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    My two favorite excerpts From Rosie O Donnell s essay about falling in love with a woman in college and being unable to tell the woman she loved her Someone did a study on the cell phone calls made from the Twin Towers as they fell The question Was there any pattern in what people said The researchers expected they would find repeated SOSes pleas for life, asking for absolution but there was remarkably little of that Instead, what the people said over and over again as they died, what they sent out across the sea of static I love you These words, when said sincerely, have the capacity to right our wrongs, and live on long after we have gone back to being stars From Kathy Lee Gifford s essay about how it s never too late to pursue a passion My daddy used to say, Honey, find something you love to do and then figure out a way to get paid for it He understood that where your true passion is, there your joy is also And a joyful life is a truly succes...

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    Very interesting concept Collect stories from famous people about mistakes they wish they didn t make I figure with 80 different people responding, someone would hit a chord Of the 80, I did recognize most of them but didn t really have any affection to any of them beforeh...

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    Nothing the eighty some famous people confess in this book is likely to be new to adult readers, but this is prime grade celebrity gossip Movie stars, politicians, authors, and so on tell us in their own words to appreciate elders while they re still with us and appreciate children while they re still little, and be prepared, and if you want t...

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    Interesting listening to this..lots of stories and you learn things about people you didn t know Admitting we re wrong interesting concept that too few people understand 2 favs Kathy Lee Gifford and Arleen Alda.

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    Best book I ve read in a long time People admitting when they were wrong If only people did this

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    Entertaining stories from some well known people, is enlightening to see everyone makes the same mistakes as you.

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    A somewhat interesting, if uneven, collection of 83 responses to the question What s one of your biggest mistakes and what did you learn from it Most of the names were at least vaguely familiar to me, but there were only a handful of the vignettes and lessons learned that were memorable even shortly after closing the book.Many of the stories had something to do with spending quality time with loved ones, appreciating loved ones while they are with you, or making sure they know of your love one phrase that will stick with me is from Dan Raviv a CBS news correspondent Tell all your loved ones that they are your loved ones Even though the individual stories were heartfelt, the repetition made it come across as somewhat cliched.Another common theme was simply listening To others, to yourself, to experts, to strangers, to friends Alan Alda encapsulated it as Listening is letting the other person change me I also appreciated Alan Alda s explanation of the several levels of ignorance The rudimentary level is imply not knowing anything and keeping quiet about itA lower rung of ignorance hell is knowing something that s not so and then telling everybody else about it An even lower rung, and maybe the most dangerous, is thinking that what you know, whatever it is, even if it s right, is all there is to know I laughed out loud at Carol Burnett s t...

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    I listened to the audiobook, and it was pleasant company for the most part I like Charles Grodin as an actor I highly recommend Midnight Run , my favorite film of both Grodin and Robert DeNiro , but I don t think he s best suited to voiceover work Another reviewer said it seemed like he was yelling though his parts Marion Grodin voices the entries from women , and I have to agree It was interesting listening to anecdotes from other people s lives, but I don t guess I learned anything I didn t already know from making my own mistakes in life when you care about someone, let them know, don t be afraid to take chances, be true to yourself, honesty is the best policy It did start me thinking, n...

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    I listened to this book on CD in my car and it was great It s a compilation of short stories from various famous people regarding what they consider to be one of the biggest or most memorable mistakes they ve made and what they learned from them The stories range from funny to sad, light hearted to serious, personal and professional This was a perfect book to listen to in the car for me because the stories range from 2 10 minutes so I was able to listen to them when commuting back and forth to work, or out running errands I also feel like I got this book at a time when I was most open to some of these lessons because I sometimes wonder if I m in the midst of what I will look back and consider one of the times in my life when I made one of my...

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    Found this browsing and thought it might be good for my morning commute It was decent Some stories were great, some were OK, a few were eh I wish were funnier I m glad I only listened to a few at a time longer chunks bummed me out.I don t mean to say the book is a downer It isn t, mostly But, I m a worrier Listening to stories where I kno...

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If I Only Knew Then...: Learning from Our Mistakes Now Available As A Value Priced Edition UNABRIDGED SELECTIONSAs Charles Says, If You Don T Get Wiser As You Get Older, Then You Just Get Older The Core Of This Audiobook Is About Identifying Our Mistakes, Learning From Them, And Not Repeating Them Charles Grodin, A Very Funny Individual Who Has Appeared In Movies, Television And Currently Is On WCBS Radio Every Day, Has Asked His Friends From Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Shirley MacLaine, Alan Alda, Regis Philbin, Don Hewitt Of 60 Minutes Fame , Joe Torre, And Others To Share Sometimes Very Revealing Memories Of The Biggest Mistake They Ve Made.Rosie O Donnell Looks Back To Her College Days And Her Inability To Express Her Love For A Close Girlfriend Regis Philbin Learned To Trust His Instincts When An Early Talk Show Got Cancelled Irwin Redlener, The Co Founder Of The Children S Health Fund, Examines A Near Mistake How He Almost Cancelled A Trip To See A Grown Son Who Soon After Died In A Skiing Accident Dr Nicholas Perricone Learns To Shift His Perspective After Witnessing The Bravery Of A Young Girl During His Internship Senator Orrin Hatch Discusses His Mistaken Vote Against Making Martin Luthor King Day A National Holiday And Carol Burnett S Hilarious Essay Explains Why Meeting Cary Grant Turned Out To Be A Big Mistake This Audiobook Offers Intimate Insights Into Dozens Of Celebrated Figures Lives.