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Madoff's Other Secret: Love, Money, Bernie, and Me Nobody Knew Bernie Like I Did, And Nobody Knows About Me Sheryl Weinstein Met Bernie Madoff When She Was Just Shy Of Forty, And Went On To Have A Twenty Year Secret, Intimate Relationship With The Man Now Known As An Evil Mastermind, A Villain Of The Greatest Proportions It Was 1988 And Sheryl Was Facing A Huge Dilemma Bernie Madoff Was Paying Her A Great Deal Of Attention She Was In The Midst Of A Rocky Marriage And Feeling Vulnerable, When The Powerful Wall Street Mogul Began Making Overtures As A Successful CPA And Head Of A Major Charitable Organization, She Had A Lot To Lose She Directed Him To Take Things Slowly Over The Next Five Years, There Were Business Meetings Over Lunch, Followed By Intimate Dinners In Hotel Rooms And Finally, Private Moments That For A Time Seemed Intensely Satisfying To Them Both I M Not To Be Trusted, He Once Told Her Casually She Ignored It, Having No Idea How Prophetic Those Words Would Be After All, Her Relationship With Bernie Was Passionate And Profound She Felt Desirable She Was The One Nobody Knew About, With The Window Into The Real Man So Careful About Investing Her Money, When The SEC Cleared Him In 1992 She Decided To Get In All The Way With Her Heart, Her Soul And Her Financial Future.Sheryl Was In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time She Couldn T Possibly Have Imagined The Devastation That Would Befall Her Learning The Truth Was Shattering On So Many Levels Many Books Are Being Written About The Scale Of Madoff S Fraud, But Until Now, Nothing Has Shown The Man Through Private Eyes Sheryl Weinstein S Riveting Story Reveals A Madoff Who Will Shock And Surprise You From The Boardroom To The Bedroom, In Each Other, The Two Found Something That Had Been Lacking In Their Own Lives It S A Story With Tragic Overtones A Drama That Only Now Could Find A Devastating Conclusion.

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    If one has an abiding urge to know all about Sheryl Weinstein, Her husband Ronnie and Son, then this is the book for you The reader gets first hand insight into her family, but, not a great deal about her relationship with Uncle Bernie There are a few selatious tid bids with regard to her sexual relationship with him, but, for the most part we are left with the I am not, that kind of girl , normally, scenerio.We find little personal material , other than Bernie does not get to use his Special Purpose , much at home and , he likes rough sex, and possibly likes to get his keester paddled occassionally He likes a Happy Ending by hookers in hotel rooms No doubt, he will be getting a few of those in prison.One cannot feel a bit sad for Sheryl, as in her own words, she was literally Screwed Twice , by Bernie..Its a very ...

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    This is the sort of book you read with fascination and disgust, a good bit of the disgust reserved for yourself for reading it The author carried on a long term affair with Mr Madoff She reveals graphic details which are extreme and unnecessary One is ...

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    Depressingly over indulgentthis story could have been written in less pages I was forced to put it down numerous times in shear boredom.but always finishing a book, nevertheless.The author wrote about a time in her life, the only problem was she sometimes repeated feelings and or actions I didn t need to know of the size of his penis and did not need that point to be re...

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    I found the author to be just as disgusting as Bernie Madoff The two were made for each other Her need to include details about the size of Bernie s anatomy was off putting, vulgar and seemed motivated by ...

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    I found this at Goodwill while treasure hunting for books This is an easy and fast read, and it gives you great insight into Madoff as a person On the other hand, while I appreciate Sheryl s honesty, she seems to lack any accountability whatsoever for her actions while stabbing both of her romantic interests in the back She seems to take pride in the fact that she was loyal to her husband for decades and only cheated once during that time She also writes as though she deserved the adventure This was all while her husband was changing for the better for her , and while he threw her a surprise b day party and bought her the expensive watch she hinted about Ugh Perhaps I m incorrect I h...

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    I saw this book at the library a few days after 60 Minutes had done an interview with Madoff s wife, Ruth, and his one remaining son It appears that Sheryl Weinstein wrote this book on her own with no co author She writes well but not great I believe she must have written this book to clear her inner self of demons and to raise money to offset the everything that she and her husband lost by bein...

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    I truly enjoyed Quite upsetting knowing so many trusted and lost everything Sheryl s impact statement was brilliant and brave It s truly hard to believe he could use, abuse and steal from people he claimed to c...

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    This is the best book I ve read in a while because a it has nothing to do with law school and b it s trashy I m slightly obsessed with the Madoff case as it is, so this book only fed my obsession A quick read for anyone who needs a mindless fix.

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    I think this is the worst book I ever read, but loved the trashy story.

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    I really liked this book The woman who wrote this had an affair with Bernie for 20 years and talks about his weird secrets She thinks he has OCD and other disorders Very insightful.

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