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  • Hardcover
  • 307 pages
  • La forza della ragione
  • Oriana Fallaci
  • English
  • 10 October 2014
  • 9780847827534

About the Author: Oriana Fallaci

Oriana Fallaci was born in Florence Italy During World War II she joined the resistance despite her youth in the democratic armed group Giustizia e Libertà Her father Edoardo Fallaci a cabinet maker in Florence was a political activist struggling to put an end to the dictatorship of Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini La forza PDF/EPUB ² It was during this period that Fallaci was first exposed to the at.

10 thoughts on “La forza della ragione

  1. Fabio Laporta Fabio Laporta says:

    Reading this book 10 years after it was written is amazing because everything that Fallaci was warning us about that was going to happen we are actually dealing with today It's true that she is really angry and her anger is all over the book; but tell me who is not that angry today with everything that is happening all over the world?

  2. Negin Negin says:

    There are a few authors that I would love to meet Those that come to my immediate mind Ayaan Hirsi Ali Brigitte Gabriel and the author of this book the late Oriana Fallaci Let’s just say that she wasn’t exactly the most loved individual but she was certainly fascinating and led uite an exciting life When reading her books or reviewing them I believe that it’s helpful to know some background information about her life As a teenager in Italy she fought Nazi fascism She would cycle around the hills of Tuscany delivering messages and transporting explosives in her bike hiding them in a basket among lettuce and other vegetables Then later as a war reporter she covered major conflicts throughout the world and interviewed many public figures She was probably the only Western journalist to have interviewed Ayatollah Khomeini twice I love how she called the chador “a stupid medieval rag” She also interviewed Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali whom she walked out on after he rudely belched in her face; Yasir Arafat whom she despised; and addafi whom she also hated She spent her final years while succumbing to cancer between her native Tuscany and New York City The US was her adopted homeland and she loved it dearly “The Force of Reason” is the second in a trilogy of books that she wrote following the horrific 911 attacks She was living in Manhattan during that time I have seldom seen an author write with such inflammatory passion and intensity I think that it’s the Italian in her Anyway I have to say that I love it In this book she continues her rant about Western values being under attack by those on the left specifically those who are anti Western and pro Islamic – the politically correct elite For me it is so refreshing to see that I am not alone with regards to my thoughts on all this Oftentimes I believe that there are few who seem to care Most people that I know seem to have buried their heads in the sand and think that I’m off my rocker For that reason I’ve learned to stay uiet Oriana addresses the truth about history in Europe during the time of the Muslim invasion and the Crusaders She says it like it is as opposed to some romantic version of a time when everyone supposedly lived in a time of tolerance harmony and peaceful coexistence “Whoever believes in the myth of ‘peaceful coexistence that marked the relationships between the conuered and the conuerors’ should reread the stories of the burned convents and monasteries of the profaned churches of the raped nuns of the Christian or Jewish women abducted to be locked away in their harems He should ponder on the crucifixions of Cordoba the hangings of Granada the beheadings of Toledo and Barcelona of Seville and Zamora The beheadings of Seville ordered by Mutamid the king who used those severed heads heads of Jews and Christians to adorn his palace Invoking the name of Jesus meant instant execution Crucifixion of course or decapitation or hanging or impalement Ringing a bell the same Wearing green the colour of Islam also And when a Muslim passed by every Jew and Christian was obliged to step aside To bow And mind to the Jew or the Christian who dared react to the insults of a Muslim As for the much flaunted detail that the infidel dogs were not obliged to convert to Islam not even encouraged to do so do you know why they were not? Because those who converted to Islam did not pay taxes Those who refused on the contrary did” She also describes the similarities between the fascism under Hitler and Mussolini and the growing radical Islamic movement of today especially in Europe She calls it “Eurabia” and vehemently criticizes the cowardice and spinelessness of Europe She criticized what she saw as a double standard “If you speak your mind on the Vatican on the Catholic Church on the Pope on the Virgin Mary or Jesus or the saints nobody touches your ‘right of thought and expression’ But if you do the same with Islam the Koran the Prophet Muhammad some son of Allah you are called a xenophobic blasphemer who has committed an act of racial discrimination” There are plenty of examples and anecdotes including this one“ the animal rights activist Erwin Kessler who like Brigitte Bardot cannot abide the Muslims practicing to butcher the lambs like Dracula that is slowly drawing their blood For criticizing it he got two months in prison” As a result of her writing she made many enemies and received numerous death threats There were cries of outrage and demands to burn her books Overall this wasn’t as good as her first book which I truly loved Her writing style may be difficult to appreciate at times since she insisted on translating them herself It is Italian English and reading it takes a bit of patience I would only recommend this book for die hard Oriana fans like myself

  3. AC AC says:

    A screed Vitriolic to the point of fury One of the most vehement and intense anti Islamic rants Islam as an aggressive fascistic illiberal dagger aimed at the heart of European Civilization one might ever read Is it xenophobic? Yes Unless she is right that is Has it forced her to align with the right and the Far Right it seems A very disturbing book Powerfully written and not a trifleHer point is that it is Islam itself since its inception that has been aimed at Europe since the conuests of the 7th cen and that the problem is not a dislocated fringe a mere fragment that has failed to modernize without which the Islamic world as a whole would be a peaceful and progressive force To rate it would mean to take sides on the content and I'd rather not

  4. Varmint Varmint says:

    not exactly the force of reason like having an anvil dropped on you she lead one of the great lives of the twentieth century a female burton at 14 she was running around the hills of northern italy with a rifle fighting the nazis later she dropped out of med school to pursue a life of adventure as a journalist she interviewed mao the ayatollah and the dali lama crazy bravery and stunning beauty carried her through palaces and war zones this book is her final act written as she lay dieing of cancer she decries the cowardice and spiritual collapse of europe in the face of radical islam i am really at a loss to describe the book it feels like a stream of consciousness rant but powerful and impossible to ignore

  5. James James says:

    Emphatic factual incisive readers will find The Force of Reason among the great cautionary works addressing Arab expansionism and Islamic Jihad as signaled by violence and delivered as a political program wrapped in the cover of the Religion of Peace As an independent spirit one free of obligations as advocate of a cause or institution Fallaci's straight up analysis of how the medieval in Islam works its will in modern Europe has worked it in history on her own watch and will continue for some time if not addressed properly spells a challenge for we infidel dogs in general and the would be modern apostate heretical or merely struggling Muslims who abhor the sort of dictates the Taliban embrace promote and savagely exploit

  6. Brian Olson Brian Olson says:

    Powerful Longer and introspective than the Rage and the Pride Oriana Fallaci is a fascinating character and I find that I want to check out of her past work She's led a very interesting life

  7. JoséMaría BlancoWhite JoséMaría BlancoWhite says:

    I read the Spanish versionNo es un caso aislado Son muchas las mujeres ue dan ejemplo de valor e independencia frente a los pusilánimes hombres ue no dan la talla pues son viles lacayos de intereses partidistas Sirva esto de homenaje a esta gran mujer periodista escritora e intelectual de personalidad indomable e insobornableReading her reminds me of Jesus' words in Luke 950 'If they are not against us they are for us' Fallaci calls herself a Christian atheist An incongruity it might seem because He was is indeed God or else he was completely crazy Fallaci is a freelance Christian who instead of relying on God prefers to rely on her own reason And that takes a lot of confidence as much as valor but that only comes at the price of rage a heck of a lot of rage She also claims not to sympathize neither with the Right nor the Left and rejects any political classification other than a revolutionary bloodless I hopeI sympathize with her I understand her rage From the very first page you will know that you are up to something special This ain't no ordinary book She is no ignorant person She is a very cultivated reporter who knows what she's talking about who suffered and sees the injustices around her but doesn't mince words Oh the rage She is Achiles' intellectual counterpartHer message her warning is a call to Europeans to stand up and defend our hard earned Western civilization our culture We are giving in to Islamo fascism we are commiting suicide The history that Fallaci pours in her book falls with the force of a mighty Niagara One has to become sad reading this book It reminds me also of Job his complaining to his legalist friends about how innocent he is about how unjustly he is suffering He wants a fair trial with God sure He will understand him and get him off the hook Who is Fallaci calling on to? Nobody We have no washingtons nor Jeffersons and no Churchills any now we got pampered anti system rioters in expensive Nike shoesThe letter she writes to an Italian Catholic prelate a bishop who wouldn't bless the coffins of 19 soldiers killed in Irak and said it pained him to witness the celebrations that took place in their honor is well worth putting here If that Sunday Jesus Christ had had the misfortune to find himself she doesn't capitalize Him in the Caserta cathedral his disdain for the temple's Pharisee merchants would have become a joke in comparison to his disdain for you He would have kicked your ass and thrown you out into the suare and here he would have smashed so hard your face that day that you would not even be able to eat a tomato soup No comments neededIn lack of a proletariat to appeal to the neo commies have found in the Arab masses their natural allies This in a few words explains the tremendous success of the take over of Islam in Europe the craddle of both Socialisms Nazi and CommunistWhat does not amuse me is Fallaci's irreverent dismissal of religions in general Here's one comment on account of Abraham in his role as the Founder of Israel Who wants a Founding Father who is ready to slit his own son's throat for the glory of some God? Inadvertently given herself the answer It is not 'some' God; but otherwise her uestion for a non believer is uite understandableThere's a lot that she talks about in this book but I think I understand her best when she points to the presumption and assumption of holding the Truth by the Left Its dogmatism as the unforgivable sin of the Left Meaning this They want to put us in an intellectual ghetto of inferiority where freedom of speech would be irrelevant useless since we would be outside society altogether It is a Holocaust of the soul

  8. Natan Natan says:

    Read the Hebrew translationThis book is like a long long emotional rant despite its name I think it probably does damage to its cause than help because the hysteric tone makes it that much easier to criticize That's a pity because Fallaci writes about important topics in today's world and her basic idea is true Europe is or maybe has been turning into Eurabia with the assistance whether intentional or not of an unholy alliance of weak governments ultra left intelligentsia the media the Church Muslim immigrants and governments terrorist organizations and anti Semites The best part of the book is probably the epilogue where she gives her theory as to why it happened although I don't go to the extent of blaming calculators and electric stoves and why maybe there still is hope at least in America if not in Europe

  9. Josh Kienzle Josh Kienzle says:

    This book is not what I expected It was really racist and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone

  10. Dagmara Dagmara says:

    An incredibly biased racist one sided and selective account Reading it was a real challenge but not in a positive sense of the word

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