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Naissance de Rebecca à l'ère des tourments With This Astounding Fourth Novel In Her Ongoing Series Of Contemporary Masterpieces, Marie Claire Blais Invites Us Again To Enter A Complex Circle Of Unforgettable Characters But This Time, The Tone Is Different Blais Writing Has Acquired A New, Buoyant, Electrifying Rhythm A Rhythm Described As The Heartbeat Of The World As We Follow A Central Character Named Rebecca, The Voice In The Novel Becomes The Voice Of The World Inventing Itself, And The Future Playing Itself Out Here Nigel Spencer, Marie Claire Blais Longtime Translator, Gives Us Blais Singular Vision In Supple English Prose That Is As Transcendent And Nuanced As The Original French.

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    Last night I watched a film called The Good Catholic, a very light comedy drama about three Franciscan s living together and running a small parish somewhere in the U.S Although the film was about the youngest of the three and his relationship with the two veteran priests and with a young woman, a singer songwriter he met through the Confessional late one evening What caught my attention, perhaps in the context of Blais work, was a brief episode in which the actor John C McGinley, a Basketball loving and sugar addict Franciscan who as one might easily imagine knowing the characters he often plays as he did in Scrubs gave a brief but wonderful and extremely heartfelt homily on what having compassion means can you suffer with another That is what I felt in reading Marie Claire Blais Rebecca, Born in the Maelstrom I know a lot of people bright, well educated, ambitious and good people who can t bear to read a newspaper because of the darkness present there I had the sense though that people matter to Blais, and that she is interested ...

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    J ai t incapable de poursuivre ma lecture pour plus de 10 pages Il n y a aucun paragraphe, aucun point C est essouflant et difficile de comprendre l histoire Dommage

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    Beautiful content Exhausting format.

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