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  1. C Baker C Baker says:

    Bigger than the Game is an outstanding treatise on the self aggrandizement of the modern athlete The author chose the year 1986 as somewhat of a watershed year 1986 saw Bo Jackson play two professional sports a steroid laden and overrated linebacker at the University of Oklahoma Brian Bozworth become the face of the college football the cocaine induced death of University of Maryland basketball star Len Bias and the crowning of the Chicago Bears as NFL champions behind the brash uarterback Jim McMahon the outspoken coach Mike Ditka and everyone's darling 330 plus pounder William The Refrigerator PerryThe theme of this book is how the modern athlete in the media age has become bigger than the sports they play It's about narcissist self promotion the breakdown of the team concept where there is only I not we Or as the dust jacket says it was the era when athletes evolved from humble and honest to brash and branded There is certainly a little hyperbole to this description as there are scores of athletes in all eras that fit this mold but there was not a 24 hour news cycle and the Internet for any but the greatest superstars to rise to such fame or infamyAfter reading this book we should have predicted the steroid scandals that have wracked baseball track and field and cycling the despicable display of self adulation in the Lebron James reality TV hype surrounding his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers the sniping between superstars Kobe Bryant and Shauille O'Neal the Allen Iverson type athletes with great talent that can't seem to find a way to play for anything other than themselves thus never fulfilling championship potential the criminality of college athletes with the University o f Miami football team being exhibit A and B and even the tiresome will he won't he perennial retirement saga of Brett Favre Maybe it didn't all start in 1986 but the stories the author tells are a prelude of what came afterThe book centers mainly on four athletes with ESPN and the advent of 24 hour sports coverage in the foreground of the revolution First Jim McMahon the punky B in the clunky title is a fascinating case of self promotion and thumbing his nose at authority especially because he readily admits he did and does care He went to Brigham Young University for one thing and one thing only to start at uarterback for the football team He didn't go to get an education or graduate and he certainly didn't go for any religious purposes In fact he almost openly flaunted the rules drinking and carousing his way through a solid college career And then with the Bears he was the unorthodox uarterback who defied and fought with his coach thumbed his nose at NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle but was winner And that's all that matteredBrian Bozworth the self admitted steroid laden Oklahoma Sooners linebacker spent much of his college career trying to gain attention His Mohawk and constantly taking his helmet off to play to the cameras and his brash mouth made him one of the faces of college football Of course he was a high draft pick in the NFL and was a complete bust Bozworth built an image that had little substance other than steroids behind it I will never forget the game where Bo Jackson ran over The Boz on national televisionAnd perhaps the saddest story is the untimely cocaine induced death of Len Bias Weinreb completely dispatches all the myths surround Bias's death It was clear from who he hung out with and those who knew and talked about him that he was not a first time cocaine user but appears to have at least been an occasional recreational user of the drug After being drafted by the Boston Celtics he went on a little cocaine binge that killed him Len Bias may have been a great player but a certain myth built up around his innocence suggesting even naivety that doesn't stand up to realityBo Jackson is mostly a foil to all this Jackson was a uiet mostly unassuming personality who chose baseball over football but ultimately decided he wanted to play both and did His rise to fame from a poor rural childhood was marked by a shyness and lack of desire for the spotlight But he parlayed his fame into endorsement opportunities long after his untimely retirement from sports because of an unfortunate freaky hip injury The ability to be a relevant marketing personality long after his career was over could have only happened in burgeoning electronic eraDespite the unfortunate choice of title this book is very readable and bring backs memories for those whose formative years were the mid 1980s While ultimately the theme of the book is darker one for better or worse we live in the era that might not have started exactly in 1986 but certainly that year is as good as any to point to the beginning of the aggrandizement of the modern athlete

  2. William William says:

    I don't totally buy everything Weinreb is trying argue here I think he overreaches In committing the most common error in assessing the culture of the US in the 1980s discussing and analyzing everything as if it were an appendage of Ronald Reagan he goes too far I really kind of hate it when people do that and it seems like the do it all the frickin' time Madonna is just an outgrowth of The Gipper and his impact on the country So is Cheers And Punky Brewster And the Miracle on Ice And The Goonies Everything In fact the on event of the '80s that actully happened was Reagan getting elected Please I know you academics hate Reagan I don't love him either But get over it There were other things going on Star Wars isn't an appendage of President Reagan President Reagan was an appendage of Star Wars But I digressAll that said he has definitely put his finger on something real here and for that the author deserves real kudos I think he uses the term sports cult of personality But yeah that really did fully emerge in the 1980s There were flashes of it in Joe Namath Ali and Reggie Jackson but in the '80s the right mix of elements made it the new normal for athletes These elements include rock and roll achieving mainstream cultural dominance for long enough that even previously suare jocks were shaped by it ethos a critical mass of post Civil Rights black athletes and the new hip hop culture they brought to sports the emergence of a new vaguely postmodern and somewhat ironic sensibility of advertising the rapid expansion of television coverage of sports and news brought on by cable and of course the even rapidly increasing salaries brought on by the advent of free agency There are probably some other things I'm missing Cocaine Maybe cocaine Weinreb sure spends a lot of time on it Not that that's a bad thing In fact his writing is almost always enjoyable even when he's going a bit too far in trying to connect the cultural dots and even if his ideas are not always uite as profound as he hopes they are His profiles of Bo Jackson and The Punky B Jim McMahon are especially fascinating I'd recommend this book to a wide audience anyone fascinated by contemporary sports Because really Weinreb's book is pretty much about how we got from the mid century work hard love your mom and be gracious in victory ethic that once dominated sport to well Jim McMahon But it is also recommended to anyone obsessed as I am with the 1980s or pop culture in general This means you Jeff Hofmann Based on this book and Season of Saturdays his memoirpseudo academic discussion of the history of college football I'd say it's pretty accurate to describe Weinreb as the Chuck Klosterman of sports

  3. Oliver Bateman Oliver Bateman says:

    i remember seeing this years ago at a bookstore flipping through it grantland was just becoming a thing and weinreb was one of their solid regulars and going eh there's not much there there then i picked up a copy for 50 cents at a library sale and i was still well damn there's no there there but he had a pretty great thesisthe thing is so much is left on the table not enough interviews were done boz's name is in the title but he gets maybe 10 pages much of the book focuses on mcmahon and those sections were excellent most importantly weinreb omits the easiesthardestmost important uestion all of these people who shaped 80s sports even the fridge were fleeting phenomena at best none became a hall of famer in any sport and yet they were inescapable for a couple of years way people knew who the fridge was than say jerry rice who was steady and boring in the same way that marvin harrison was well on the field anyway; off the field harrison was apparently some kind of drug kingpin anyway this is almost a great book almost the book we neededand it's still a serious cultural studies dissertation somebody should write

  4. David Ward David Ward says:

    Bigger Than the Game Bo Boz the Punky B and How the '80s Created the Modern Athlete by Michael Weinreb Gotham Books 20107960973 Beware a misleading title and cover What's billed as Bo Boz and the Punky B does contain some great stuff about the three athletes pictured on the cover Bo Jackson Brian Bosworth and Jim McMahon However it uickly became apparent that the book focused mostly on Len Bias' mother and the sordid tale that lay therein the Nike corporation and Ronnie and Nancy Reagan's Just Say No campaign An interesting start by a book lay in ruins What a waste don't bother Oh by the way the author's failed to prove his premisesubtitle How the '80's Created the Modern Pro Athlete as well My rating 410 finished 1212010

  5. Leland Horton Leland Horton says:

    This was incredible Bigger Than The Game is one of the best books I have ever read It delivered on its title of explaining the background and impact of Bo Jackson Jim McMahon and Brian Bosworth Michael Weinreb intertwined their stories with other events of 1986 and thier effects namely the Challenger space shuttle Len Bias and the changes his death brought Penn State v Miami the Reagan presidency and the rise of NikePutting a magnifying glass on sports in the year 1986 was genius Weinreb then skillfully told all of the stories and deftly wove the stories together Despite the broad range of topics discussed his writing maintains its flow throughout

  6. Todd Todd says:

    Pretty interesting look at the transition of sports culture in the mid 1980's when the view of sports started to shift from the traditional team focused concept to the individual marketing related focus that we see in sports today Weinreb looks in particular at 1986 and uses Jim McMahon Brian Bosworth Bo Jackson and Len Bias as examples of how our view of individual athletes would forever change Overall an interesting read but some parts were better written than others I particularly enjoyed the look back at the 1985 Bears and Bo Jackson probably because I remember them much better than Boz or Bias

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is a fairly ambitious work of 1980s social and cultural history told through the lens of big time college and professional sports Weinreb focuses on the year 1986 as a watershed moment in American sports culture as it shifted towards integration with entertainment He profiles several prominent athletes from that year Jim McMahon Len Bias Bo Jackson Brian Bosworth as emblematic of the changing nature of sports It doesn't always work perfectly but I'd definitely recommended to anyone interested in sports andor America in the 1980s

  8. Eliot Eliot says:

    This ambitious book details the rise of the modern athlete as celebrity tying some of the most outlandish characters in professional sports history to the establishment of ESPN and Nike in the mid 80's as well as the volatile politics and pervasive drug culture of the time There is a lot going on in this book but Weinreb deftly navigates the material warmly illustrating larger than life characters while crafting a compelling narrative that touches on the worlds of sports politics media and big business

  9. Jake Jake says:

    Interesting well done portrayal of sports stars in the 80s and how contextual culture led to individual marketing I enjoyed it for the most part although the Len Bias stuff was either too drawn out or for someone like me who's from Maryland and has heard the story a million times just too tiring I would've also liked a lot on the 86 Mets who were not at all unlike the 85 Bears with their bravadodomination But overall a solid read

  10. David David says:

    An ambitious book but I think it could have been better organized A lot of the material is recycled and has appeared in slightly altered form before but Weinreb skillfully uses it to support his view of the commercialization of athletics and athletes We do get some new glimpses of McMahon Bosworth Bo Jackson et al and a detailed overview of the Len Bias drug storyA good book that could have been a great one

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