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    Over a millennium ago, the biographies of saints were written in a far different style than today Today, an author probably focuses on the challenges and failings of a saint rather than any miraculous or seemingly superhuman feats they accomplished By contrast, the ancient tradition of hagiography writings about the holy ones reveled in miraculous events and conversions, almost like the saints were superheroes powered by grace rather than gadgets or gamma radiation Pope St Gregory the Great wrote just such a biography of St Benedict, founder of the monastic tradition in the western church.The text follows Benedict s life from childhood and his first experiences at school in Rome Living in the late 400s, life was decadent Benedict was appalled at the behavior of his Roman classmates and fled to the countryside where he became a monk People heard about him and came to him A nearby community lost its leader and they invited Benedict to be the new leader He wanted them to live a holy life, giving up their luxuries They were unhappy with this and poisoned Benedict s wine As they brought the pitcher, he blessed it according to the local tradition The pitcher shattered Benedict instantly knew they were trying to poison him He upbraided them and told them to find another father suited to them.That s just one example amon...

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    Having read my share of hagiographies biographies of saints I had never read one quite as old as that of St Gregory the Great on St Benedict I was not prepared for the style, the stories, and the rhetoric of that age I was very glad to have an interpreter not just of the language but of the style and purpose.Most of the stories were about miracles attributed to St Benedict, which can be a big turnoff to people in our day What was helpful was the commentary which accompanied these stories 1,500 years ago, this story would have been written in the day s style Today, we can read it and be tempted to call it primitive or superstitious I was grateful that Fr Terrance Kardong explained much of the reasoning behind what stories were told, in what order, and what was really behind them.Unfortunately not much about the life of St Benedict is known All we have is his rule and this Dialogue, or less Still, this is...

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    I am giving this book four stars just because of how extremely unique it is It is a book written by a Saint St Gregory the Great about a Saint St Benedict Every young man starting at Benedictine high school is required to read it before Freshman year It is written in a series of short stories St Gregory stops himself sometimes a...

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    Very interesting life quite different than what I expected Still, very glad I read it and I recommend it to all.

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    As someone who is a Benedictine Oblate I am embarrassed to say that until now I have not read an edition of The Life of St Benedict by Gregory the Great until I read this translation by Terrence Kardong.This book, part of the Dialogues i of Gregory the Great, provides a hagiography of St Benedict that must be considered mandatory reading for anyone who wishes to have an understanding of the life of St Benedict and, therefore, the origins of the Rule that has so influenced the spiritual tradition of the Western Church.From the backcover In his classic Second Book of Dialogues, Pope Gregory the Great lionizes Saint Benedict as hero and casts him predominantly in the role of miracle worker Yet in his Rule, Benedict comes across as a practical community organizer and premier spiritual father In this ...

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    I read parts of it on line and decided to buy it Its written as a conversation between Gregory and Peter, a monk I like how books written 1800 years ago can have distinct parallels with today and immediate applicability.

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The Life of St. Benedict by Gregory the Great: Translation and Commentary In His Classic Second Book Of Dialogues, Pope Gregory The Great Lionizes Saint Benedict As Hero And Casts Him Predominantly In The Role Of Miracle Worker Yet In His Rule, Benedict Comes Across As A Practical Community Organizer And Premier Spiritual Father In This Volume, Terrence Kardong Offers A Fresh Take On Gregory The Great S Classic He Alternates Between Translated Sections Of The Diablo S And His Own Commentary Crisp And Direct, And Infused With His Wry And Ever Present Sense Of Humor, Kardong S Writings Sure To Build Up The Spiritual Life Of Readers And, Equally Important, To Make Them Love St Benedict.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • The Life of St. Benedict by Gregory the Great: Translation and Commentary
  • Terrence G. Kardong
  • 14 July 2018
  • 9780814632628