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La Porte de pierre [PDF / Epub] ☆ La Porte de pierre Author Leonora Carrington – After the enthusiastic reception accorded The Hearing Trumpet This is the best book I've ever read Los Angeles Free Times Leonora Carrington has now released for publication an even intense tale of fa After the enthusiastic reception accorded The Hearing Trumpet This is the best book I've ever read Los Angeles Free Times Leonora Carrington has now released for publication an even intense tale of fantasy and love Written at the end of World War II and only now published in its original English La Porte ePUB í edition The Stone Door is an inspired phantasmagoric journey into a wildly surreal worldThe novel is an omen an incantation and an adventure story rolled into one Built in layers like a Chinese puzzle it is the tale of two people of love and the Zodiac and the Cabbalah of Transylvania and Mesopotamia converging at the Caucasus of a mad Hungarian King named Böles Kilary and of a woman's discovery of an initiatory code that leads to a Cyclopean obstacle to love self and awareness to the great stone door of Kescke and beyondAs impossible to describe as it is to put down The Stone Door establishes once and for all that the author has no peer in the realms of fantasy or black humor.

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  1. Nate D Nate D says:

    All stories are trueChronological linear time is an invention a convenience History is simultaneous and instantaneous Events unfold exist in parallel at every era and culminate in an event outside of perceived history itself at a point existing exactly next to our idea of the progression of time At this point the divided male and female impulses of the universe are united and the existing order will be overturned All that is known will be destroyed In destruction only in destruction renewalSweet chaos and out of the chaos a new chaotic order never before dreamed by manSeemingly distilled from centuries of gnostic alchemical and occult theory and tempered in the fires of lived experience The Stone Door reads like the potent merging of fairy tale and heretical hermetic codex It has the power and conviction of myth the portentous personal imagery of surrealism and a diamond pure conceptual heart flecked with incantatory insight and philosophical depth It is an anarchic statement of refusal and the guide stones of escapeLeonora Carrington is the finest surrealist writer I know of wise and iconoclastic and mordantly funny and this is her best book I don't generally hold to a lot of occult theology and whatnot but here she's assembled something strange and personal and momentous from these esoteric materials And despite its significance this has the deft narrative elegance of storytelling in its purest forms myths fairytales which have always been significant after all It is uncanny gripping perfectPreviously I'd only read this in a shortened novella form that Carrington prepared in 1988 for publication in The Seventh Horse And Other Tales but this finally is the complete original unpublished since '77 with an additional fifty pages Perhaps Carrington viewed these bits as inessential later but as a curious obsessed reader they're an incredible addition The truncated version maintains the obscure gestalt of the story but the original allows far development a much complete pictureContext in 1940 or so while in Spain attempting to secure asylum for Max Ernst as the Nazis swept into France Carrington suffered a breakdown that resulted in some months at a psychiatric hospital As she was discharged her family dispatched a servant to retrieve her to England but instead she slipped away to America via the Mexican embassy in Lisbon After some time in New York City and the expat surrealist scene there Breton was there at the time she completed her original arrangement which involved moving to Mexico and marriage to ambassador poet and friend of Picasso's Renato Leduc Then adrift in an unfamiliar country in the mid 1940s she wrote her first novel She's here in the pages bored and and despairing in a stifling marriage in Mexico city It seems like the bits of journal here even with their symbolic and arcane asides are probably a relatively accurate impression of sensations and conditions under which this novel was composed For centuries they dressed up love for easy digestion as a fat little boy with wings pale blue bows and anemic looking flowers behind this bland decoration Love snarled its rictus through the ages With shrieks of adoration it flung itself on human breasts “to crush you to suck your life away I cannot drag my own weight over the crust of the earth so you must carry me on your back so that in time you will be crippled with my weight” These words are in every heart in the mating seasonWithin the novel though the seeker's desperation leads her not to write but much further afield into the secret trajectories along which the universe is arranged and by which it may be broken In particular we're first introduced to a certain house out of time in which a trio of scientist mystics have entered into a conflict whose ripples will organize much of the rest of the story These ripples radiate in all directions striking in and out of the entire panorama of history I alluded to this idea of non linear time before which informs not only the plot but the elegant structure of the book as events brush against eachother across ages and vast distances to push the action cohesively to its climax This aspect handled in a completely uniue manner to anything else I've encountered was one of the most notable reductions in the novella version the novella is the story of two timelines rushing to meet eachother in a third whereas the novel gives a sensation of a much denser network of interconnectionsSometimes when you search for something and finally find it it is disappointment in light of the search This book is not such a case Instead it is a fulfillment of every potentialThe novella is about 68 pages this is 118 Even considering that the type is slightly larger here there's at least 50% story that had been cut with new episodes characters expansion of motifs re read January 2013 some details are clarified others cast into new doubt Always a favorite I've also been looking up all the references I can run down particularly dense in the diary sections if anyone is curious

  2. Owen Kaelan Owen Kaelan says:

    One of my favorite Carrington stories Beautiful and imaginative

  3. Emrys Emrys says:

    Too abstract to follow Meaning felt like it was three levels removed from the surface of the story where random events follow non seuential tracks

  4. Keith Edwards Keith Edwards says:

    I am a huge fan of Carrington's work especially The hearing Trumpet which is one of my all time favorite books I was initially excited to finally track down a copy of the Stone Door but as it turns out it's not uite what I expected Written 30 years earlier it is naturally a bit less polished It was also written after a dark time in Carrington's life after her family sent her to a mental hospital her estrangement from Max Earnst and subseuent marriage of convenience to a Mexican diplomat to escape her family and the Second World War All of this is bound to have an effect on one's writing naturally The esoteric symbolism is laid on thick and it amounts to little then heavily symbolic dream seuences loosely knitted together Intriguing but not as well formed a story

  5. Nathan "N.R." Gaddis Nathan "N.R." Gaddis says:

    If you must and you must an excerpt from the Nate D 2113 list of novels which will survive because they must survive

  6. N N N N says:

    I think I must have lost the ability to enjoy surrealist parables

  7. Dylan Dylan says:

    I didn't actually finish the book I was bored after 15 pages and still bored after 30Time's up

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