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  • 338 pages
  • Faking It
  • Amrita Chowdhury
  • 05 February 2016

10 thoughts on “Faking It

  1. Suchextra Pumpoori Suchextra Pumpoori says:

    I opened the book to find the following line A sigh piroutted into existence like an applause hungry diva I have rarely ever read a book with such tortured prose and implausible characters The author doesn't have the slightest interest in developing believable motivations and not enough skill to make the implausible believable No empowered Indian woman living in the US will up and move to India in three weeks for her husband And why the heck is airline gin and tonic insipid? It's the same damn gin and same damn tonic as anywhere else It's not like they distill herbs and juniper berries and grow uinine bark on the plane and make the easiest cocktail in the world It is very difficult for me to believe that Schweppes tonic and Bombay Sapphire taste different in business class of a reasonable international airline Unless of course the author owns the airline and makes drinks with the same skill level she writes at What I like is that she goes on to order a second gin and tonic A brief description of the husband's character has me convinced that Ms Chowdhury's writing skills fall somewhere below Mills and Boons romancesAnyway enough vitriol If you like good books go read something by Steinbeck Rushdie or Vikram Seth Even if you are a chicklit fan thhis book is bound to make you gag Not for those with a weak stomach or good taste A small postscript someone please get Ms Chowdhury an editor

  2. Smita Beohar Smita Beohar says:

    What would you do if you are asked to leave your high profile highly paid job just because you husband has got a fantastic opportunity at work An opportunity which promotes him as the head of country operations and a promotion which means moving base from USA to India Would you do the Asian Woman Thing? That is leaving your job and following the ‘Pati Parmeshwar?’Or Would you leave your job move with your husband but not let him forget what he has let you into??Well our protagonist surely does the second Tara Malhotra forced to uit her high profile job to make a move to India is hating every moment of the move and she has very carefully made it evident to her husband that getting her to India might be the biggest mistake he could have ever madeIn their flight to India Tara chances upon a magazine which gives her a clear idea about How to get Even with your Husband Her simple plan in her own words isBuy contemporary Indian art by noted upcoming artists and blow huge holes in your husband’s walletIn India Tara is out of her elements Finding a perfect apartment a perfect school for her son Rohan and perfect nannies were never so difficult While she does these things she gets sucked into the high society life of Mumbai and realizes that her passion for Art can seriously be converted into business It is in one such event that she meets Roy Jordan an art dealer Roy a smooth and smart talker makes a good enough impression on TaraEventually her home is set and Tara finally starts working on her dream of opening an art gallery with a lady called Gul Raj Tara’s husband is against her starting the gallery it doesn’t help their already strained relationship It was in such a stressful period that Roy gets in touch with her informing her about a rare find of an Amrita Sher Gil painting The price is exorbitant but she has a point to make to her husband and thus Tara ends up buying the painting only to realize later that she has been dupedThe painting was fake bought for 60 Lakh rupees Tara becomes a victim of a major fraud The whole episode had serious implications to itIf she as an owner of an art gallery could be duped so easily then what is the guarantee that the painting at her gallery are original?What will she tell her husband?What if her husband comes to know of her one moment of insanity intimacy with Roy?The fighter spirit in Tara doesn’t let her go of the incident and she knows that she has to set everything all right if not for her money than for her self esteemAnd thus begins the roller coaster ride of “Faking It”The mood of the book is set in the initial chapters; you can very well guess that this is one of those enjoyable Indian Chick Lits But let me first say what I didn’t like about the bookThe book is set around art paintings and there is an ample discussion on the same Being honest sometimes I found the discussion boring lengthy but then it can be attributed to the fact that my interest doesn’t lie in that area At places than one you will feel that there are too many literary liberties and our leading lady has a very easy life there are too many coincidences things fall in place too easily etc etcBut if you close the last page of the book with a smile on your face all the literary liberties are waved off and it’s the same with this book It takes you on a non stop enjoyable ride I smiled with Tara I pumped the air when she took sweet revenge on her husband and I felt sad when she was duped I guess that’s where the author excels it makes you the characterThe book also describes the urbane high style lifestyle very well ad though I couldn’t relate to them but I felt I was getting a third party tongue in cheek view of Page 3 life which we all envy but which can be so empty at times The book very subtly touches the dilemma confusion of NRI’s shifting back to India It shows how people can feel alien out of place in their own countryI would recommend this book to all chick lit lovers who have been craving for one I think this is best one to come out after Zoya Factor

  3. Asta Sinusas Asta Sinusas says:

    This book is better than the generic cover and misleading jacket copy would persuade you to believe and I would suggest for fans of Sonali Dev The best part of this compelling book is how Tara starts her art galley which isn't even mentioned Chowdhury is brilliant in her descriptions of the various artworks and conveying the emotion of art and its acuisition I liked the storyline of how Tara was tempted and then conned by Roy Jordan and how she plans her revenge I very much enjoyed her arc through the book from at first being resistant to change all the way to accepting and embracing it It gets a bit sappy at the end and a bit too contrived but who doesn't love a happy ending? I look forward to further books where the author may explore ambiguity

  4. Bhavya Bhavya says:

    Big mistake I was catching up on a lot of Indian authors when I saw this book on the shelf and went for it hoping it would be another brilliant piece of work The book is just OK and nothing great Like the blurb tells you it is the story of an Indian woman who moves back to India after having lived a five star life in the USA The story line sounds interesting but the way it is narrate is not The author has put in uite a substantial amount of research into the book but it sadly fails to impress at least it failed to impress me I don't know what happens at the end so cannot give a complete review because I could not force myself to read through the entire thing

  5. Yahana Yahana says:

    Affected writing brand name dropping and endless descriptions afflict this book making it a difficult read The scenes too are short and jerky

  6. Walks Walks says:

    🚨 SPOILERS 🚨 All 4 stars are for the complex plot none for the annoying protagonistThere's a lot of Hindi words and Indian terms throughout the novel There are also a few difficult English words that had me reaching for my online dictionary ➡️It left me wondering who exactly the author envisioned as the audience for this novel? A small group of well read Indians who are either rich and well travelled Indian citizens or NRIs and who are also into pulp fictionwhich was then marketed with a shoddy cover and printed on cheap paper? No wonder there aren't too many reviews for the novel despite it being a good read It doesn't know what audience to target or howThe protagonist is a name dropping childish diva a cosseted only child and in the real world her bloated corpse would be floating in an Indian gutter somewhere No one survives her kind of shenanigans not in Mumbai She's a singularly dislikable person rampaging through life like a bull in a china shop I felt bad for anyone who got drawn into her drama creating emotional vampire circle of influence Everyone in Tara's life felt like an accessory to her self anointed sense of self importance She was only ever really happy in a 5 star air conditioned hotel being waited on by others Her lifemindset is very limited I avoid such toxic one dimensional people like the plague Tara is determined to get revenge against the wrongs wrecked on her person whether it be against her husband or the art dealer guy who successfully wooed her in order to sell her a fake painting She rejoices at the death of said dealer Tara is downright evil in her coldness towards her husbandright up until she needs him again But then what of her betrayal of her marriage vows? I guess she never comes clean about her stolen kiss? How's that okay? Only Tara deserves revenge I guess Everyone else just needs to deal She's really sanctimonious for such a lying bag of 💩 Also am I supposed to believe that all Tara had saved up was 60 lakh rupees despite having such a lavish lifestyle? Back in 2002 a friend of a family member serving in a similar job title was earning 40 lakhs a year after taxes Very few people made so much money back then but Tara seems to be in a similar type of job Maybe 2 crores would have been believable but to lose your cool and risk your life over 60 lakhs especially in 2008 or 2009 makes no sense I felt really bad for Gul for taking on such a loser as a business partner I don't know why she didn't just dump the ditz and take over the gallery herself Tara did very little of the real work while causing a lot of pointless headaches for Gul However just because I didn't like Tara it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story or other characters such as Gul or Rimli I enjoyed reading about them I would've preferred to have either Gul or Rimli as the protagonist But maybe the author explicitly meant to write it this way to have a spoilt NRI crybaby as the protagonist Maybe the author did it this way to evoke a response from the reader It definitely evoked a lot of emotion in me And it read as accurate since I've got a ton of spoilt whiny entitled NRI relatives to compare with They are a particularly heinous brand of tediously self righteous bragging double standards and hypocrisy Actually on second thoughts Tara wasn't as bad as my relatives 😂😂 It's the name dropping that really did my head in though I ate rose petal encrusted rare leg of spring Italian lamb at Insignia Millions where the waiters massaged my feet with jasmine BeenaMori Billionaire oil while I was gazed at adoringly by several hunky men wearing bespoke MujiWazi Trillionaire suits Also did I mention about my Zillionaire this that and the other? A lot of the brand names meant nothing to me and I couldn't care enough to Google them They were just so much unnecessary noiseWhat I enjoyed was the complex plot the mention of Indian artists many of whom I had never heard of before and the reasonably well edited writing The editor should have done one last sweep though since there were some weird mistakes in there

  7. Jahanvi Patel Jahanvi Patel says:

    Such a snobby book OmgSuch a tirade against india Yuk

  8. Reet Singh Reet Singh says:

    I was dying to read this book Faking it for one reason only and that because it has been written by my super editor and Harleuin India Country Head before she became any of the precedingVery very intrigued I was so I got it off and set to on a cold winter eveningI was NOT in the slightest disappointed Or surprised The lady can write The story is rich in imagery and color; tightly plotted; full of suspense The language the grammar is impeccableThe female lead Tara is fabulously characterized strong stubborn persistent most of the time but frightened and tremblingly vulnerable when the plot demands Expect lots of action don't be fooled by the deceptively slow beginningThe story is about art forgery clearly a lot of research has preceded the writing of it I enjoyed the first person recounting; felt very real to me Tara goes through a lot of angst at being transplanted from the USA to India very authentically portrayed I especially identified with her disagreements with Raj her husband who isn't familiar with the cold wars and strained silences that creep into a loving relationship between two obstinate people? Very realDo read this oneAmrita has since released her second thriller Breach and I am certainly going to give it a try

  9. Pari Pari says:

    I wish there was a no star ratingThis iswas one of the most pathetic books I have ever read I am into some 100 pages of reading it and am contemplating whether to go further If I will continue that would just be since I wish to know how badly the story moves furtherThe Author has used the worst of the metaphors possible has described MumbaiIndia in the worst of the sense I can imagine and I can only offer a sigh when I read her super idea of how the wife turns to revenge for such an IMP move of her life I mean seriously no mature person in the rightest of the mind can think of moving to another country for good with no approval from spousePlus the way she described s the Indians and Mumbai makes me wonder how can she write and publish things so disalarmingly false Like she says the character goes in a chaffeur driven car and yet writes of how she had to find certain places That doesn't happen Miss And just FYI IndiaMumbai is one of the few places that you can actually get down a car or even an auto and ask any random passerby for directions and they will kindly oblige Blah worst read ever

  10. Ruchi Vasudeva Ruchi Vasudeva says:

    The beginning of this book unfolds at its own pace and initial pages are interesting but some might find them too full of art and finance The four star I gave were for the character From the moment she commits that mistake she seems so human to me I was rooting for her till the end Brilliant portrayal and great insight of the world of art and how it can be manipulated The husband wife dynamics are convincing But what won the day for me was as I said the character From the moment I mentioned the pace picked up and I couldn't wait to get back to the book Very glad I read it

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Faking It➺ [Download] ➶ Faking It By Amrita Chowdhury ➻ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Finance expert Tara Malhotra forced to uit her job and follow her husband on a job promotion and transfer back from the States and hating every minute of it decides to bring some excitement into her e Finance expert Tara Malhotra forced to uit her job and follow her husband on a job promotion and transfer back from the States and hating every minute of it decides to bring some excitement into her empty high society Mumbai life by indulging her taste for contemporary Indian art Determined to set up an art gallery of her own she sets about acuiring the perfect trophy piece to set off her collection So when the charismatic Roy Jordan tells her about an exuisite recently stumbled upon work by the legendary artist Amrita Sher Gil she sets her heart and all her savings on acuiring it But the painting is not what it is trumped up to be Faced with a depleted bank balance a crumbling marriage and the ignominy of being duped Tara is determined to expose the man who swindled herAnd in the process stumbles headlong into the unsavoury goings on that dog the world of contemporary Indian art.