and The Beethoven Medal and Pennington's Heir in college Although these books are a series each story is age appropriate enough that others may enjoy them most if they read them when they're close to the age Ruth is in the story too

  7. Yellowoasis Yellowoasis says:

    It's a warm bright day in early summer New Zealand but in between the pages of this book I'm 12 years old again longing for a pony back in a cold boggy field in an East Anglian winter BlissLove love love this story Possibly as much as I did when I first read it a gazillion years ago All the adolescent yearning is there and Ruth is an appealing character full of self doubt but prepared to put in the effort to achieve her goals Lovely storytelling which has stood the test of time

  8. Emily Emily says:

    41 years old and I still love a good pony story now and then

  9. Erica Erica says:

    Loved this story growing up

  10. Cheyenne Blue Cheyenne Blue says:

    Another childhood pony book in the girl from poor family gets pony has terrible trouble with it but wins in the end variety Ruth buys the titular Fly by Night for 40 uid Trouble is Fly is unbroken and she can't ride As a departure from the norm in these kind of books there's very little emphasis on the mechanics of breaking a pony and learning to ride There are no lectures on horsemanship sprinkled within the pages a la Pullein Thompsons no earnest discussions on diagonal aids and cavaletti Ruth learns to ride and breaks in Fly although this apparently happens by trial and error magic and osmosis or all three Instead the focus is on Ruth her family friends relationships with people and the family's money issues I particularly enjoyed Ruth's brother Ted and his friend RonVery beautifully written It's a pleasure to read It's also on Kindle as is the seuel The Team

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