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Where the River Ends ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Where the River Ends ❤ Author Charles Martin – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Doss Michaels nasceu e cresceu num parue de caravanas junto ao rio St Mary e tenta sobreviver como pintor Abigail Coleman é a única e lindíssima filha do mais poderoso senador da Carolina do Sul Um Doss Michaels nasceu e cresceu num parue de caravanas junto ao rio St Mary e tenta sobreviver como pintor Abigail Coleman é a única e lindíssima filha do mais poderoso senador da Carolina do Sul Um único encontro foi suficiente para perceberem ue ficariam juntos para sempreApós dez anos de Where the PDF/EPUB ² casamento Abbie debate se com uma doença terminal Sempre a seu lado Doss trava com ela uma terrível batalha pela vidauando Abbie elabora uma lista de dez coisas ue gostava de fazer antes de morrer Doss tudo faz para a ajudar a concretizar os seus desejosE antes ue seja tarde de mais partem juntos para a viagem das suas vidas.

About the Author: Charles Martin

Married to Christy Father of three boys.

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  1. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I have read a number of touching and beautiful love stories but Where The River Ends is in a class all of its own A friend of mine had recommended I try one of Charles Martin's books after finding out how much I love Nicholas Sparks His style was similar but also distinct I found myself marking page after page of uotes I didn't want to forget but in reality I'd uote the entire book here because the whole thing was so deeply moving I found myself wiping tears away long after I turned the last page this one will stay with me for a whileThe premise of the book is of a couple deeply devoted to each other who face a battle with cancer And together they're tested to walk out their vows down to the very last promise Abbie a Senator's daughter made herself a life as a famous model and her husband of 14 years Doss is an artist Once Abbie is diagnosed with cancer she makes a list of ten things she would like to accomplish by the end of her life but this list in no way overshadows their deep love or commitment to face future obstacles as one There is one uote from the book that I have to include here where Abbie is talking to Doss about his paintingsIf you want to make great art something that can reach beyond time and space find someone who isn't beautiful and show them that they are Paint the broken the unlovelyand make them believeYou can find many stories of individuals who have had to face cancer and disease alone but this story stands out to me because it shows how to married people choose to fight this disease as one and the toll it takes on each of them Every element that makes a good story can be found within these pages; love sorrow fear courage weakness strength adventure suspense and serenity If I was asked today by anyone what book I would say is a must read I would say this one It has made me grateful for every precious moment I have to love and be loved by an amazing man Charles Martin made a lasting impression with me and places himself at the top of my favorite authors I'm also excited to say that this Wednesday he will be at Davis Kidd Booksellers in Green Hills doing a book signing See reviews at wwwismellbooksblogspotcom

  2. Autumn Autumn says:

    I just Couldn't Do it I tried to read this book but I couldn't From the very cover with its silly “Warning This book will break your heart” I doubted this book The prose was overly conversational with phrases like “See that That’s what I love about her” I don’t like this kind of writing I don’t want someone ACTUALLY telling me a story I want someone storytelling The difference for me is simple In one I am consciously aware of the teller and in the other the words disappear and it’s like I’m watching a movie just behind my eyes It’s magic Also the idea of the poor slowly dying wife and her attentive loving husband is very sweet but unless the story picks up soon it’s also very boring because I’m not old married or dying of cancer thank the Fates I have no “in” to this story So maybe its fantastic for someone else—but I put it down 50 pages in I read about 2 books a week but that doesn't mean I'll read something that bores me

  3. Jennifer Fromke Jennifer Fromke says:

    When I finished the last page of this book I closed my eyes and felt complete It’s not that he tied every tiny item up too perfectly it’s just that my experience of the story was everything I needed as a reader There is a wholeness at the end of the story When you read about all the brokenness throughout you feel it and you’re filled with the longing and hope and struggles of the characters So when Mr Martin ends the story he somehow managed to achieve wholeness in the midst of the broken Does that make sense? How does he do it? Martin’s writing leaves me breathless at times and stunned at others This story traces the last days of a woman’s life and paints the portrait of a man who loved his wife with everything he had Martin writes about men who act like real men should They take responsibility for their actions admit their flaws and love sacrificially while hitting rock bottom at times and making colossal mistakes at others He writes male characters rooted in difficulty who find hope in unlikely places I want to read stories about people mucking through the difficulties of life who stick to their guns stake their lives on what they think is important and win or lose come through the experience holding on to something trueWe see throughout this story the love of a man for a woman But what’s beautiful about the whole thing is how she loves him back I promise this does not give away the story While you might disagree on the surface there is nothing boring about a married couple who loves each other especially in Where the River Ends Who says we need abject depravity for something to be interesting? Challenging? Beautiful? Seems like all the good moviesstories deal with relationships before the marriage and leading up to the wedding But any good love story continues long after the wedding day Why can’t we have stories about “staying married?” Isn’t that what people dream of when they say “I Do” anyway?Read Charles Martin You won’t be disappointed

  4. Andre Andre says:

    Where the River Ends by Charles MartinThis review contains some minor spoilers that all become evident early in the novel There are some short passages and details presented but I do not recommend reading the novel If you plan to read it this review is not for you Where the River Ends by Charles Martin is annoyingly frustrating The novel has so much potential First it is an actual novel with a beginning middle and end It has a story to tell and a point to convey while telling it There are characters who develop and grow and evolve throughout the 371 pages There are moments of joy and tenderness and tragedy and fear Where the River Ends is complete and whole and finishedIt is a beautifully constructed story I have never read any of Martin's other works but it is evident he is skilled at building scenery and background I'd never heard of the St Marys River before reading the novel but I feel like I know it now If I was to ride a canoe down the river tomorrow I am fairly certain I would be able to point out certain landmarks and features Martin's writing put me there He knows what he's doing Except for the plotSince legalities were very much in my mind throughout my reading of the novel let me begin my criticisms by saying These are the facts and they are indisputable Abbie's father is the most powerful politician in South Carolina He was a two term governor who has since become a four term Senator The Senator hates Doss Hates Doss He refused to allow Abbie and Doss to marry; because of his influence she had to blackmail a judge into marrying them After Abbie and Doss were married the Senator did not speak a word to him for two full years In fact Doss was not even allowed to attend family functions The Senator has arranged for home hospice care for Abbie and wants her to spend her final days at home with her family meaning him and her step mother The central portion of the plot centers around a trip undertaken by Doss Michaels and his dying wife Abbie The trip along the entire length of the St Marys River via canoe is a recreation of Doss and Abbie's honeymoon and a fulfillment of a promise Doss made to Abbie sometime after her cancer diagnosis The trip is Abbie's idea; Doss does not think she can make it but she insists on making the journey all the way from Moniac Traversing the entire St Marys is grueling and dangerous The first few miles are very thin and shallow There is very little paddling; most of the time is spent pushing pulling and carrying the canoe The trip begins just after the Doss and Abbie receive the news that she is out of medical options and that at best she has a few weeks left to live Given Abbie's state of health she reuires a great deal of medication mostly comprised of controlled narcotics for pain The only ways to obtain enough of the medication to last the duration of trip down the river are a doctor writing a prescription for an illegal amount or for Doss to steal them Before leaving for Moniac Abbie writes a letter to her father By the time he receives it they are well on their wayLet's look at these facts in conjunction with each other Abbie is adamant that Doss take her on this trip along the St Marys My interpretation of the exchange between the two of them is that she guilts him into making the trip She is a dying end stage cancer patient Abbie is so close to death that on the fifth page of Chapter One Doss referring to her father Senator Coleman tells his wife He's sending over a team of people in the morning to'collect you' Her life is at its end but before she expires she wants to make this trip a reenactment of their honeymoon That's fine except for the fact that Senator Coleman wants her home The Senator is the most powerful man in South Carolina which means that Doss and Abbie can't just leave They have to sneak out of town so as not to be noticed not to be seen not to be found Neither Abbie nor Doss expect her to survive the two week journey down the river Her doctor said she had A week Maybe two In other words they both know that the end of the journey would find Doss Michaels a widower of a woman who'd been missing for a couple of weeksOh I left out one indisputable fact There are exactly five characters in the novel we know are not White First we meet the man responsible for Doss and Abbie meeting As Doss walked through a park on his way home one night he came across a man attacking a woman The text describing the man states He looked like the guy in The Green Mile only meaner A little later we learn the man is six feet and ten inches tall The valiant Doss jumps on the man and gets himself beaten up in order to defend the defenseless woman Of course she had to fall in love with himNext we are introduced to Mr Jake the one eyed man who taught Miss Abbie how to dance when she was a little girl Except as an attempt to show that the rich and powerful of Charleston are not the racists outsiders think them to be I can think of no reason for Mr Jake or Doss' meeting him to be included in the storyThen we get to Rosalia Rosalia seems to have been a cook maid and nanny for the Colemans when Abbie was a little girl According to Abbie She would comb my hair and tell me I was pretty long before I knew the meaning of the word She too was scarred Rosalia fled her country when I was just a baby Abbie tells us But not before a man with a machete got a hold of her Thanks to that man with the machete Rosalia has no left breast Rosalia's purpose is for Abbie to help Doss realize that beauty can be found anywhere even where it seems to be nonexistent Here's the exchange it made me sickLook through here and show her what she's always wanted to see She slid her hand into mine Show her that she's beautiful beyond measureI stared at the horror staring back at me How?Her breath was warm on my ear Search what you see and find the one thing that makes you want to look againDoss did as he was told and his portrait made Abbie cry and give him their first kiss How lovelyThe final two non White individuals are two men who shared a jail cell with Doss Ellswood Maxwell Lamont Augustus III a crystal meth addict and a drug dealer with a voice like James Earl Jones Fine upstanding individuals these two wereAbbie is very much what my wife would call a Mary Sue She's not just the Senator's daughter; she is also a celebrity in her own right As Doss' college friend James AKA Mr Exposition #1 put it Abbie was the spokeswoman for one of the major cosmetics lines in the country—who also happens to have been voted by the New York Times as one of the hundred most beautiful faces in the United States—whose face by the way made the cover of three of the most highly read prime time magazines in the country And she became the most sought after interior designer in the American SouthAbbie's perfect Absolutely perfect She doesn't do anything for herself; it's all for everyone else especially Doss She even made him into a great artist After their wedding she planned and paid for a year long trip around the world so she could show him and teach him about all the great artists in the world In Doss' wordsI remember leaving the hall where David stands Walking out we walked by all the friezes he created Nothing but huge chunks of granite with these forms of half people climbing out of the rocks It's like they're breaking free Escaping And when I walk back down that hallway in my mind I realize that Abbie had done that for meShe led me to her river and I drank deeplyWe returned home and I discovered that Abbie had given me a gift I had not anticipated I stood before my easel and found that I saw beauty in the not so beautiful even in the grotesue What she had birthed with Rosalia she had now shaped and maturedAnd how about this exchange while the young couple shopped for wedding ringsDoss I don't need a diamondAbbie every girl deserves a diamondWell then I'll just keep this one until that day comes And when it does I'll wear them bothHow sweetDoss on the other hand is poor Dirt poor Grew up in a trailer park with his single mom and her alcoholic abusive boyfriend poor Had no relatives to care for him after his mother died so he just hung around the trailer park until he earned an art scholarship to college poor He had no friends in high places only one powerful enemy In a case of his word against anyone's John Doe was a clear favoriteWe already know that Abbie is dying but it becomes clear very early on that either Doss must die too or he must go to jail Otherwise the novel would lose all claims of realism She was famous Her father was rich famous and powerful Abbie's disappearance would be a national news story and her father would be out for blood Right off the bat we have kidnapping and either manslaughter or murder Add Abbie's medication which Doss acuired by convincing her doctor to give him the combination to the controlled substances safe and then breaking into the office where the narcotics were kept and you can include grand larceny breaking and entering and possession of a controlled substance in the list of crimes to be charged against Doss The St Marys River establishes much of the border between Georgia and Florida—since Abbie and Doss lived in Charleston South Carolina he crossed state lines to commit every single one of those crimes Both Abbie and Doss know this yet she insists it is a journey they must makeThey know it won't end well They know they are setting Doss up to take the fall for some serious charges Before they ever get in the water Doss goes to buy some supplies from a former boss and says It'd be better—for me—if you'd wait a week or so to run my card They knew And I get that is supposed to show their love and commitment to each other But what loving woman would willingly and knowingly send her husband to jail unnecessarily just to satisfy a dying wish? I'd hate to be married to that womanDid I mention that the trip begins as Hurricane Annie is making her way toward the southeastern coast of the United States? That does not deter Abbie and Doss Once they've started they cannot turn back Not when her disappearance becomes the top story in the nation Not when Senator Coleman holds a press conference in front of his house begging Doss to bring Abigail Grace back home Not when a crew of bandits rob the Michaels of their supplies Not when that same crew catches up to them later and tries to gang rape Abbie they were rescued by a defrocked priest turned crop duster who happened to be flying by Oh no they cannot uit even on Abbie's death canoe Annie's remnants flood the river and all of the surrounding areas and the closer they get to the Atlantic Ocean the violent and unpredictable the current becomes Five miles from the end of the St Marys River the current flips the canoe over leaving Abbie and Doss washed ashore with no transportation Abbie says to Doss Have you ever broken a promise to me?Then don't start now Doss ever the obedient husband finds a drifting log hauls his dying wife on top grabs a hold himself and off they go againIt could be very inspiring But it's too ridiculous to be taken seriously A warning on the book's cover says This book will break your heart I don't see how This book stirred zero emotional response within me except for the anger at how stupid and racist and classist the author seems to be This story is not real enough not human enough to elicit emotional responses from people who have been through the gauntlet themselves In fact reading this novel prompted me to log onto Twitter and mockingly ask Has there ever been a work of fiction that handled cancer even remotely realistically? Martin threw just about every cancer cliché I know into this oneAfter losing her breasts to her cancer Abbie tries to convince Doss to get a girlfriend The night before driving to Moniac to begin the trek down the river Abbie gives Doss a list of women he should consider marrying after she diesDoss is the only man to accompany his wife to the chemotherapy sessions Other husbands start off going but eventually they all leave their wives All except Doss Of course this leads to a screaming fight with Abbie screaming at Doss to not divorce her It's not real Yes some men leave but most do not Even if they aren't great most stay Going overboard to emphasize a point only renders that point ineffectiveAt one point Heather a woman whose husband is in treatment for cancer throws herself at Doss Dying for any type of physical affection she tricks Doss into a drunken night on the town and tried to entice him into her room by undressing down to her thong while walking down the hall as Doss watches from the elevator Doss ever the faithful husband the only cancer husband to not leave his wife ignores Heather Yet he forgets to lock his door which leads to him stepping out of the shower to find a naked Heather lying in the bed at the exact moment Senator Coleman barges into the room And of course Heather confessed her betrayal—and Doss' fidelity—to Abbie We had a good cry over it says Abbie She said you were everything she'd ever wanted in a husband Everything indeedHow exactly was this story supposed to make people emote?Further Martin's prose is very self righteous His disdain for certain groups of people comes across effortlessly and is written in such a way that makes it hard to believe these feelings are held only by the character Doss and not shared by the author In addition to a long riff about people who follow the church of NASCAR there was his description of the three men who attacked them Limpy Troll and Coal Miner Or his describing young men smoking on the riverbank as wannabe rappers Martin comes off to me as very anti blue collar Sure Doss Michaels was poor but he was a brilliant artist In this way Doss is presented as a poor aristocrat but an aristocrat nonetheless Where the River Ends is supposed to be a story of undying love but the plot does not demonstrate that The central plot itself is not a demonstration of love You cannot read this novel and come away believing the wonderful Abbie loved her husband—not if you understand the concept of love The entire plot is an exposition on Abbie's selfishness Sure she played the you should get a girlfriend card and helped him to find the self confidence and motivation he needed to succeed as an artist but she put Doss into the position of committing felony crimes to fulfill her dying wish We are told that the trip down the St Marys was a gift from her to him that it was her way of giving Doss' heart back to him; but she gave him no way out of the trouble the trip caused Her dying wish created a situation where he needed a miracle to avoid life in prison at best and the death penalty at worst That's what her dying wish did That is the situation created by her final act of love toward him her final anniversary present for himMartin loses it completely with the ending Remember what I said about knowing very early in the novel that Doss would end up either dead or in jail or else Where the River Ends would lost all claims on realism? Wellit wouldn't be right for the first 95% of the novel to be completely wrong and then for it to end well right? ExactlyBy riding the log Abbie and Doss did manage to make it to the end of the St Marys On the shore there is where she died A day later Doss is arraigned The judge AKA Mr Exposition #2 tells us that Doss is charged with all of the following kidnapping breaking and entering trespassing larceny grand larceny possession of a controlled substance resisting arrest assault battery of an officer illegal administration of a drug and first degree murder As most of the crimes took place on the river separating Georgia and Florida jurisdiction was an issue At Senator Coleman's reuest Florida a capital punishment state was chosen A few days later however the Senator received and read Abbie's letter and his entire viewpoint on Doss has changed You gave Abbie what I never did You gave her yourself he says All was forgiven; everything was changed All charges dropped except for the narcotics offenses Probation and community service Just like that What about the Senator finding the naked woman in Doss' room while Abbie was in treatment you ask? The defrocked priest to whom Doss had confessed somehow visits the Senator and tells him everything that had happenedSenator Coleman and Doss become buddies and live happily ever afterCancer has been in my life for a long time and it will continue to be in my life It is a seemingly inescapable truth My mother died from cancer My wife is a cancer survivor My mother in law is fighting cancer I have spent the better part of my adult life helping to make cancer drugs One has to work pretty hard to create a story about a woman slowly dying of cancer that does not make me emote With Where the River Ends Charles Martin was that one

  5. Jerry Jerry says:

    Where the River Ends' cover warns you This book will break your heart It did in a waybut not the way Charles Martin or his editorspublishers intended I've read Mr Martin's writings before and in my opinion they were well written emotionally charged dramas about people overcoming tragic circumstances However all those were published by Thomas Nelson a Christian publisher; Where the River Ends was not and its content makes me wonder whether Mr Martin is truly a Christian or just writing inspirational fiction to make a uick buck The first half of the novel involves descriptions of a nude painting as art illegal obtaining of prescription medication discussion about one woman being good in bed and another one who looks like a goddess naked thanks to plastic surgery at least one profanity and possibly other inappropriate content that I'm not thinking of at the moment After that I couldn't read any of it; it seems that Mr Martin has compromised his faith in the writing of this secular work I've seen this kind of thing before; contemporary Christian musician Susan Ashton crossed over to the world of secular music with an album that had an immodest cover photo and zero mention of the Almighty within the lyrics I thought authors were above that kind of thing; guess I was wrong

  6. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    Great author and storyteller I have read all his books and one of my favorite authors Charles makes the characters come alive Awesome

  7. Kathleen Kline Kathleen Kline says:

    Great love story Also a look at what it's like living at times just existing while struggling through chemo radiation and a host of other things that come along with a diagnosis of cancer A bit of an eye opener since it's not something thankfully that I know much about It was encouraging to see that in the end cancer only steals what you give it There are worse things than dying like living dead The main characters chose hope and lived life as fully as they could with the time that was left for them to share on earth Christians should definitely do the same because we have a sure hope in Jesus Christ

  8. Gily Gily says:

    Well More of the same see the mountains between us meaning emotional love death and the journey

  9. Michael Michael says:

    Charles Martin writes stories about broken men searching for redemption and healing and the people who love them In his sixth novel Where the River Ends we meet Doss Michael an artist who outpunted his coverage when he met courted and married the daughter of a powerful South Carolina senator Abby Coleman The story is told in alternating chapters examing their courtship marriage and life together and their final journey together down the St Mary's River Ten years into the marriage Abby finds she has a devestating form of cancer one that is eating her up inside She's made a list of ten things she wants to experience before she dies and Doss sets out to make them those dreams a realityThe list isn't a gradoise list but a list of achievable goals such as skinny dipping or the trip down the river that had such an influence on her husband growing up However the trip isn't what her father wants After four years of estrangement and refusal to deal with Abby's choice of Doss as a husband the senator want Abby in hospice to extend her life Doss and Abby disagree and set out on the journeyThe alternating story from the Doss's early life to the current trip works to propel the plot forward and keep the reader interested all the while keeping the story from becoming too bleak or overwhelming depressing Martin does a remarkable job of setting the story to follow the expected path but also throwing in some unexpected curves along the way At one point art student Doss needs someone to model nude in order to finish up his degree program Upon meeting Abby and saving her from an assault one could assume the direction this story could head Instead Martin toys with that assumption and gives the reader a richer story because of itAnd even though we have an idea where this story can and must end Abby's death her passing along isn't the central point of this story It's about the story of Doss his journey and the shared life he had with Abby While the ending will create a lump in your threat Martin wisely allows a few glimmers of hope and healing in the final chapters to keep the ending from being overwhelmingly grim

  10. Darlene Darlene says:

    This beautiful story written by Charles Martin is about love commitment sacrifice and what it really means to be totally responsible for another human being Doss Michaels a painter who gives new meaning to the term 'starving artist' meets Abigail Grace Coleman the daughter of a senator from South Carolina when he literally saves her life when she is attacked and nearly raped Their love story is just about perfect until the day Abbie is diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer This is when the story stops being a kind of fairy tale and becomes the stuff of real life Realizing that their time together is short Abbie creates a list of the things she wants to do The thing she ultimately chooses is to embark on a journey a 130 mile journey which is real and symbolicin a canoe on the St Mary's River Their trip is arduous and full of obstacles unpredictable weather a worsening in Abbie's physical condition and even a group of men who rob them of most of their possessions but still they persevere and they push on Doss promised Abbie that they would get to the end of the river the point at which they can watch it empty into the ocean Despite all of the obstacles Doss never gave up He kept that promise to his wifeI felt this story although somewhat predictable in places was a wonderfully written metaphor for life's journey We all face obstacles on our journey and the trip is never smooth but if we're very lucky we find someone special to share that journey with someone who is as committed to it as we are Yes this story is somewhat cliched but Mr Martin's characters are so true to life that I couldn't help but become emotionally invested in what happened to them I couldn't help but cheer them on to the end of the river Realistically although Doss' and Abbie's story couldn't have ended any other way than it did I still found myself hoping for just one day for them to be together Any story which can reach out and pull me in in such a way that I really care about what happens tot he characters is a great one cliched or not

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