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Be Expert with Map and Compass ❰Ebook❯ ➣ Be Expert with Map and Compass Author Björn Kjellström – The classic map and compass navigation guide revised for the age of GPS GPS devices are great but they can break get lost or easily be hampered by weather conditions making basic map and compass skill The classic map and compass with Map Epub Ý navigation guide revised for the age of GPS GPS devices are great but they can break get lost or easily be hampered by weather conditions making basic map and compass skills essential for anyone who spends time outdoors This popular easy to use orienteering handbook has been helping people find their way for than fifty years Now updated to include information on GPS as well as current Be Expert Kindle - Web sites references sources and photographs it remains the book of choice for professional outdoorsmen novice orienteers and outdoor organizations as well as teachers scout leaders recreational hikers hunters and others around the worldCoverage includes understanding map symbols; traveling by map alone by compass alone or by map and compass together; finding bearings; sketching maps; and traveling in the wildernessExplains basic map and compass skills clearly Fully updated edition including information on GPS Expert with Map eBook ↠ Includes up to date Web site addresses references and sources Features a fresh rugged design Ideal book for beginners If you're looking to feel comfortable in the wilderness this updated guide is an indispensable reference.

  • Paperback
  • 247 pages
  • Be Expert with Map and Compass
  • Björn Kjellström
  • English
  • 11 April 2015
  • 9780470407653

10 thoughts on “Be Expert with Map and Compass

  1. Eric Eric says:

    Used while teaching myself navigation and orienteering Great guide

  2. Gwendolyn Caithness Cameron Gwendolyn Caithness Cameron says:

    Direct easy to read; everything about this book is calm clear and concise

  3. Jordan Balsamo Jordan Balsamo says:

    A must for any woodman The land orienteers best resource

  4. Carl Nelson Carl Nelson says:

    The classic orienteering guide with lots of useful info on maps and compasses Emphasis is placed on real world applications with lots of exercises for practice including answers The second half of the book is geared towards those looking to compete in orienteering events for which the author regularly opines his deeply abiding love and thus isn't essential for mastery of map and compass but I know of no better manual for navigational skills for hikers hunters fishermen and outdoorsmen While the cover says that the new edition contains GPS information it's largely limited to stating that batteries may run out or signal may be lost so one should learn the compass skills as the foundation for GPS skills

  5. Jerri Jerri says:

    A uick read and solid introduction After participating in an adventure race certain subjects add depth to the experience especially the chapter near the end Hints on Competitive Orienteering For example certain key definitions stand out such as handrails long features that run parallel to your path and catching features which cross your path Next time it would be fun to attempt pace counting on the tricky controls Plus establishing attack points prior to the race start be ideal should time allow

  6. Barry Barry says:

    Brings me back to my boy scout days I am presently into Geocaching

  7. London London says:

    The Shelf Accepted until further notice

  8. Nancy Nancy says:

    This was a great book to use for an AHG activity on pacing and mapping an outdoor area

  9. Michael Grobelch Michael Grobelch says:

    Basics of using a map compass to navigate in the wilderness Excellent for teching the basics

  10. Tim Tim says:

    Two words Be Prepared

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