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Impaired Ocular Acuity and Other Demented Synapses Impaired Ocular Acuity And Other Demented Synapses Is A Compilation Of Seven Short Stories And Several Short Essays And Musings, Many Of Which Have A Gay Theme, Although None Are Overtly Sexual In Nature The Primary Ingredient In Most Of The Stories Is Humour, With The Essays Providing A Serious Tone The Book Was Written For An Audience Of 14 80 Years Of Age Excerpts From This Book Are Available On The Url For The Author

About the Author: K.J.

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    Although not obvious at first blush, the repeated theme connecting the stories in this charming debut collection is the symbiotic relationship between callow youth and older, sometimes wiser, father figures On offer here is deceptively lighthearted fare often underscored by a serious message, for those who care to dig a little deeper And the author, who only identifies himself as KJ, commands a seemingly limitless breadth of literary styles.Certainly the highlight of the book has to be the delicately humorous A Mischief of Monumental Proportions, in which the author creates an atmosphere that might be described as Jane Austen lite But for my money, the prickly, gossipy denizens of the hamlet of Bradbury with surnames like Blessing Derby, Mumford and the Reverend Picklenose seem to hearken straight out of Elizabeth Gaskell s quirky tales of Cranford Oasis, which takes place over the course of one lonely evening in a roadside honky tonk in some dusty desert backwater, is a complete 180 in terms of tone and atmosphere The grizzled barkeep, sage farmer Emmett and the silent, exotic young man known only as Crystal cast their drowsy, sensuous spell over the reader as much as they do the narrator, a world weary traveling salesman While I found aspects of this one a bit too pat to be believable, overall the mood outweighed any plot contrivances Taken together, these two stories re...

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