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Burnt Offerings Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #7 [Reading] ➶ Burnt Offerings Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #7 Author Laurell K. Hamilton – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Abridged CDs 5 CDs 6 hours Read by Kimberly Alexis In Burnt Offerings Anita Blake has her hands full when an arsonist's fires begin taking out St Louis's un dead and Jean Claude her rival and lover fa Anita Blake Epub â Abridged CDs CDs hours read by Kimberly Alexis In Burnt Offerings Anita Blake has her hands full when an arsonist's fires begin taking out St Louis's un dead and Jean Claude her rival and lover faces dire accusations from a visiting delegation of vampires.

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  1. Bark Bark says:

    Hmmm I noticed most of the reviews here don’t go into any sort of plot here I couldn’t figure it out at first but now that I’m almost finished with this reread I get it There isn’t one Well that’s not uite true There were threads of plot the vampire council has come to town to rape and pillage the beasties but really this book is all about Anita gaining power dealing with her two lover boys and gaining new puppy doggies and kitties who follow her every command It’s bloody it’s sexual but mostly in a vile violent way and it’s so not my favorite of the series I think I need a break from these books now I found myself getting grouchy and bored with the oh so perfect and all powerful Anita I want tomboy Anita The Vampire Executioner back and as much as I complained about the Nike swish descriptions I'd give anything to have them back If I have to hear another description of a whored up Anita outfit I'm going to gag

  2. Jilly Jilly says:

    These books are getting grittier The Vampire Council comes to town and they are some sadistic motherfckers Torture rape and murder are their nice ualities and Jean Claude and Anita have giant bulls eyes on their backs The good news is that Anita keeps getting and bloodthirsty herself Some days I thought I was becoming a sociopath Some days I thought I was already there sociopaths have the best senses of humorIn this book we get to meet some awesome new characters Nathaniel the leopard and Asher the vampire I'm excited that it looks like they will be around for a while But we also get a lot of Richard Richard really should have the nickname Dick because it fits him so well He was always a whiny baby and now he's a whiny baby who is bitter and angry It doesn't help improve his sparkling personality Calling for the party of one pity party of oneRichard? Your table is ready at the Get Over It CafeThe only thing that annoys me than Richard's jealous baby tantrums is the fact that Anita still finds him so irresistible yeah bitter assholes are so sexyOn the other end of the spectrum is Jean Claude who is sweet smart and totally mature and confident He even encourages Anita to try and make peace with Richard He may dress up everyone around him like gay pirate romance novel covers but he also showers Anita with gifts and romantic notes I can handle that I'll dress like a dominatrix pirate for him any day okay Jean Claude what do YOU want me to wear?

  3. Tilly Slaton Tilly Slaton says:

    Out of the entire series one of my favorite characters is Nathaniel So when I realized that this is the book he would be introduced into I was like woo hoo Ok now that I have that out of my system I can move forward with the tid bits of this and that’s I have for this book Another brilliant piece of work by Laurell Hamilton The twists in this book are amazing and they end up playing through to the end of the series It’s neat to be able to reread a series and pick up on all the little things you missed Blake Mercy will get you killed but sometimes it’s all that makes us human Love triangle Anita Jean Claude and Richard It really eats at you and I’ve discussed this book with many others and we all end up disagreeing wholeheartedly lol about whom she should be with Go figure Lupa was the word the werewolves used for their leader’s mate I was the first human so honored I wasn’t even dating their Ulfric any We’d broken up after I saw him eat somebody Hey a girl’s got to have some standards Thus far the books in this series hop back and forth within basically the same theme Find the bad guys Get hurt Seek revenge Kill the bad guys Make love to a hottie In Burnt Offerings the ultimate law a vampire council visits Jean Claude’s city There have been many deeply disturbing scenes in a few of the books so far and this book definitely does not disappoint You have the Traveler A super duper vampire that finds a suitably sexy male host and takes over the controls for a while The Traveler and his sexy homosexual lover use and abuse the borrowed bodies as they deem fit A little whoaness factor there but I thought it very interesting as I read about some of Blake’s friends’ bodies being abused by the traveler and his lover You have the Master of Beasts Padma and his sidekick rapist son Fernando Being the Master of Beasts Padma is able to put forth a call to the shapeshifter leaders of the city and they apparently are unable to refuse The leopards the werewolves and the rats Between being skinned alive for wall decoration repeatedly raped or forced into an eternity of furriness Padma is one of my least favorite characters in this book It is not to say he isn’t an amazing character He is I just dislike him And his bastard of a son After finding out that Fernando is one of a gang that raped Sylvie Blake promises Sylvie that they will all die Hell YES “Is he your only son?” I asked “My only child” Padma said “My condolences” I said Then you have Yvette A vampire whom can rot her body at will and punish others by forcing a similar state she’s just gross It’s one thing to be furry It’s one thing to be raped It’s one thing to be skinned Now can you imagine being intimate with a woman who all of a sudden starts rotting and oozing bodily fluids all over the place? Gross Asher is introduced in this book A lost lover betrayed by no other than Jean Claude himself threatens Anita’s life The choking bitterness of hate engulfs him and he wants to see Jean Claude suffer as he has for the past two centuries The progression with Asher Anita and Jean Claude is fun Enjoy Filled with a pyrokinetic psycho that is burning down empty buildings sexually sadistic members of the vampire counsel and Anita slipping into the spot of protector for the leopards Burnt Offerings is totally rockin’ awesome I recommend this book to adults ONLY This book contains moderate to extreme deviant sexual scenes The violence is astounding with a two thumbs up from me Happy reading

  4. Amanda Amanda says:

    Seriously Laurell K Hamilton used to write good vampire slayer novels Now she writes erotica Don't get me wrong I like erotica as much as the next guy or gal but when I want to read a vampire slayer novel I want to read a vampire slayer novel Damn you Anita Blake

  5. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    Why does everything with you have to be so darned serious?A fire chief approaches Anita Blake to let her know about vampires going up in flames She notes that then heads off on a date with boyfriend and Undead Master of the City Jean Claude But Anita never can have a date without a million things going off at once Richard is off his rocker and creating a vacuum in his pack one that Anita as his lucoi must fix Jean Claude is being pressured to join the Council or face being destroyed People are getting raped right and left Can Anita save the day once again?This is probably one of my favorite of the Anita Blake books That said pretty much every single problem I've had with the previous books in the series remainsOne of the things I liked about this book was the interesting story elements The combustible vampires The appearance of the Council Anita having to keep her pack together The new highly fascinating character Asher Even the tendrils of reconciling between Anita and Richard whom I think have amazing chemistry and actually FEEL like lovers not just people in lust were fascinating There are some really great ideas in this book ones that most definitely kept my interestWhich is why it is so frustrating when LKH gets in the way of her story with the usual suspects1 Anita Blake What a misogynistic hypocritical btchy woman I swear to God there is no pleasing her If people ignore her she is upset at how she isn't the center of attention But when Tammy tries to befriend Anita Anita brushes Tammy off as a shallow person only interested in the zombie raising aspect of Anita's lifeAs for Anita's rampant misogyny I'll let her speak for herselfWomen are just not designed to look tough No I was not in tune with my feminine sideIt made me feel girlish in the worse wayAnd then some random character makes the absolute stupidest remark I've ever heard'What a man you would have made' I'd spent enough time around macho guys to know it was a compliment a sincerely meant one They never understood the implied insultI work in a male dominated field Before that most of my classmates in college were men NEVER have I heard ANYTHING so sexistThe other thing I can't stand about Anita is her raging hypocrisy She tries continually to sell us that she is in love with Jean Claude but then she makes statements like thisI had to trust him Trust him not to hurt me Trust him not to do something awful or embarrassing I realized that I didn't trust him That no matter how much I loved his body I knew he was other I knew that what he thought of as okay was not necessarily okay at all What does Anita love about Jean Claude other than his body or his seduction techniues? Does she love how he makes breakfast? How he calls her up at work to check on how she is? How he makes coffee in the morning? Does she like spending time with him mountain climbing or watching musicals two things she enjoys doing with Richard? The only things Anita appears to like about Jean Claude are A his incredibly breath taking body and B the sex Last I checked both those things were lust But when Ronnie attempts to call Anita out on her dating Jean Claude Anita becomes snippyWhat's even worse is that when either Ronnie and Louis or Larry and Tammy act like a couple Anita immediately jumps to the conclusion that they are in lust with each other and probably not in love Honestly I see examples of love in Ronnie and Louis' relationship than I ever had in Anita and Jean Claude's2 Clothes clothes and clothes LKH can't go a few pages without detailing everything that a person is wearing or not Which means Anita talking about the evening gown she's wearing and of course griping about not wearing her black Nikes which hide all the blood she steps inAnd because LKH's entire male cast pretty much goes commando in the entire seriesThe pants were black linen clinging smooth and perfect to his body so form fitting that I knew there was nothing under the pants but himLKH makes it even worse by having Anita stop in the middle of a scene where people are seriously injured to detail all the flowers she planted in her yard Yes people flowers3 Too much in too little time LKH has no sense of pacing Instead of giving her characters breaks or time to process events and her audience as well she pretty much has them facing one crisis after another Which is why for most of this book Anita is wearing some stupid dress that would flash her if she attempted to reach her gun hidden in a belly band if she felt the need to bring a gun why make it so unreachable? and ridiculous 3 heels that she btches about endlessly honestly Anita if you hate them so much wear something else Anita goes from the office to a date to several posturing events with vampires to rescuing some of her weres to a shootout at her house to Dolph calling her to a crime scene it's TOO BUSY It's like eating an entire package of Double Stuf Oreos in one sitting SICK and BLOATED4 Constant arguing As usual most of the investigating occurs in long dialogue sessions And during these sessions people of course have to argue with Anita for half a lifetime It's so bad that when someone DOESN'T put up a fight with Anita she has to mention itTruthfully it was a damn relief not to have to argue with anyone No debate what a reliefYou gotta wonder doesn't Anita ever perhaps notice how SHE'S the one involved with all these super long drawn out excessive talky scenes?5 Rape rape and rape My God Almighty is there rape in this book I swear everyone gets raped or sexually assaulted Nathaniel Sylvie Jason even Anita though Jean Claude helpfully tells her to turn it into enjoyment to make it tolerable instead of I don't know KILLING THE GUY WHO IS SEXUALLY ASSAULTING HIS F#ING GIRLFRIEND It's justdisturbing Rape is a serious subject; it shouldn't be tossed around helter skelter and not treated appropriately no one really needs any therapy6 Good Old Fashioned Misogyny There is no other woman in this book whose name isn't Anita Blake that A can rescue herself B isn't a victim C isn't an evil biotch or Disn't hated by Anita Ronnie resolves into a puddle of tears after shooting a guy Anita also does not respect her opinion; Sylvie is raped and must have Anita enact revenge on her killer although Sylvie is a shapeshifter Vicky is a horrible woman who tried to kill a vampire and lied about sexual assault Liv participated in Sylvie's rape Yvette abuses Jason and makes him rot while taking Pleasure from him Anita views Tammy as a slut who sleeps with Larry to learn about Necromancy and uestions Tammy's shooting abilities even though Tammy is a cop The female fire officer is killed Other than Anita herself there are no strong capable women in this series that aren't psycho or evil and who are at least respected by Anita It's sick It's disturbing7 Sex Already I can see how sex is beginning to be a dominant force in the book I have no problem with it cropping up in Anita's romantic life My problem with it is this LKH is starting to use it to solve problems To heal people To feed vampires Anita basically gives Nathaniel a lap dance but she is in a dating relationship with Jean Claude that seems pretty steady She does something similar with Asher when he demands to be fed after a billion years of arguing about it of course In the previous books Anita would have rolled up a sleep and slit her palm and the vampire would have fed off her blood Slowly that is going away And it seems a bit odd since it hasn't been established in the pastIf you are a fan you'll probably enjoy this one just as much as the others maybe a bit less because of the Jean Claude vs Richard or because of the increasing sex If you are brand new and wonder if this is indicative of the previous ones yes and no Yes Anita pretty much acts like this in the previous books; no the previous books had less sexMy personal opinion there are probably better vampire hunter books out there with better action better plots better romantic interests and better heroines You could do worse of course but there is better I'll be hanging on to the ride because there are bits I'd like to see how they are addressed in later books

  6. A.M. A.M. says:

    I have to admit Hamilton manages to introduce a new interesting and intriguing supernatural creature in each bookThus it's a shame her main character is so utterly predictable I now skim through any paragraphs which contain descriptions of Anita's scars guns clothes and hairWould it be interesting to extract all these passages from the Anita Blake series and see how much copy pasting Hamilton has done? NawIs anyone else sick of reading 'naw'? Naw

  7. Faye Faye says:

    First read April 2006Re read May June 2017The plot Anita is asked to help out on a Firebug case while also figuring out how to balance her responsibilities to Richard's pack and her private life as the girlfriend of Jean Claude now that the European vampire council have come to townWhat I liked The mythos behind the Firebugs The idea of these supernatural humans who control fire was fascinating and I liked the casual way in which Anita imparts information about them to the reader The idea that the majority of them die through spontaneous combustion as they get older and lose control is so clever and sounds realistic for that type of power Anita's protective instinct towards Nathaniel and the other wereleopards and werewolves The details concerning the vampire council in Europe and the political manoeuvrings were very interesting particularly the inclusion of the Traveller and his abilities The undergroundunderwater scene at the Church of Eternal Life was especially creepy and horrifying Anita's powers and influence in the supernatural world are starting to grow and make her a force to be reckoned with The inclusion of Dolph and the growing distance between him and Anita is sad but realistic Raina's continued influence on the packWhat I didn't like Richard He's moody angry blames everyone else for his issues but especially Anita and worse he strikes one of the female members of his pack across the face hard enough to leave a bruise because she was reluctant to go back and confront a group who until recently had held her captive I don't understand why Anita has this blind spot where he's concerned; she seems to still believe he's a good guy and he really truly isn't He's a manipulative abusive waste of spaceRating 55 stars

  8. Diane Ehrlich Diane Ehrlich says:

    The first several novels in the Anita Blake series are great Funny scary a touch gory and a touch sexy As you read each book you can really see the character development as Anita becomes sure of herself and comfortable with the monsters However some the later books have deteriorated into little than soft porn for women Not that there's anything wrong with that However I feel it cheapens the series which features a great role model in Anita as a women who has accepted that her life works the way it is and makes her happy even it is not what the rest of the world thinks is normal She is strong independent and accepting of her sexuality

  9. Amy Amy says:

    Where is all the sex reviewers keep talking about There are some sexually charged scenes but everything is really tame thus far This is however my favorite so far I absolutely loved the fact that Jean Claude was in almost every scene I think that he is sometimes portrayed as too weak but I still love me some JC I am glad that Anita realized it wasn't that Richard is a monster but that she was afraid of wanting to join the pack feasting on Marcus Now she just needs to explain that to Richard I still prefer Jean Claude to Richard though If Richard would just claim his beast I would like him much I am not sure what I think about Nathaniel yet I know he is a big character but he seems like a pet than a lover for Anita I am not sure how I am going to feel about that storyline I do think I will like Asher though Jean Claude needs a friend and it doesn't bother me that Asher might be in love with Jean Claude There are many different relationships in these books It can get overwhelming but they also keep me very interested

  10. Denisa Denisa says:

    45I really like this series Normally I'd get bored by now but these books are just that good Everything is so well written that I can't put them down

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