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Wild Politics: Feminism, Globalisation, and Bio/Diversity The Personal And The Political, The Local And The Global Divergent Perspectives Are Synthesized In This Visionary Examination Of Globalization And How It Affects Individual Lives Personal Stories Of Urban And Rural Living Reveal The Many Varieties Of Experience And How Western Culture Has Created Both Immense Wealth And Poverty Discussions Of Primary Production, Neoclassical Economics, And International Trade Agreements Accompany Writing About Nature And How Rural Life Is Deeply Connected To Land.

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    What I hope for is a world filled with richness, texture, depth and meaning I want diversity with all its surprises and variety I want an epistemological multiversity which values the context and real life experiences of people I want a world in which relationship is important, and reciprocity is central to social interaction I want a world which can survive sustainably for at least 40,000 years I want a wild politics So Susan Hawthorne concludes her excellent book in which she critically examines the impact of globalisation, capitalism and patriarchy She highlights how globalisation is a distinct outgrowth of western capitalist and patriarchal system Her focus is on how feminism, ecology and the insights of indige...

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