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10 thoughts on “The Dog Encyclopedia

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    good solid info, but not all breed info was as broad as others.

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    good book to learn the basic kinds of dogs.

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    One of the great things about this particular dog breed guide is that it does cover many rare breeds, which are commonly left out of other dog breed guides Unfortunately the set up is messy, some information is incorrec...

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    loved this book shows all the details of most known dogs in the world and shows details on dogs breeds ive never heard of i never really thought of how many breeds of dogs there actually is in the world well, definatelythan i thought lol

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    Good book Pretty imformative but I realized it did not include all of the basic breeds.

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    wow now my dog know how to do tricks

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    Heet in NL Honden encyclopedie

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The Dog Encyclopedia The Dog Encyclopedia Provides Specific Information On Over 225 Breeds Of Dogs For Every Breed There Is Information On The Dog S Country Of Origin Special Skills Size Coat Grooming Requirements Character Training Needs Social Behavior Exercise Requirement Each Entry Is Accompanied By At Least One Full Color Photograph.