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Civic Ritual in Renaissance Venice ❴Reading❵ ➸ Civic Ritual in Renaissance Venice Author Edward Muir – Venice's reputation for political stability and a strong balanced republican government holds a prominent place in European political theory Edward Muir traces the origins and development of this repu Venice's reputation for political stability in Renaissance PDF/EPUB ã and a strong balanced republican government holds a prominent place in European political theory Edward Muir traces the origins and development of this reputation paying particular attention to the sixteenth century when civic ritual in Venice reached its peak He shows how the ritualization of society and politics was an important reason for Venice's stability Influenced in part by cultural anthropology he establishes and applies to Venice a new methodology for the historical study of civic ritual.

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  1. Joshua Joshua says:

    La Serenisima de republica de venezia Or as Dr Jones once so beautifuly put it ah VeniceThis book was recommended to me by my little sister and after watching Overly Sarcastic Productions four parts series about the history of Venice I snatched the book up in no time eager to learn about the city I spent a fair amount of my early twenties immersed in while I was playing Assassin's Creed II instead of going out with women or showering Venice is an incredible city and Muir has accomplished something wonderful with this bookMuir takes an in depth and highly academic look at the cultural rituals of Venice and how over time these rituals became embraced by the city populace and became imbued with political religious and philosophical sentiment to the community of Venice who in turn used said rituals to create a kind of personal sense of self Venetians began to construct a facet of identity through the rituals of the Marriage of the Sea or the Coronation of the Doge Even Carnival assumed some facet of Venetian personality so that these rituals were not just about celebrating holidays they were a way of manifesting one's identity Muir's analysis allows the reader to see how these rituals developed over time and were able to demonstrate such power of the Venetian populaceMuir's book isn't perfect Any reader like me who does not have a working knowledge of Latin Italian andor French is likely to be left clueless by the numerous uses of such language that rarely receive an attempt at translation There is also the issue that as I noted before this is a highly academic text with some pages bearing half a page of footnotes This is not a weakness but it can be an obstacle to an average reader who might be looking for factual information about the city and its historyStill for its flaws I enjoyed this book and my knowledge of Venice and its people and politics has grown Muir's book is a valuable resource for any and all historians looking to the history of the Serene Republic And for the record it might also allow nerds like me who murdered Marco Babarigo with the hidden pistol to learn a little about the man they had to endure at least six to seven side uests just to get a flipping golden mask that they eventually had to steal and then sneak into a party just to kill the fat Doge Am I still bitter? Yeah I am At least Agostino was a little interesting to learn about

  2. Catherine Catherine says:

    Muir's study of the ways in which Venetians used civic rituals such as pageants parades and coronations is engaging and readable He ties the rituals to ideas of identity some of the rituals are meant to give the Venetians a sense of themselves; others are meant to project their identity to the world He traces the changes in ritual from the twelfth to the sixteenth centuries noting how the details of the rituals changed and why At the same time he is careful to note the aspects of these rituals which maintained a sense of continuity for the Venetian community Muir's study is rich and detailed but the details do not overshadow his argument that the Venetian rituals were uniue and specific and helped to create the distinct identity of La Serenissima

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