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The Empire of Fear [Read] ➱ The Empire of Fear ➹ Brian Stableford – Esta é a história de uma cruzada pelo maior de todos os segredos a imortalidadeO Império do Medo é um magnífico épico histórico repleto da melhor aventura e da mais brilhante fantasia ue se des Esta é a história de uma cruzada pelo maior de todos os segredos a imortalidadeO Império do Medo é um magnífico épico histórico repleto da melhor aventura e da mais brilhante fantasia ue se desenrola ao longo de três séculos Saltando de Inglaterra para o coração de África e de Malta para o Novo Mundo Brian Stableford oferece nos a visão sublime de uma realidade ue parece a nossa mas não é Afinal este é um mundo governado por uma poderosa aristocracia de imortais humanos extraordinariamente The Empire PDF \ belos e imunes à dor mas ue precisam de beber o sangue dos mortaisA história começa na nebulosa Londres do século XVII Edmund Cordery sábio da corte de Ricardo Coração de Leão acredita ue a cerimónia supostamente mágica ue transforma um mero humano num vampiro deve ter uma explicação natural Mas descortinar o segredo da criação dos imortais também é saber como os destruir como tal uando as suas investigações o aproximam da verdade a elite ue governa o mundo decide se pela sua morte Mas antes de morrer Edmund passa os seus segredos ao filho Noell transformando este no homem mais procurado em Inglaterra e forçando o a fugir pela vida Para continuar as investigações do pai Noell viaja até ao coração de África onde acredita ue os primeiros vampiros nasceram há milhares de anos Na companhia do fiel monge uintus do pirata Langoisse e da sua amante Leilah Noell terá de enfrentar guerras pestilências e todos os perigos de uma época violenta na derradeira cruzada pelos segredos da imortalidade.

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  1. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    This is not likely your teenage daughter's vampire novel thankfully The story delves into an alternate history involving the protagonist's escape from 17th century vampire run Britain and an adventure into the heart of Africa I was actually maybe twelve when I read this for the first timeI've read it several times since but it's definitely geared towards a adult audience Though the pace can be a bit slow at times there's plenty of sex and violence to keep one's attention For the patient mature reader this might be one of the interesting takes on vampire mythology you'll read The details are astonishing and the journey is epic But if you don't like historical fiction andor have a firm unwavering idea of what a vampire has to be then this book probably isn't for you

  2. Cathy Cathy says:

    Interesting alternate history where Attila's army brings vampirism to Europe and by the 17th century the ruling aristocracy is near invulnerable to pain and death Makes it easier to argue the divine right of kings It's a good adventure with pirate voyages expeditions into Africa early scientific method and a sympathetic protagonist It's also the most philosophical vampire novel you will ever read

  3. Tasula Tasula says:

    I read this years ago and still remember much of it VERY good book but forewarned it's uite brutal

  4. Angela Angela says:

    Epic vampire novel in the alternate history subgenre begins in 17th century London The world is ruled by a powerful aristocracy of vampires Edmund Cordery courtier to Richard the Lionheart yes THAT Richard and he's a vampire believes that the secret process whereby vampires are made from common men must have a natural explanation His microscope proves his undoing but not before he entrusts his secrets to his son Noell who becomes a fugitive to preserve both the knowledge and his own lifeGreat book

  5. George George says:

    First I endorse the reviews by Jonathan at and Cathy at I'll add that as well as being the most philosophical vampire novel you will ever read it's very probably the one in which a character is seen doing much the most scienceI've got to subtract a star from my usual 5 for hitting a target perfectly because the novel is far longer than optimal Everybody talks in too many well written paragraphs and the landscape is similarly traversed to the point that I kept having to read something else for a while I suppose there would have been less time between beginning and end if I hadn't interpolated three or four other books but I'm sure it would have felt even longer than it didTangent It's interesting that in the science fictional explanation of vampirism in the last section horrendously long times for DNA seuencing are assumed which of course seemed reasonable in 1988 when it was prescient to suppose it would be practical at all

  6. Des Des says:

    Awesome alternate history The crowned heads of Europe are all immortal vampires Dracula and Richard the Lionheart team up to uell a rebellion against vampiric rule

  7. Eric Eric says:

    I paid two dollars for this book at a used book sale and it was worth every penny This may be the worst vampire novel I have ever read I don't say this lightly I've read countless vampire stories but right now I can't think of a worse one What really stinks is that the premise is exciting and promising but Stableford does little to nothing with itIt's the early 1600s England is ruled by the Empire of Gaul established by Charlemagne and currently ruled by Richard the Lion Hearted The cool thing is that Charlemagne and Richard are vampires Vlad Tepes also known as Dragyula rules central Europe or Wallachia Vampires exist in Africa but do not rule while the Muslims of the Middle East have battled back repeated vampire attempts at conuest The New World has not yet been discoveredEdmund Cordery mechanician for Prince Richard works to destroy the vampire empire and gain freedom for the common men who chafe under their tyrannical rule He has obtained a dangerous plague from Africa injects himself with it and sleeps with the Lady Carmilla a beautiful vampire lady all vampire ladies are babes Carmilla drinks his tainted blood and dies of the plague though few other vampires do in the epidemic that ravages the human population Edmund's son Noell is whisked away to a convent where he studies about vampiresUp to this point the book isn't bad But after this it slows to a plodding and dull pace Noell and his monk mentor hook up with a pirate go into exile in Africa journey to the continent's heart to discover the secret of vampirism discover that vampires are created by a mixture of human blood and get this vampire semen The pirate his saucy wench and the monk mentor become vampires but not Noell though he tries Noell and friends then lets the secret loose on the world create an army of vampires to challenge Gaul and Wallachia and then lose to Gaul and Wallachia The Epilogue is even dull as Stableford introduces a moody teen who can't help feeling sorry for himself because he also cannot be vampire The epilogue takes place in 1983 in which all humans strive to become vampires after they've married and spat out a kid or two The kids grow reproduce become vampires and that's how the human population grows Those who cannot become vampires are cursed and pitied like this poor teen But he meets the pirate's saucy wench on a beach and becomes her lover We also learn that the vampire origins came from an asteroid that crashed in Africa 13000 years agoNot only is the book boring but it's stupid I'm no vampire purist but Stabledord's vampires bear little resemblance to the sharp toothed creature of the night They have no fangs venture out during the day aren't any stronger than humans though they heal uick and can control pain and by the 1980s don't even drink blood they take pills instead It's all lame it's all corny it's all dull dull dull

  8. Toolshed Toolshed says:

    I was really tempted to give it full 5 stars and for a long while I thought that I'm going to Such a brilliant novel Thoughtful almost philosophical book which posits many hard uestions about human condition and the meaning of life oh and did I mention that it's an alternative history vampire novel? The style was really uite ornamental dense and which I found very good and actually appealing it was much oriented on the narrative than dialogue I thoroughly enjoyed the world building and history oriented passages as well as the pseudo mythologically energized parts which took place in Africa Also it was refreshing to see the role of a vampire being approached from a different perspective one which is less demonizing and realistic with the main focus being on the aspect of immortality instead of all the gruesome aspects of a vampire as a figure which are often emphasized in vampire novels Stableford also managed to give the book a great pacing the chapters are almost rigorously segmented with each of them having about 10 pages and rarely exceeding that and a great variety which is achieved by changing up the narrators Edmund Noell Ntikima Dragulya Richard I like how the author managed to cover such a long time span but at the same time wrote the respective parts of the novel so cleverly that the reader barely feels he is missing anything this might be especially due to very well written introductory sections at the beginning of each new part Sadly I found the last part a bit underwhelming as it shifted the general tone of the novel towards sci fi and also thought it was a bit anti climatic after everything that happened before that However it did work nicely as a kind of epitaph to our own fragile mortality and the inevitability of death with the only solution being acceptance and willingness to make our mark on this earth despite the limited time that was given to us Even though we have to face the truth and come to terms with the fact that there is no miraculous Adamawara meteorite coming to save us from our mortal condition

  9. MissM MissM says:

    Barely a vampire novel VERY dry and slow and plodding Really has very little point and I only finished it out of some desperation it would get better It didn'tThe book is actually from 1988 and is being republished with a snazzy new cover But it's really outdated and they're just trying to cash in on the vampire popularity right now But what kind of vampire is not a single bit stronger or faster then a normal person can go out in the sun and has to use a knife to cut for blood?Also the author must have some weird fascination with anal sex as the entire book is centered around it Right from the beginning we're told the theory that vampires make other vampires by butt sex Okay1980's AIDS commentary perhaps?Anyway it's really not very good at all Took me ten agonizing days to finish it

  10. Curby Pugo Curby Pugo says:

    This book starts out slow and I mean slooooowwwwwwww Not the type of literature i am used to when dealing with vampires But little by little you can grasp what it is about destruction of the vampire virus

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