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The Cave of Storms PURITAN AND INDIAN CONFLICTS COME ALIVE IN THE CAVE OF STORMS Spellbinding Drama In 1692, Fourteen Year Old Mary Larkin Witnesses Her Sister S Hanging At The Salem Witch Trials After Reburying Her In Consecrated Ground, Mary And Her Five Year Old Brother, Ephraim, Are Set Upon By Villagers They Flee Into The Woods Where The Abenaki Saga, Sky Bear, Takes Them Prisoner And Delivers Them As Servants To His Lovely Bead Woman Their Journey Leads Them To The Great Mountain, Katahdin, In Maine Where Ephraim Disappears On A Vision Quest And Returns Lunatick, Having Apprenticed To The Great God Pomola In The Cave Where He Creates The Storms Ephraim S Astonishing New Abilities Save The Abenakis From Iroquois Attacks In The Canadian Catholic Mission Where They Have Taken Refuge But Sky Bear Has Been Mortally Wounded At Bead Woman S Urging, Mary Allows Herself To Be Seduced By Her Husband The Result Is A Baby Boy Whom Mary Bestows On Bead Woman The Head Of The Mission, Father LeClairois, Jealously Views Ephraim As A Rival To Jesus In The Eyes Of The Indians And Plots His Death, But, While Mary Sails Back To Salem, Ephraim Wreaks A God S Revenge On The Priest Who Tried To Kill Him Someone Has Hung A Papooose On The Back Of The Virgin Mary In Chapel, As If, Perhaps, Virginity Might Be Less Sainted Than Conception And Birth THE CAVE OF STORMS Is The First In A Series Of Novels Entitled REMEMBRANCE OF THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPENED That Shifts Away From The Traditional American Historical Perspective Of White Male Governance And Wars Instead, The Series Makes Vivid The Story Of America Through Ethnically Diverse Women And Children Sharing Activism Against Violence And On Behalf Of The Indigent, The Mentally Afflicted, The Politically Dissident, And The Otherwise Historically Disenfranchised.

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    Mr Opally, aka Pugix, found this book, and recommended it to me I enjoyed very much the well researched lives, Indian and Colonial, in the late 17th century The descriptions of the New England and Quebec regional landscapes are beautiful This is the first of a planned quartet of books in a series called Remembrance of Things that Never Happened, by Patricia Weenolsen They are self published by what seems to be the author s own publishing house, Rubythroat Press The Cave of Storms is sensitive, intelligent, and well paced, with a strong feminine point of view in the protagonist, Mary At times the language is a bit quirky, but it is stylistically coherent and effective throughout The early setting of the Salem witchcraft trials is fascinating and the author handles it well, told from Mary s point of view, with almost no exposition ...

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    Fascinating look at the early New England Puritans and Native people.

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