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Devious (It Girl, #9) [Read] ➭ Devious (It Girl, #9) Author Cecily von Ziegesar – The ninth book in the New York Times bestselling IT GIRL series Jenny Humphrey could have lost everything she'd worked so hard for when the reality show her adoring freshman fans were filming backfire The ninth book in the New York Times bestselling IT GIRL series Jenny Humphrey could have lost everything she'd worked so hard for when the reality show her adoring freshman fans were filming backfired on her in the most publicly humiliating waybut it meant she found out who her friends were maybe Waverly is big enough for four IT girls About The Author Cecily von Ziegesar grew up in New York City and attended a private girls` school She always wanted to be a writer and she was always a gossip so the GOSSIP GIRL and THE IT GIRL novels were inevitable Table of Contents .

10 thoughts on “Devious (It Girl, #9)

  1. Erica Alyson Erica Alyson says:

    Okay so I love this series and I can't believe Classic is going to be the last 0 The idea of the new dean is a little Private series but I liked it I really like Jenny with the dean's son super cute I don't know where that will take us but with the most recent Gossip Girl book my thought is not fair I DO NOT like the dean's daughter I don't know who she thinks she isI like Sebastian and Brett together and hope they work out til the end of the series I'm so glad she is straight now makes her character interesting Callie is going to have a lot to get through in the next book and all with old flames being back Poor Brandon always gets screwed 0 I would like to see him with a good local girl kinda like Jenny but not here cause I like her with deans son Tinsley and Julian are cute together I think she made a mistake in this book But hopefully it's not to late I feel she got screwed in this book just as much as Brandon did I really like her a lot too There is not one character in this series I don't like So I am super sad to see it end Excited to see how the series ends

  2. Katie Katie says:

    Probably would give this a 355 Definitely an improvement from the last few books still ridiculous plot lines though

  3. Tiny Pants Tiny Pants says:

    It breaks my heart that they're ending this series with the next book because after a couple of disappointing entries particularly the extremely tedious Thanksgiving in Infamous the ghostwriters really hit their stride with this one I'll admit the occasional lapses in editing annoyed me at the end of the last book a new teacher was replacing a retiring one and at the beginning of this one they've stolen the plot of the most recent Private books and suddenly it's a new dean except since it's a boarding school shouldn't it be a headmaster? Also people's eyes occasionally change color since apparently it's hard to keep track of the ridiculously disproportionate number of Waverly students who have green eyes Never the less Devious really gets it right all of the concurrent plots are interesting and aside from the aforementioned new dean actually pretty reasonable I think part of it is that each of the main characters is somewhat in her own orbit in this book so we don't get a lot of interaction between them Normally all the mean girl infighting is what I like best but I think in this case leaving a lot of it out makes it feel a bit fresh instead of it being the same old same old Brett actually probably has the weakest plot in this book even though I usually like her uite a bit and that's mostly because hers feels the most recycled Callie is way less annoying then she's been in the last few books though and even everyone inexplicably falling in love with Jenny is less annoying than usualMaybe I'm just getting sentimental and sad because they're closing out all my favorites nah I think they really did kick it up a notch for this one

  4. Jamie Coudeville Jamie Coudeville says:

    It's a little late in the game to introduce new people isn't it? Anyway I can't believe I only have one book left I hope Tinsley gets revenge on Isla And Easy being back is bound to cause some drama Also Heath I laughed my ass of at him in the woods

  5. Aryssa Aryssa says:

    Dean's kids are always the biggest troublemakers

  6. Kim Kim says:

    They're getting ridiculous and delightful Now that PLL is done and I'm almost finished with all of the GGIG books whatever am I going to do with myself?

  7. Francis Francis says:

    Same same but different but still the same

  8. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToocomThe students at Waverly have returned to campus after Christmas break It's the start of what is known as Jan Plan The students get a month to work on group or individual projects There are no other classes to worry about so it will pretty much be a month long partyWhen the students report to the Chapel for their welcome back speech they are stunned to find that Dean Marymount is gone In his place is a young and apparently hip Dean Dresden What's the Dean has brought his two gorgeous teenagers Isaac and Isla with himAs you can imagine there will be all sorts of hijinks going on at Waverly Jenny encounters Isaac when she tries to convince the new dean to allow her to work on her art project alone There's been a policy that sophos have to work in groups but Jenny's idea is a solo one Tinsley teams up with Isla for a crazy photography project And Callie finds herself unexpectedly working with her old boyfriend the needy Brandon on of all things a psychology love experimentSome of the people aren't what they seem and as a raucous party at the Dean's house grows out of control true colors will be shownDEVIOUS was definitely a lighthearted piece of the IT GIRL puzzle Without classes thrown into the mix the students of Waverly can cause havoc and get into way deeper trouble I probably enjoyed this one even because it was really different from the other books in the seriesReading any of the IT GIRL novels is as sinful as sitting down and watching Gossip Girl or 90210 only betterthe book lasts longer

  9. Karen Karen says:

    DeviousPoppy is an imprint of Little Brown Books for Young ReadersCecily von Readers999 Pages230ISBN 9780316073943Just because you solved everything it doesn't mean that you've solve everything Devious is the ninth book of the It Girl series Cecily von Ziegesar wrote many other novels such as the Gossip Girls series In Devious many rumors and dramas are flying around Waverly Academy Boarding School between four protagonists The Bestselling novel is also about the lifestyles of high school students and the love life In the previous novel of Devious Brett decided to spill out her feelings of Sebastian to Sebastian Now in Devious Brett entrust her heart to Sebastian But throughout the book Brett starts to loose his trust as the pages flip by one by one On the other hand Jenny Humphrey life was infected by a new student in the Waverly Academy Boarding School In the very beginning of the It Girl series Callie was dating Brandon until Easy Walsh came and stole her heart But throughout the series things were going like a roller coaster between Easy and Callie and things doesn't work right In Devious Brandon gave a chance to Callie to start a relationship with her again But later in the novel Easy Walsh came out of the military school and Callie wants him back But what will she do to Brandon?Devious isn't the last novel of the It Girl series There is still one novel left to finish up the series So be ready to seek out for the latest novel of the It Girl series

  10. Kristen Kristen says:

    After taking a break from books like this for uite awhile this was a surprisingly enjoyable read Generally fluffy and the drama had little bite but I still found myself interested in the outcomes of all their romantic foibles I was pretty happy to see Brett and Sebastian manage to stay together for the course of the whole book I like Sebastian and think he's good for Brett so it's nice to see them actually trying to make things work I'm also interested in finding out about Isaac though he seems like a good guy And on that note it was disappointing seeing them retread the whole Brandon Callie Easy triangle again I hope that in the end Callie ends up alone tbh She really needs to realize that it isn't the worst thing in the world to not have a guy in your life and she needs to learn how to appreciate a guy as awesome as Brandon although the whole cheating on Hellie with Callie in this book definitely caused him to lose points with meLight and fun

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