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Winter Love (Satyr, #6) [Download] ➵ Winter Love (Satyr, #6) Author Andrew Grey – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A Children of Bacchus StoryForced by his father to evict a tenant from forestland he wants to sell Blayne travels through the storm and meets Roeder Stranded he stays for the magical night and learns A Children of Bacchus StoryForced by his father to evict a tenant from forestland he wants to sell Blayne travels through the storm and meets Roeder Stranded he stays for the magical night and learns that his new lover isn t at all human he s a satyr and his life is tied to the forest When Blayne leaves the next day he s determined to do what he can to save the land and Roeder s heartA novella from the Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar package Christmas Dreams.

  • ebook
  • 68 pages
  • Winter Love (Satyr, #6)
  • Andrew Grey
  • English
  • 02 November 2014
  • 9781935192350

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7 thoughts on “Winter Love (Satyr, #6)

  1. Kassa Kassa says:

    In this shorter story 60 pages the action of the book is minimal and contains a lack of realistic conflict The focus is on the uick relationship between Roeder and Blayne and allows the author to ignore most of the problems that could be created with simplistic resolutions Unfortunately none of this is helped by the flat prose that lacks the depth and complexity to convey emotion and intensity While the writing attempts to demonstrate all appropriate emotions they read as empty and bland without much interest With the prolonged sex scenes and lack of conflict this is a very fast read and if you have some interest in satyrs this story might appealBlayne and Roeder fall in love almost at first sight as Blayne traipses up to the mountains in a blizzard to evict the current tenant This of course forces Blayne to be marooned with Roeder for days allowing them to fall in love and enjoy uninterrupted sex for days Unfortunately most of the conversation takes place off page so we only have the author’s assurance that they fell deeply in love with many things in common Aside from several sex scenes and a brief conversation where Roeder confesses his true nature there was little on page talking Instead most is glossed over with comments about other hot sex laughing conversation and fun exploits that would have added to the book if actually shown and not stated For exampleThree additional wonderful days with Roeder making love talking eating and laughing together One afternoon Roeder and I took turns reading my first novel out loud to each otherConsidering Blayne writes gay erotica for an online publisher this might have been interesting to see what he came up with as they laughed and enjoyed it but this and other instances of how much fun they had together were just stated and kept off pageAdditionally satyrs are completely accepted and almost commonplace within the world the author has created However this created world is not any different from a normal contemporary setting but with a few horns and tails thrown in Not only is Roeder a satyr a fact of which Blayne never has even a ualm over but the casual acuaintance Blayne goes to for legal help Brock also happens to be a satyr Not to mention the sheriff of the small northern town knows of the secret and has no problems with Roeder being a satyr It’s a pretty easy world in which magical creatures are prevalent and accepted This lack of conflict continued with the incredibly obvious and easy resolution to the eviction problemThere is a lot of drama that was attempted in the story however the prose and writing was dull and lacked the necessary flair to convey this drama ultimately reading colorless The sex scenes take up uite a bit of the book and since most of the action happens off page with only a few scenes included the story is an easy and fast read if forgettable The satyr twist could have been interesting and cleverly handled but the author chose to go the easy route and offer the most simple and obvious solutions so neither the characters or the reader has to think too much Due to its short length this was not a bad story to read but unless you’re looking for a bland contemporary where one of the lovers has a tail there’s not much to this

  2. Emily Moore Emily Moore says:

    Blayne hates his father especially since he is driving in the middle of a snowstorm to do the man's dirty work His father has lots of money which gives him power and control over his children Blayne is being sent to an area of wooded land that his grandfather purchased to evict the tenant that is living there so his father can finalize the sale of the land Blayne isn't happy about this chore but he knows that there is no point in trying to argue When he reaches the land and gets his car stuck in a snowdrift he finds a small cabin When Blayne meets Roeder he knows immediately that he isn't going to be able to send the man away from his home Blayne feels an immediate connection to Roeder and uickly learns that is to the man than meets the eye After several days of passionate sex Blayne returns home determine to find a way for Roeder to remain in the house and for Blayne to join himThis is an interesting story with a decidedly supernatural twist I enjoyed the fast pace of the story and especially the steps that Blayne takes when he returns home after meeting Roeder The character of Blayne is uite well developed and the connection between him and Roeder is electric from the moment they meet It uickly leads to some intensely erotic sex and what is most definitely uickly growing into love I found the satyr aspect of the story and especially Roeder's connection to the forest that he tends uite interesting although I wanted to see of this in the story This story is very much about Blayne breaking away from his father and taking a stand for what he wants and needs It is an enjoyable story with interesting characters and lots of steamy sex all the ingredients for a fun read indeedhttpemily83176livejournalcom424

  3. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    The starting point of this short novel 65 pages is the same of the previous long novel by Andrew Grey Children of Bacchus Blayne is a young man with some family issues who would like to take a break from life He has fond memory of a piece of land heirloom of his family; so when his father asks him to drive up in the snow to evict the tenant of the land Blayne is not at all happy He has always hoped to receive the land in legacy after his father's death and instead now his father wants to sell itPlus Blayne is even less happy to be forced to evict an old man to the land the man always considered home But when he arrives to the isolated cabin he doesn't find an old man but a handsome young guy or less his own age And since Blayne is gay and Roeder the handsome guy is very friendly they spend the time adding some body warm to what arrives from the fireplaceAs I said Winter Love is almost a condensed story of Children of Bacchus There is no much drama when Blayne discovers that his new lover is not entirely a man but he is part satyr actually maybe this is a nice novelty Obviously Blayne will do anything necessary to be able to live in peacefully bliss with his satyr lover all this series is about men who manage to reconnect with their inner desires and with the nature that is a symbol of natural and sincere love If you haven't read Children of Bacchus Winter Love is a nice appetizer that can stimulate you to try the longer novelhttpelisa rollelivejournalcom44

  4. Don Bradshaw Don Bradshaw says:

    This was another satyr story but much shorter than the others The story was satisfying but I'd like to have seen of the characters from the Children of Bacchus series I suggest reading the other books first to learn about satyrs

  5. Anne Anne says:

    What a sweet love story

  6. Antonella Antonella says:

    See review by Kassa

  7. Fernanda Parente Fernanda Parente says:

    loved it so much

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