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  1. Andrewh Andrewh says:

    I am huge fan of Bogart or rather of his films and film persona the legendary 'Bogie' but I found this biography to be somewhat plodding and dull Oddly it was written by two authors who never met but who clearly did an extraordinary amount of research one spent 18 months trawling the Warnes Bros Archives and this shows up in the huge level of detail presented here especially around his dealings with Warners studio boss Jack Warner always called 'JL' here and in his dealings with the CFA Committee for the First Amendment in the HUAC witch hunt era The former battle with the studio is interesting enough but well known to anyone who has read about Hollywood The latter material is presented as the turning point in both Bogart's film career and of his public image as a man of conscience after he was forced to recant his defence of the Hollywood 19 by Warner in order to save his career Overall though I found the lack of insight into the great films to be disappointing and the early films prior to his big break in the Maltese Falcon in 1941 when Bogart finally became Bogie and stopped being killed in the final reel were sketched over very briefly and I would have been interested in on this and on his early stage career There is also far too much gossip and tangental anecdote telling not always about Bogart even and though Bogart is presented as a complex man I felt that the authors did little to increase our understanding of his inner life in the way Simon Callow's biography does for Orson Welles for exmaple

  2. Louis Louis says:

    Good bio that avoids the usual Hollywood gossip Bogie is revealed as a shy reserved guy who happened to make a good movie tough guy The sections on the production of his greatest movies and the story of his romance of Lauren Bacall are great fun to read Long for a star bio but worth it

  3. Judy Judy says:

    I found this hard to put down a compelling and well written account of Bogart's often turbulent life Just a shame there isn't detail about some of the earlier movies

  4. Adelle Adelle says:

    I need to re watch some of his movies The Maltese Falcon To Have and Have Not The Big Sleep Key Largo Casablanca

  5. ger ger says:

    I'm not a big biography reader and I had no special interest in Bogart other than How the hell did he get Bacall ? But I really enjoyed it Interesting character with a life full of baggage Smart sarcastic kind talented and insecure He was professional a heavy drinker and acerbic I did get a good sense of him and that's all I need from a biographywell worth the time

  6. Susan Susan says:

    I love old film biographies and really wanted to learn about this fascinating actor but this book is just to weighty in its approach Very wordy with a lot of minute detail almost scholarly honestly just not an engaging read

  7. Dan Dan says:

    Solid bio of one of Hollywood's original tough guys Bogie's remarkable career evolved from nondescript supporting roles to being the bad guy knocked off by the final reel to starring in such film classics as The Maltese Falcon Casablanca The Treasure of Sierra Madre and The African ueen and becoming America's No 1 movie star He also was an insecure and temperamental alcoholic who engaged in endless contract battles with Warner Brothers and had three unhappy and sometimes violent marriages before finding true love with Lauren Bacall a woman half his age Sperber and Lax cover it all in this sympathetic but frank and detailed account Good read for fans of Hollywood's golden age

  8. Jeevan Chyle Jeevan Chyle says:

    If you like Bogey why aren't you reading this book already? If you want to see behind the curtain this is probably the one to buy As complex and fascinating a character as you might imagine this book shows you everything that is possible His upbringing comfortable but unhappy The early struggling actor years the stardom late in life The highs and the lows Bogey was as sad offscreen as on His is a compelling story if you are a fan and even if you know nothing of the man there is much to recommend For a Bogart fanit's the stuff dreams are made of

  9. Kevin Kevin says:

    A very in depth look at Bogart especially his time at Warner Brothers This tells of his battles with Jack Warner from first being signed to his long term contract they ended up breaking about half way through It also looks in depth at his personal life and his four marriages His third marriage was a war than a loving relationship His fourth marriage was his best effort to Lauren Bacall 25 years his junior She was his one true love He was not much different than the tough guy image he created onscreen Definitely recommended

  10. Grindy Stone Grindy Stone says:

    I have seen a half dozen Bogart films and they're all top shelf classics I didn't think he could carry a 500 page biography on the basis of that but he does What the authors get across very well is the industrialized film making process and stifling morals of Bogart's day that let him make thos classics Imagine what his career would have looked like if Scorsese or Coppola had him in the Seventies

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