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The Shadow Speaker ❰BOOKS❯ ⚣ The Shadow Speaker Author Nnedi Okorafor – The year is 2070 and civilization has been completely transformed following a nuclear fallout in the early twenty first century Magic mysticism and mind blowing technology now rule the worldIn West Af The year is and civilization has been completely transformed following a The Shadow PDF \ nuclear fallout in the early twenty first century Magic mysticism and mind blowing technology now rule the worldIn West Africa fourteen year old Ejii struggles to master her own magical powers Embarking on a journey across the Sahara to find her father's murderer Ejii discovers that her people are in danger of annihilation and that she may be their last hope for survival.

10 thoughts on “The Shadow Speaker

  1. Nnedi Nnedi says:

    Absolutely wonderful D

  2. Jason Jason says:

    How friggin' scary a talking shadowPerfect for Halloween Can't wait to read this

  3. duck reads duck reads says:

    I am so torn over this book It's a post apocalyptic dystopian future fantasy set in West Africa starring a teen girl with magic powers who goes on a uest with a really kickass warrior ueen the ueen's two husbands another teen with magic powers and some talking animals It should have been SO GOOD It really set out to be too The protagonist Ejii is very likable and though her magic is possibly too immediately powerful to be satisfying she does struggle with it and with her newfound role as a game changer on a grand scale in a believable and endearing manner She's timid and unused to taking control in a way that's uite well done and her efforts to overcome that are satisfying I also really enjoy the fact of ueen Jaa's unconventional family arrangement and the way other people like her first husband's parents respond to it and would have loved exploration of it The characters are intriguing and respond in very nuanced ways and the worldbuilding is very interesting if a little overblown at times The novel doesn't uite manage to come together for me though for a number of reasons First the prose is clunkier and less sophisticated than the story it's trying to hold up and the difference is jarring Second the magic is a little too powerful and convenient for the stakes to feel at all risky Third I was really put off by the very very overt construction of the evil chief's fatness as proof of his icky evilnessThat said I really really enjoyed a lot of the parts of the novel and would pick up a seuel in a second hoping for improvement

  4. Sarah Sarah says:

    This book is AWESOME When I first read the back of the book I kinda thought it was going to be like another book I read called Obernewtyn because both of them are set in worlds that have magical powers because of an old war This book is reeeeally different from Obernewtyn but is still reeeeeally good It actually reminded me of another book called The Blue Sword I think thats because I loved that book and the character went on a life changing journey that helped her develope and save the worldO I know what else Blue Sword is set in like the desert with nomads and stuff and Shadow Speaker is set in that kind of place too But what this book is about is a girl called Ejii As I've said before their world is a future versian of ours where a bomb exploded and the radiation created this sort of super human people Ejii is what they call a Shadow Speaker she can speak to shadows The leader of their country is called Jaa and she is leaving the country to go to an all important meeting to prevent all the world from warring The shadows tell Ejii that she must go with Jaa to save the worlds This book is completly awesome I actually missed the begining of American Idol to finish it Now that is a sign of a good book ;

  5. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    I really loved this It's an earlier work from Okorafor and isn't as detailed or well plotted as Akata Witch and the magnificent Who Fears Death but it's a great read Okorafor imbues what could have been a very dark story with a sense of wonder and joy at discovery; I wanted to spend much time in the worlds she describes

  6. Jalilah Jalilah says:

    A fun and engaging read with a powerful anti violence message I discovered Nnedi Okorafor last year when I read her enchanting Akata Witch series I have since enjoyed several other of her books This book is young Adult

  7. Margaret Margaret says:

    It is 2070 and life on Earth has been completely changed after a disastrous nuclear fallout earlier in the century now in addition to technology there is magic and there are magical gateways to another world Ginen the world of Zahrah the Windseeker Certain people have become metahuman with strange abilities like rainmaking or speaking to shadows as Ejii Ugabe is able to do When Ejii was eight she witnessed the execution or perhaps murder of her power seeking father by Jaa the Red ueen of Niger Now that she is fourteen she must follow Jaa to the other world of Ginen as they strive to convince the otherworlders not to make war on EarthI liked this a lot than Zahrah the Windseeker; this is not to say that I didn't like Zahrah because I did but The Shadow Speaker is much complex and interesting Ejii faces a much larger threat and her journey feels dangerous and tense I appreciated the focus on Africa on languages and cultures and the contrast between our present and this future Earth where Africa and Australia play a much central part and America and Europe are barely mentioned as well as the contrast between Earth and Ginen It's a fascinating universe and I hope Okorafor will return to it in future books

  8. Brooks Brooks says:

    duuuuuuuuuuuuude Look I ate this up in one sitting I could barely convince myself to put it down to pee spoiler alert I didn't I took it with me I wish I could give it another star I kind of want to fight people giving it bad reviews I want to erase it from my memory so I can read it again I want to read 1000 books in this world This is what spec fic should be man A bye yall Awesome female lead check Awesome female lead with two female mentors mother Jaa and dont even get me started on Jaa and how much I want to read every story of her life ever check Two potential love interests and NO ROMANCE AND NO LOVE TRIANGLE??? CHECK like there was a moment or two I was scared it was going there AND IT DID NOT GOOD Talking animal friend check Casual magic and tech blend check I LOVE THIS BOOK A LOT GUYS A LOT I don't want to get into spoilers but like go read it so we can talk about it

  9. Sheila Ruth Sheila Ruth says:

    The Shadow Speaker is a richly imagined coming of age story with a theme of empowerment The book's biggest strength is the characters author Okorafor Mbachu breathes life into a fascinating cast of characters The portrayal of future Niger is interesting combining highly imaginative world building with elements of modern Niger projected into the future However the imaginative elements were occasionally a little too bizarre for my tastes and the reasons for the changes weren't always well explained or believable In spite of this The Shadow Speaker is a fresh and enjoyable fantasy that will appeal to teens and adults Read my entire review

  10. Nicholas Gourlay Nicholas Gourlay says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this highly imaginative coming of age tale about Ejimafor Ugabe Dikéogu and five seperate worlds This story had a wonderful 'feel' to it that makes me want to recommend it to almost everyone

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