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The Accidental Princess ✶ [BOOKS] ✪ The Accidental Princess By Michelle Willingham ❀ – FROM DUTIFUL DEBUTANTELieutenant Michael Thorpe is a forbidden temptation for Lady Hannah Chesterfield Etiuette demands Hannah ignore the shivers of desire his wicked gaze provokes but he's the only m FROM DUTIFUL DEBUTANTELieutenant Michael Thorpe is a forbidden temptation for Lady Hannah Chesterfield Etiuette demands Hannah ignore The Accidental eBook » the shivers of desire his wicked gaze provokes but he's the only man to recognize her restless spirit and her unawakened body is clamoring for his touch TO PASSIONATE PRINCESSThrown together by scandal a defiant Hannah joins Michael on an adventure to uncover the secret of his birth is this common soldier really a prince If so will the ordinary man who has taught Hannah the meaning of pleasure now make her his royal bride.

  • Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • The Accidental Princess
  • Michelle Willingham
  • English
  • 20 June 2015
  • 9780373295852

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10 thoughts on “The Accidental Princess

  1. Heather Wiese Heather Wiese says:

    It's not a bad Regency Romance it just didn't really catch my attention and it was a bit convolutedHannah is the daughter of a Maruee and expected to make a very advantageous match At a ball she is kidnapped by a Baron presumably so he could take her off and ravish her forcing her into marriage but that really wasn't explained although he did admit to wanting to marry up Hannah is saved by Lieutenant Michael Thorpe an officer in the Royal Army He is away from war healing from a wound and is soon meant to ship back He has had his eye on Hannah for awhile but knows that he is beneath her in status and therefore they can never be He heroically saves her from the crazy Baron but then Hannah becomes sick and they end up staying out hours before he can return her to her house This of course causes her to be compromised even though NOTHING happened besides a kiss and her parents try to force her into marrying the Baron so that he won't tell of her ruination WHAT THE HELL PARENTS? The Baron then tries to molest Hannah AGAIN and she escapes with a little help from Michael Hannah's dad then decides to send her off to relatives in Germany to wait out the scandal and hopefully find a spouse there The Baron is thankfully no longer in the picture at this pointMeanwhile there is this whole thing with Michael maybe being the son of the King of a made up country near Germany and Hannah and him coincidently end up on the ship over there togetherAngst ensues Parentages are figured out True love prevails

  2. Cecilia Cecilia says:

    Story of brothers switched at age of three might have been enjoyable if characters felt authentic Heroine in particular was problematic for me veering wildly from 'priggish and obedient' to 'uninhibited and no slave to convention' willing to be a mistress because then hero might eventually want to marry her gag and back again finally settling on resisting all advice apparently so that she can wear whatever garish clothes she wants Almost didn't finish because the fates of these characters was really not all that interesting to me

  3. Amy Sanders Amy Sanders says:

    Good uick read was looking for something to read while I clean houseAs much as I like Hannah's independence I always uestion whether or not this would have been feasible in the 1850s

  4. Debbie (Doc) Debbie (Doc) says:

    35 starsWhile I enjoyed this book several times I had to be sure that I was on another page Several pages overlapped by giving the same detail verbatim Michael Thorpe was a lieutenant and a forbidden temptation to Lady Hannah Lady Hannah was a Maruis daughter and as such was expected to live by the list of her mother Her life was so dictated that her mother would measure her waist daily and never allowed her to eat many sweetsMichael and Hannah met at a ball hosted by her parents Lady Hannah was put in a compromising position when one of the men from the ball kidnapped her so that he could force her to marry Michael located Hannah and her captor and ensued a scandal throughout London Hannah’s parents sent her to Germany to live with her cousins Unbeknownst to Hannah and Michael Michael was kidnapped as a toddler and is actually in line to the Throne I really liked the changeling Prince part of the story as it created some suspense However the characters didn't seem genuine and the story lacked substance Overall it was an easy and relaxing read

  5. Saj Saj says:

    This author thinks I'm stupid She keeps explaining everything very clearly and then repeating those explanations on every other page Many thoughts and feelings of the characters were obvious from the dialogue or could have been made clear with better dialogue but the author still insists on describing them over and over again By page 10 I knew that the hero didn't think he was worhy of the heroine but I had to read an analysis of this fact even around page 250 This combined with some hilarious descriptions of the sensual parts of the story made the book a bit of a painfull read Still I can't say I expected much anyway This is a harleuin historical after all The plot is silly but I like a little silly in my life sometimes And to the credit of the author I never guessed who the villain of the story was

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    I really doesn't take much to impress those of us who undeniably love reading Hareluin especially the historical romances however I would think that a better story could be told out of the plot given in this book The writing was so repetitive that I imagined the editor just fell asleep and approved everything Beyond all the repeating of well everything the characters had no depth no realness to them at all I really think this story had a potential to be a really great regency novel but it fell short by a lot I give it 2 starts because I actually could force myself to read it to the end and not vomit and it didn't take long to read

  7. Eye-shuh Eye-shuh says:

    I really liked this one It was clear through the whole book that Michael only wanted to do what was best for Hannah no matter what it was that he wanted for himself He let her make all the important decisions which was especially wonderful given how she'd grown up under everyone else's thumb The story had fantastic pacing and the romancelove felt genuine This series has turned out to be really great so far I believe this is the second book of it though each book stands on it's own

  8. Shannon Shannon says:

    I really liked this book I didn't think I would It was a light read but well written with engaging characters While the circumstances got a bit absurd the characters didn't I would not stop reading this book until I was finished

  9. AGMaynard AGMaynard says:

    Audio Most all of a writer's weaknesses are readily apparent when you listen to hisher work In this case a fairly typical historical romance taking place in one of those hilarious made up kingdoms Having said that it was okay

  10. Vonze Vonze says:

    Enjoyed this one I’m between 3 and 4 stars My biggest issues was the repetitive descriptions Followed by hero ruining the heroine without offering to marry her Otherwise the plot was entertaining I was convinced for a while the hero was merely the “spare” prince

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