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    This is a technical book and from a review perspective there s not much point in my working through the details of a front kick or any other as presented in this volume Still, there are a few points I d like to make.I come at this from a karate perspective, though Master Kim writes from vast experience in Taekwondo That said, good body mechanics for kicks are good body mechanics for kicks, and Master Kim goes into considerable detail on those body mechanics, as well as how each kick works, how it strikes, and what it s designed for Personally, I think I would have liked a lot in terms of photographs breaking out each kick Fortunately, Master Kim has a website that can give you a lot of detail here plus a lot detail on suggested exercises and drills to work on each kick and not just images, but video The photos present in the book are clear and descriptive, but would have gone down nicely.He covers what to me are the familiar kicks very well Front, side, roundhouse, and back very thorough There s also some good groundwork on kicks I m familiar with but don t practice regularly, and here I m thinking specifically of crescent kicks, inside and outside There are a lot of other, lesser known kicks built into the book as well, though not all at the same level of detail The Unfamiliar Kicks , I ve been thinking of them as Things like the axe kick and the spinning hook kick Neat stuff, and maybe fun to add a little variety...

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    This book is a must for any martial artist who wants to expand their knowledge of kicking and improve their technique I read this book and found it well worth reading Grandmaster Kim has many examples of how to kick, where your kicks should be placed and...

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    Thank you First Reads for winning this free book I will read and review soon.

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Complete Kicking A Comprehensive Guide To The Kicks Of Taekwondo From White Belt To Black Belt And Beyond It Explains The Concepts Behind Kicks Including How To Generate Power Using Your Whole Body In Every Kick, How To Generate Maximum Impact, How To Use Body Mechanics To Kick Higher, And How To Get The Most Out Of Every Practice Session.

  • Paperback
  • 255 pages
  • Complete Kicking
  • Sang H. Kim
  • English
  • 28 October 2017
  • 9781934903131

About the Author: Sang H. Kim

Sang H Kim is a martial artist, author, teacher, motivator, and researcher He has authored over 20 books including the widely acclaimed Vital Point Strikes and the classics Ultimate Flexibility, Martial Arts After 40, Teaching Martial Arts, and 1001 Ways to Motivate Yourself Others Dr Kim conducted clinical research on the effects of mindful movement and deep breathing MBX 12 for treat