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会長はメイド様! 6 Kelas Misaki Kedatangan Murid Baru Bernama Hinata Pemuda Lugu Itu Datang Ke Kota Untuk Mencari Gadis Cinta Pertamanya Ternyata Misakilah Gadis Cinta Pertamanya Mengetahui Hal Ini, Usui Mulai Mengambil Langkah Supaya Misaki Tidak Jatuh Ke Dalam Pelukan Hinata, Karena Misaki Sendiri Mulai Terlihat Akrab Dengan Hinata

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    Another great addition to the series, these volumes just keep getting better and better I feel like I caught up with where I was in the anime so the things that happen after this volume will be something that I am excited for I can t wait to continue reading this manga series Love, passion, why do we get caught up by such troublesome feelings The mind couldn t ever get things straight, and you lose control to know what is sensible Deep down it s all so vexing This is about a girl named Misaki, who is the school president of Seika High Her family is having a rough time financially and in order to help out, she works as a maid in a cafe She wanted this to be kept a secret but one day, Usui finds out this secret He is one of the popular boys at Seika High After this day, Usui won t stop following Misaki Both of them go through a bunch of adventures and fun I really don t get it Why don t you tell her how you feel if you care for her so much Why would you lie like that and keep yourself from pursuing her One of the things I loved about this volume is that we get to see the insight of how other people feel about Usui and Misaki I loved how one of the character said they will make a golden combo It was awesome to see Usui and Misaki s relationship develop They understand each other and are always there for each other I loved the different obstacles and challenges they had to go thr...

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    I don t have much to say about this volume other than I wasn t surprised a third person showed up to throw off Usui s attempts to win Misaki over and.I LOVE YUKIMURA I mean, I ve always adored him, but now I love him even He s so wonderful Misaki was bad a...

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    Why can t I get away from this silly series Why do I keep doing this to myself I enjoy it, but I also don t really enjoy it At the same time, it s an easy series to read for the SWON 2015 Teen Reading Challenge, so there is that.

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    Usui kun.

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    This volume brings an awesome new character into the mix with none other than Misaki s childhood friend sweetheart DUN DUN DUN And Hinata said sweetheart is super adorable and I love him and his love for food D His dynamic with Misaki is brilliant and I love how freaked out the majority of the males at their school were when they found out that Misaki was the adorable and sweet little girl that Hinata was talking about from his memories Absolute perfection c I wasn t a huge fan of the chapters at the camp, but overall I really enjoyed this volume especially with the special bonus chapter focusing on Aoi and the side story focusing on Yukimura and his little sister 3 Chapter notes below for reference spoiler heavy view spoiler Chapter 25 view spoiler LMAO Kanou asked Misa if she and Usui ...

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    4.5 5 Stars It s been too long since I saw progress in the Misa Usui relationship Too long This is my favorite volume thus far So many cute moments, it dragged me out of a terrible hellish day I was having I love how Usui always hides his face when he s feeling emotions gasps In New Girl when Cece tells Jess there s one way to confirm if Jess was Nick s girlfriend if ...

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    Misaki and Usui is definitely in my top list of power couple Usui is so perfect to be true but dang It s really hard not to love this guy Like seriously And I can t think of any other girl who s perfect for him than Misaki My This pair is just too adorable to watch a...

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    The extra chapters of the volume were really fun to read, the 3 idiots showing their original faces for Misa chan s sake,Aoi being as fabulous as always making all the costumes and Yukimura being too adorable The temple chapter was hi...

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    La escena donde le limpia la crema batida.Oh y aparece un alumno nuevo, un amigo de la infancia de Misaki, y que va a ser competencia para Usui al parecer

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    Kanou is my favourite XD

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