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My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic ❮PDF❯ ✯ My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic ⚣ Author Charles Saatchi – One of the most influential art collectors of our time and founder of the global advertising agency Charles Saatchi reveals his opinions on collecting artists dealers advertising and investing in art One of the is Charles PDF ↠ most influential art collectors of our time and founder of the My Name Epub / global advertising agency Charles Saatchi reveals his opinions on collecting artists dealers advertising and investing Name is Charles Kindle Ô in art with unflinching honesty Famously reclusive he has answered uestions asked to him by Name is Charles Saatchi and PDF/EPUB or journalists critics and the general public about the art world and his personal life The books release coincides with the BBC broadcast of Saatchis Best of British.

10 thoughts on “My Name is Charles Saatchi and I am an Artoholic

  1. Keen Keen says:

    35 Stars“Are you asking if I’m thick? I suppose I am rather but that doesn’t seem to hamper a career in advertising And obviously you can be as thick as a brick to buy art all day long”Saatchi is a pivotal enough figure in the modern art world in particular for promoting and sponsoring the YBA movement His background is in advertising and of course one of the projects he was renowned for was his now notorious “Labour isn’t working” campaign for Thatcher’s 1979 Tory election campaign He also played a fairly significant part in contributing to driving up prices and flooding markets manipulating markets and then denying harm or damage But of course it is just another profiting plaything for these kinds of peopleThis book relies on a straight forward A approach the standard of uestions range from deeply offensive and crass to genuinely interesting and it is this hotchpotch approach which can sometimes make for colourful and unpredictable reading His frank and confessional responses admitting to many of his mistakes and misjudgements etc certainly make a change from the majority of the BS spouted in these artistic circles He did have uite a few lucid and refreshingly honest moments in some of his points regarding the art world and culture in general He doesn’t appear to be too worried about what other people think which can sometimes be a good thing in some waysIn one sense Saatchi is very much part of an elite cliue of opportunist greedy capitalist parasites who exploit artists and create absurd price bubbles and help create circumstances which make certain artists and their work obscenely priced which often creates situations where other voracious corporate pigs make vast profits by commodifying and fetishizing work Meanwhile the artist responsible often only sees a tiny fraction of the money and sees nothing of future sell onsSaatchi’s story about how he got into advertising is very revealing as to the true nature of the jobThe ability to be fluent in BS is essential and he was clearly well ualified This he freely admits in here In the initial parts of this book I was than a little sceptical but I have to say by the end of it I actually came away admiring him in some ways his frankness in so many areas was so refreshing that at least he is a part antidote to the smug deluded elite rubbish rhetoric that dominates the art world even if he too is part of the same problem

  2. Wilde Sky Wilde Sky says:

    An art collector answers uestion on art pieces he has collectedSome of the answers were a bit vague dull but overall a reasonably interesting bookOverall rating 25

  3. Estelle Estelle says:

    It's imperative to know something about ex advertising giant and art collector Charles Saatchi to enjoy this book but if you do you will find it priceless Saatchi is probably the most colorful and original character in the contemporary art world The book is beautifully designed and reads in a flash

  4. Robyn Robyn says:

    pretentious posturing read if you want to know his personality Not educational about the art market he doesn't answer the uestions

  5. Erika Schoeps Erika Schoeps says:

    35 stars I picked up this book because someone recommended it on Tumblr but honestly I had no idea who Charles Saatchi was Charles Saatchi is an art collector but you don't need to know or care about this in order to enjoy this book but it is nice to learn about the art world This book is super funny and Charles Saatchi is whip smart clever and very admirable He tells it how it is I think anyone can read this but I would recommend this book even highly to anyone who knows anything about the art world

  6. Mary Cecilia Mary Cecilia says:

    Entertaining enough that I didn't think it deserved a 3 but that doesn't mean it is a transcendental book that will change your life It did provide me some insight into the world and mind of Charles Saatchi the renowned art collector who is given credit for shaping the art market although he would differI read it in about 2 hours so it goes by very uickly

  7. Anna Błażewicz-Jarmowicz Anna Błażewicz-Jarmowicz says:

    Too artificial too distant attitude in my opinion

  8. Darya Conmigo Darya Conmigo says:

    Pretty useless if mildly entertaining A book of A with the famed art collector Charles SaatchiThis is not a book to learn about art And not even a book to learn about Charles Saatchi not from what he says anyway Although you do end up leaning uite a bit about him and his views or at least his public persona from how he says itThe uestions from readers though facepalm I’d say a pretty good book on learning how to deal with haters if nothing else

  9. D1 SKCHDB D1 SKCHDB says:

    A guy who knows about art talks about art Interesting insight into ad industry and some references to art pieces are interesting to look up Some key discussions are touched upon in this book Very easy to read because it’s relaxing but also make the reader think a little

  10. Emily Kocken Emily Kocken says:

    Funny as hell Don't expect art theoretical revelations Saatchi is just who he is in this book I found it on the pile of the studio building and I'm glad I picked it up Thanks to whoever left it there

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