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Women, Writing, and Soul-Making Women, Writing, And Soul Making Creativity And The Sacred Feminine Moves The Reader To Quiet Depths, Affirming What It Is To Embody And Then Write Down One S Truth At Once Informative And Inspirational, The Book Reveals Its Wisdom In Layers, Inviting The Reader To Return To It Again And Again Millin Delivers The Profound Message That Women Have Access To A Feminine Approach To Writing, One That Differs From What They Have Been Taught When Employed, This Approach Frees Them From The Fears And Shoulds That Have Restrained Their Creativity Although Written Primarily About The Feminine And A Woman S Journey, Men And Women Alike Will Find The Book A Guide To Writing As A Journey Of The Soul.

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    Excellent read for anyone writing spiritual autobiography

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    We cannot write well by staying on the surface of our lives or by attempting to hide our true selves behind our words We free the pen to dig deep whenever we pick it up Peggy Tabor MillinWhat can women who wish to write discover about themselves if they enter into conversation with a nonlinear, archetypal feminine process What is the wisdom and inner authority that awaits them in their own bodies, moving through perhaps limiting feelings of shame, blame and judgment In the richly inspiring book Women, Writing and Soul Making Creativity and the Sacred Feminine, Peggy Tabor Millin argues that what awaits women, if they so choose to explore, is their deepest self from which springs their writing life And, she asserts that excavating this self is important than the outward goal of publishing Drawing on her extensive experience as a writing teacher, practicing Buddhist and cartographer of women s cycles of creativity, she argues that the real struggle that many women have with writing is not just about a lack of time, writing space or support It is the struggle for authenticity Women s multiplicity of social roles and living in a world that often undervalues them add to the challenges of finding the courage not just to write, but to create a worthy self In Women, Writing and Soul Making, Millin offers a fresh and inner directed path to the writing life through what she calls an archetypal feminine approach to writing and self makin...

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    I enjoy reading books about writing, how to books, self help books, and inspirational books This book worked for me on all levels I d recommend if for women who enjoy writing any kind of writing Millin identifies a key difference, for me, between how women and men write As she explains, The feminine writes in circles, makes leaps, tells the truth with dream, imagery, and metaphor, and relies on ...

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    Peggy Tabor Millin s text Women, Writing, and Soul Making is an inspiring work, itself a model of the journey the author asks women writers to take Millin s discussion of the academic and technical writer and the challenges that this writer has in setting free her feminine creative side is particularly helpful In addition, the author s insights on the inner critic are most wel...