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    As a homeschool graduate and enthusiastic home educator to be I have a toddler and a baby at present I m always interested in reading on this topic, including differing viewpoints Perspectives on Your Child s Education offers four views on the schooling issue public schooling, open admission Christian schools, Christian schools that don t enroll non Christians and homeschooling I enjoyed the book s format each position is written by a different author who s perspective is then critiqued by the other three authors Reading through it I felt like I was listening to a good friendly debate Each author made good points and many positive and negatives were addressed for each choice, challenging some of my pre existing opinions.While I did walk away firm in my previously held conviction and decision to homeschool, I felt like I am better able to understand the differing educational choices individuals make.I wouldn t ca...

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    This book compares four perspectives on four different types of education available for Christian families 1 Public School 2 Open Christian schools, those which are open to Christians and non Christians alike 3 Closed Christian schools, those who only enroll students from Christian families and 4 HomeschoolEach of the four contributors describes the pros and cons of each option, giving person...

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    Really eye opening much food for thought if I have children some day

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    This is a Perspectives book.Four different authors present different options for Christian education One author argues for sending one s children to public schools, another argues for sending one s children to open enrollment Christian schools, another presents his case for sending one s children to covenantal Christian schools, and the final author argues for homeschooling one s children.Each author writes a chapter for his argument In the following chapter the other three authors counter argue from their perspective on the subject After the counter arguments the first author responds to the counter arguments.Each of the authors present his case well I was not convinced by all of the arguments, but was intrigued by all but the public school argument The counter arguments are also intriguing and informative.All of the authors were extremely respectful in arguing against each others per...

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    This book was worth reading for the discussion that it encourages I read this as a part of book discussion and it was very helpful to work through each option I came away from this book convinced that each family s education choice is difficult, unique to their location and personal There is no one size fits all choice I have a greater appreciation for the challenge of choosing what school your child should attend I did feel like the book had many weaknesses Each contributor seems to overstate his case The tone of several of the authors made it seem like their choice was the best to usher in the next generation of truly successful disciples of Christ without ever considering that it may not even be an option for some families Each of the four positions used Deut 6 to support his view, which I both appreciated and was frustrated by I am glad that they emphasized discipleship must happen at home, but I was frustrated that...

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    Good exploration of the various views of Christian parenting Felt the public school essay was the weakest in terms of argumentation, but the other views were compelling Processed a lot with my wife about the various views and arguments for and against the perspectives, and we came away thinking that it seems best to avoid landing on one view as the absolute right way to educate all of your chil...

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    Good book covering from a high level the various options for educating your child All the views are presented well and I thought the counter arguments, while somewhat predictable, were representative of the positions.

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    A decent book on four views of educating your child Though the book lacks a good look at the biblical data, it does lay out the issues well from a practical standpoint CB

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    Useful but limited introduction to this topic.

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Perspectives on Your Childs Education In Perspectives On A Child S Education, Proponents Of Four Very Different Learning Options Present Their Faith Based Positions On How A Parent Should Answer The Question, Where Should I Send My Child To School Troy Temple International Center For Youth Ministry Is Convinced Every Christian Parent Should Consider Public Schooling G Tyler Fischer Veritas Academy Believes Open Admission Christian Schools Are Best For Christians And Non Christians Alike Mark Eckel Mahseh Center Favors Covenantal Christian Schools That Don T Enroll Non Christians Michael Wilder Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Advocates Homeschooling For Each Contributor S Chapter, A Counterpoint Chapter From The Other Contributors Follows With A Goal Of Determining Which View Is Most In Line With What The Bible Teaches.