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Power and Powerlessness This Book If For People Who Worry About Making Ends Meet Can T Find A Decent Jo Struggle With Family Problems Dread Going To Work Don T Have Enough Hours In The Day Fear For The Future Social Power Is Necessary For Human Health Author And Physician Susan Rosenthal Reached This Conclusion After Decades Of Research, Observation, And Activism In Power And Powerlessness, She Explains That Most People Lack The Healthy And Fulfilling Lives They Deserve Because They Are Kept Powerless And Mistakenly Accept This State Of Affairs As Natural Or Self Inflicted As A Medical Psychotherapist, Rosenthal Is Immersed In Powerlessness Every Day People Seek Her Help Because They Feel Powerless To Relieve Their Own Suffering, And She Feels Powerless To Change The Social Conditions That Cause Their Pain When She Explains This, The Usual Response Is, Why Didn T Anyone Tell Me This Before Written For A Popular Audience, Power And Powerlessness Answers Four Basic Questions What S Going On How Did This Happen Why Do We Put Up With It What Will It Take An Uncommon Workpenetrates Beneath The Surfacewell Researched And Gripping Deserves To Be Widely Read Christopher Shelley

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    Powerful I have accepted the Red Pill in a higher dose I will never be the same again, but will transform into a better self.

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    An extremely interesting book It is a political look a the state of the world or rather America with a psychological slant.There was one theoretical error confusing productivity with surplus value Productivity is how much socially necessary labour time is necessary to produce a given product.Surplus value is a scientific measure of profit It is the difference between total costs and total income It is the value taken by the capitalist ...

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    Facts about our world that will make you gasp and shake your head in disbelief Rosenthal will make you reconsider everything you thought you knew as she leads you on a journey through American society Be careful What you thought was right and...