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  1. Kevin Kevin says:

    Does anyone else get the feeling that if Anita or Merry for that matter decided to do something as uotidian and mundane as changing her brand of toothpaste it would provoke a long drawn out tortuous discussiondebateconversation with all her friends lovers and enemies and random passersby about her motivations for the brand change the inevitable or potential repercussions of the brand change how her unexpected brand changing decision upsets and discommodes said lovers friends and enemies and disconcerts various of the passersby how the new brand and its minty freshness might prove useful or detrimental to them all in the future and how exactly the new brand might be better incorporated into their various defensive and aggressive sexual acrobatics?All of course while somebody is bleeding to death or being tortured and all brand change debate participants hold guns spells swords knives penises and other various and sundry weapons at the never exhausted readyI'm just sayin'Apologies for the run on

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    I want to start off by saying that this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be And it definitely wasn't as bad as it could have been I had the lowest of hopes for this one after reading Divine Misdemeanors ★ last year so maybe that's why I liked Flirt Trust me though it was nowhere near perfect and was also still far away from her earlier books in the series I'm slightly wary though could this be a sign of things to come? Will the Anita books continue to get better? I'm afraid to think this because I've been disappointed in Hamilton since Obsidian Butterfly I'm afraid to hope It made me hopeful and I cursed it because hope will keep you alive yes but it will also get you killed in ways worse than anything you can imagine Hope is a bad friend when men with guns have you But my lioness and their lions lusted after each other sort of Lust I trusted Hope will lie to you but lust is what it is; it never lies Hope would keep me hoping but lust might be a weapon I could use to divide them groanAnd there it is We get back to the Hamilton we've all come to know over the past few years The one that latches onto a word or two and beats it into the ground Someone please mail Hamilton a thesaurus This passage isn't a rarity either and it's a constant reminder of what a lazy writer she has become I'm going to fast forward to the afterword now I found it hilarious in a bad way sad and frustrating and it made me want to deduct a star from my review score She comes off as incredibly pretentious and arrogant and I honestly wish I hadn't read it and just stopped reading when Anita's story ended She talks about how people ask her all the time where she gets her ideas and how she can write a whole book I laughed out loud at this because she hasn't written a whole new book in YEARS If you've read anything by her it won't take you long at all to find conversations phrases descriptions scenes and explanations practically pulled word for word from previous books I can understand trying to explain things for new readers but come on she doesn't even try to hide the fact that she's lifting whole passages and copied and pasted them into new books And the story in Flirt was only 158 pages long About a third of the novella was stuff I had read in previous installments of the series To me this isn't the sign of a strong writer it's the sign of a lazy one that's struggling and I find it comical that's she's trying to give advice to aspiring authorsI know I'm spending a lot of time on a part of the book that wasn't even the story but it just really struck a nerve She also decided that it was a good idea to retell the same scene 3 TIMES First we read the original scene in the novel then we get a retelling of the original event that inspired Anita's scene THEN we get a comic of the scene Now here's the thing; it's a BORING SCENE When I was reading Anita's bit I was bored to tears so you can imagine my surprise when it shows up not once but twice And just the way she writes in the afterword she's making it sound like she's soooo clever for coming up with Flirt from her real life experience And another thing she does something in the afterword that she's constantly doing in her books as well that DRIVES ME NUTS I am going to tell you where the idea for Flirt first came from I'm going to tell you the first scene that came into my head because most books start with a scene for me I'll tell you the first idea and I'll even tell you the fertile ground that that idea found to land on which happened nearly a year before I'm going to tell you the schedule I kept the pages I wrote per day the music I listened to and the books I read for extra research while writing the book I am going to lay my process bare for youuit telling me you're going to tell me something and just tell me it alreadySigh So the story Here's the crazy thing I liked it If you can get passed all the poor writing mechanics the story is actually enjoyable We finally get back to Anita raising zombies and most of her men are absent for the better part of the novel I've come to the realization now though that I like Anita when she's by herself and not constantly covered in men and having to deal with their moping and posturing The scenes with Jason Nathaniel and Micah were the weakest in the novel When we finally get to the meat of the story and the two crazy lions join in things get really interesting It felt like I was reading the old Anita again I found myself reading furiously trying to get to the end to see what would happen to everyone I stayed up until 5 in the morning reading so I could finish I haven't felt that need with her books for a long time now It was nice to have it backI'm still sick of Anita's magical vagina and how she collects a new man or two every book now though It's gotten to the point where the original men are all but forgotten Jean Claude doesn't even have a phone call with her in this book which I think is all he got in Skin Trade I miss the vampires there isn't a single appearance of one in this novella but it seems like maybe the were politics could be over finally I think they might be now but I'm not sure She could collect another strain of lycanthropy though and start the process of finding a mate for it all over again I'm hoping Hamilton doesn't follow that path though because it's gotten old I'm wondering if I liked this book because it was stream lined Like I said before it's very short and I'm worried that Bullet at twice the length is going to be a bloated mess I'm flirting with hope though And I'm scared of the power of hoping because to flirt with that power IS to hope But I smile at that and flirt with the hope that I CAN hope And there's power in that Because hoping IS power And flirting is power I hope I have the power to hope there's hope for Anita I smile and flirt at the idea Because she needs the power of hoping than any of us

  3. Wealhtheow Wealhtheow says:

    Why did I do this to myself? Why return to Anita Blake when all she does is annoy and frustrate me? Because I am a foolBut as foolish as I am at least I didn't write a novel in which all the male characters tell Anita how hot and desirable and wonderful she is for an entire chapter Is there a plot? Sure but it's solved in about two minutes Truthfully there are so many problems with this story that it’s hard to know what to complain about most The pages upon pages of descriptions of each man’s hair eyes muscles and dreadful clothing choices? The chapter in which nothing happens except Anita and her waiter flirting with each other? The way the reader is repeatedly reminded that every single other female character is stupider meaner and less pretty than Anita? How every single time Anita does anything all the male characters comment on how amazing and astounding it is? How Anita Blake uses magic to take away someone’s free will for the rest of his life? And then has sex with him? And then has a long discussion with her other boyfriends about whether she should “keep” him while the poor dude listens and weeps? And then all her boyfriends comfort her about how hard it must have been on her? Or ooh how ‘bout how we’re supposed to think Anita is oh so moral because she refuses to raise zombies that someone wants to have sex with but then she raises zombies and forces them to kill and eat people? Including their own family members? This series better end with someone chopping her head off because at this point Anita Blake is actively evil

  4. The Flooze The Flooze says:

    Good morning boys and girls Gather round Miss Michelle now That's right Amelia stop poking Mel It's not nice Today we're going to do a little lesson in writing style I want you all to look at the following passage and tell me What bothers you most about it? The boy came in with a book I couldn't see the cover of the book He always had a book with him so it didn't surprise me he had a book I asked him Why do you always have a book? He looked at the book and said I like booksYou like books?I like books You always have a book because you like books? YespauseAnyone? The correct answer is the heavy repetition of a single word throughout the passage hinders flow deprives the text of all conseuence and makes the dialogue read like the inane chatter of two dimwitted parrots End of lesson On to the plot Flirt brings Anita back to her necromancy but complicates matters by throwing the animator's lioness into the mix The majority of the story felt very familiar I'd have to look through earlier installments to confirm but even the defeat of the big bad came off as a rehash This wasn't helped by lengthy recaps that created awkward interruptions and clunky transitionsToo much focus on Anita's thought process hindered the action until late in the game It's a pattern established in the last two books; if you were irked by those you'll probably feel the same hereBy the end the few developments made were not enough to justify the novella's existence I paid 12 bucks for it I did not get my money's worth The AfterwordLKH decided to trace this story from its inception to give fans an insight into her process To this end Flirt includes an afterword addressing where she gets her ideas and how she transfers them from mind to paper It's casual in tone forthright and interesting It's thoughtful She describes a real life incident that very closely mirrors a scene in the book But the non fiction version is so much better It has a vibrancy and natural appeal that's utterly lacking in the Anita verse renditionIn other words it shows that LKH possesses talent and has an easy way with language It reminded me of why I once enjoyed her writing and why I'm now so irritated by the sloppy repetitive mess it's become I'd like to say I'm ready to wash my hands of Anita Blake I'd like to put my foot down and say No More But the truth is I'll probably still pick up Bullet when it comes out I can only hope that some of the flair that shows in this afterword will manage to wend its way into Bullet and make me a believer again Merely a made up passage to illustrate my point For concrete examples please reference the words flirt clothes dude dance and smile plus variations of the phrase hard work within the first 30 pages Then poke out eyes accordingly

  5. Lorena Lorena says:

    What a self indulgent bit of tripe The conceit for this book is that the plot stems from a thoroughly uninteresting and commonplace thing that actually happened gasp to Hamilton and a few of her friends The only amazing thing about it is that Hamilton and her friends seem to have blown the incident out of all proportion into some sort of proof of their inherently awesome artistic sexiness AND something worthy of creating art around The result is little than a boring and extended anecdote with a thin covering of plot that does nothing to advance the Anita Blake storyline other than to add another man to her harem But that hardly counts as advancement of plot at this point I'd say that Hamilton needs to get out but that would only lead to her having boring experiences that she feels obliged to write entire books about What Hamilton DOES need is a better editor who might prevent her from using the exact same phrase to describe the exact same character He looked at me then his eyes so wide there was a flash of white to them on two consecutive pages

  6. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    This message brought to you by the word Flirt Flirt FlirtAnita Blake meets with Tony Bennington who wants her to bring back his exploded wife as a human life zombie we find this out after they argue and posture for a while SOP Anita says no smoochie smooes with her stripper boyfriendslovers that pop into the office in indecent sportsware because they wanted to give Mary the receptionist a showTime to pop into the restaurant for a nice whinging session about how everyone thought Anita was ugly as a child I am in TEARS Anita that you a petite raven haired chocolate brown eyed curvy woman was considered uglyOh yeah the word of today is FLIRT Nathaniel likes to FLIRT with the waiter The waiter FLIRTs back Anita tries her hand at FLIRTing She's not used to FLIRTing because she only FLIRTs if she wants a guy not just to FLIRT for the sake of FLIRTingThe next day Anita Blake meets with Natalie Zell who wants her to bring back her dead husband so she can go axe murderer on him Copypaste previous conversation replace all instances of he with she and make the woman look like a nutzo Also include how Natalie wants babies because we know that ALL WIMMEN WANT DA BABIES SOP Anita says no Natalie huffs offLunch time Anita goes to lunch and sees the SAME WAITER as yesterday GO FIGURE I mean it's like he WORKS at this place or something Funny thing he's FLIRTing with Anita Anita FLIRTs back It feels weird to FLIRT for FLIRTing sake Only it seems the waiter isn't just FLIRTing for FLIRTing's sake he actually wants to hook up Anita is perplexed; she doesn't have a clue how to turn a guy down since she never actually has hence the Anita Blake Walking Sausages Harem So she naturally keeps FLIRTingTwo guys appear from one end of the restaurant and basically kidnap her while she is FLIRTing They pile her into an SUV and take her to their boss a person that Anita earlier turned down Now she MUST raise that zombie else her Walking Sausages WILL DIE And since Walking Sausages can't defend themselves even though they are ALL WEREANIMALS Anita is in a panicAnita FLIRTs with Nicky a werelion who is working for the Big Boss It isn't long before they discover go figure Anita's lioness is in heat Three guesses what happens and the first two don't countAfter doing the naughty we have zombie raising fight scene cut to the final paragraph or two wrap up and then THE ENDShock of all shocks I actually didn't half mind this book Also shocking LKH doesn't change in the slightest Tour some of the best LKHism with me10 LKHisms No Anita Blake Book Could Be Without1 Get a Room LKH introduces the Three Walking Sausages with masturbatory descriptions that makes me cringe and want desperately to be in another galaxy and cleanse my brain out with Chlorox And then we proceed to have Anita and the Three Walking Sausages do the cuddle touchy feely thing in a restaurant and thus become one of Those People Dude with the watch I feel ya I do2 Relationship Uncertainty Even though Anita has been in dating relationships since Book 2 or 3 even earlier with her ex fiance and even though Anita has been dating multiple guys since about 3 or 4 she still has no f#ing clue how to go about having a relationshipSo if your guy friend and sometimes lover feels left out when you're cuddling your boyfriends at lunch do you owe him a cuddle? If you have to askjust sayin' 3 Misogyny Because we all know that every woman other than Anita A doesn't work hard B is a crazy psycho btch C is a weak wimp and D will use her feminine wiles to get out of shtI'm trying to get these women to work harder than they're used to and they're trying to flirt in part to get out of the hard parts Because female strippers doing things than just taking off their clothes? Being actual dancers and taking PRIDE in challenges? PISH never happenedBeing the girl I couldn't trust the silent communication I had to say something Girls like to talk talk talk talk talk and never shut up doncha knowWhen your babies are at stake you want a man that can defend them Momma Bears? What is that? A sex position? 4 Whinging and Wangst Wangst and Whinging Oh POOR ANITAI was told all my childhood that I wasn't pretty Try being 100 pounds overweight with a bad homedone haircut in your mother's old clothes andor sweatpants THEN come talk to me about how you never felt pretty 5 And the Subseuent Self Esteem Boosting Because Three Walking Sausages telling you you're always amazing and sexy is way cheaper than therapyJason You know it's not true Gag me 6 Beating a Dead Horse I got to hand it to LKH for her amazing ability to take a thought and absolutely wring every last ounce of meaning from it Or talking about it so long you wonder what the f# you were supposed to take from itThat was the problem with loving people It made you weak It made you need them It made the thought of not having them the worst thing in the world'It's a terrible thing to lose someone you love' I knew it for truth because I lost my mother to death when I was 8 my fiance in college to his mother's pressureThe smile that went with it was not Nathaniel's It was all mine a little bit of come hither and a little bit of threat as if to say 'If you take a bite I might bite back' It had been Jason who first explained my smile to me but it was an honest smile my life being the way it isBecause hope will keep you alive yes but it will also get you killed in ways worse than anything you can imagine Hope is a bad friend when men with guns have you But my lioness and their lions lusted after each other Lust I trusted Hope will lie to you but lust is what it is It never lies Hope would keep me hoping but lust might be a weapon7 LOLarious Bad Writing It's bad enough when LKH goes on her rambling monologues about weird sht but some of these descriptions need to be memorialized for their sheer awfulnessThey were both very powerful so it was a matter of flavor not strength I'm hoping for cinnamon flavor over spearmint to be honestSex would be the least of what we might do We might be able to sueeze a game of Parcheesi inHis hand closed over mine and it was just a hand No way I thought it was a FOOTI could feel the beat of his pulse on my tongue like candy that I wanted to lick and suck and finally bite down and let all that rich hot center burst into my mouth Life is a box of chocolatesyou never know when someone will skimp out and given you 3 year old stale chocolate 8 Using Spill for Something Not a Liuid If you are tired of reading how everything BUT water spills take heart Someone finally got LKH a thesaurus so she sometimes switches up her spill with trickleMy beast snarled at him inside my head and the sound trickled out my mouthbut his hands slipped under my skirt and I struggled out from under him spilling myself to the carpet9 Anita Acting Like a Serial Killer Because lines like the following are TOTALLY OK and not indicative of a SERIOUS problem in desperate need of therapyIt was a cold place the place I went when I killedI smiled at him able to do it because I calmed myself with images of violence10 Anita Acting Like a Monster and Everyone Chuckles Do I really need to elaborate?'He would do anything you told him to do Anita He seems to have even less free will than the rest of us do''I did it on purpose Jason' This is our Heroine people a woman who took over a guy's mind made him extremely subservient against his will and has NO UALMS ABOUT IT But really this wasn't half bad There was a PLOT things HAPPENED Anita has a JOB even if she never seems to take any clients so it's unclear how she actually has any MONEY Anita raised zombies OMG a necromancer raising zombies? Who woulda thunk? and best of all Kimberley Alexis is back as the narrator and she's amazingI'd feel EXTREMELY cheated if I spent money on this but I got the audiobook free from the library And for the mere 4 hours of listening time it was a pleasant time waster I still wouldn't say Anita is back but at least I didn't want to hang myself by the end of the audiobook so that's a bonus

  7. Paula Paula says:

    Yes it's a novella No it's not worth 25 It's not even worth the 12 discounted price This should have been a short story added to another book as a bonus or posted on the website for free It clocks in at less than 50000 words and about a third of those could have been taken out if not for Anita's endless internal monologuing about thing we already know Anita's need to have everything explained to her twice and the fact that the whole thing reads like it started out shorter and then was padded outIf you strip it down to the basics cut out all the useless prattle and info dumping this could have been made nice and tight and snappy But that still wouldn't have made up for among other things the blatant misogyny once again the blonde woman is a bad person Anita's complete lack of professionalism the interview with Bennington was absolutely ridiculous and Anita had no good reason for refusing him the job until he got creepy which she disregarded and then was surprised when he followed through on his threat the dead relative bashing we get it LKH you had a rough childhood but holy disrespect for the dead Batman the lack of separation between the character and the author other than the necromancy LKH and Anita pretty much had the same childhood I get that you're supposed to write what you know but this is ridiculous the pointless showing off of Anita's skills in the restaurant scene that didn't actually do anything to move the story forward and made Anita come off as an amateur not to mention showing off LKH's lack of show don't tell comprehension and the pointless addition of yet another penis to Anita's collectionThat last part is something that particularly makes me angry After everything is said and done and Anita has murdered a man with the use of magic ding ding ding that's an automatic death penalty folks but of course this is Anita so nothing will ever come of it Micah tells Anita I'm sorry you had to do that referring to what she did to Nicky And what did she do? She took his body his mind the heat of his beast and all the power that gave him She took his will power his free will and any and all sense of self he had In short she destroyed him and she used sex to do it Now if that's not a clear cut case of rape I don't know what is I know people will try to defend this because Nicky wanted to belong or because Anita did it to save her men or because she can take care of him better than Jacob can or because it wasn't her it was the ardeur or because it can't be rape 'cuz she's a woman or because it was Tuesday But the text clearly states Anita made the decision she knew what she was doing she knew the conseuences and she did it anyway And that makes Micah's I'm sorry you had to do that the euivalent of I'm sorry you had to rape that guy Which considering how Anita's relationship with Micah started anyone remember the shower not rape scene? I suppose we can't really expect much Given that the next novel features Edward who is by far my favorite character in the whole series I'm tempted to at least skim through it but it will take a lot to get me to keep reading this series

  8. Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} says:

    It's weird after I read the free excerpt of this book a few weeks ago I actually predicted the plot somewhere on this site So it was predictable Oh dearWe got back to zombie raising necromancy powers and master vampire powers as well as Anita falling back on her coping mechanism of going to the empty place the place she goes when she kills This is good However all of the events involving these were cut and paste scenes from previous books Come to think of it most of this book was made up of scenes from previous novels the ending of The Laughing Corpse Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #2 being the first to come to mind So it was repetitive Oh dear oh dearThere was a scene where the lions were attracted to Anita like they wouldn't bebut instead of the reason being the ardeur it was that her lion was in heat Huh? Why do we need reasons for Anita to be attracting every Tom Dick and Harry? And out of the two intensely powerful lions on offer the one I didn't respect was the one that Anita had her standard mandatory sex scene with and added him to her harem But the way she took this lion was horrible She broke him and then she and her men mocked him and compared him to a puppy I was utterly disgusted by this Mocking him was uncalled for and I'm not entirely certain that breaking him was absolutely necessary There's a part of me that thinks that Anita is losing her humanity because one of the reasons she did this was to make her life easier so she wouldn't have another Richard in my view that is evil I would have preferred that she kill him rather than take him home to be her mindless slave he has no free will at all it would have been the merciful thing to do Oh dear oh dear oh dearI will say that I am an Anita fan Or I was I'm not sure any Incubus Dreams book 12 was the last book I truly liked Skin Trade book 17 was mildly better but Flirt was a bit of a disappointment I'm missing Jean Claude badly Lately in every book he gets left behind one way or another I'm missing him terribly His absence is one of the reasons why I think this series is on the skids I think it might be time for Anita to hang up her guns and move into the retirement home for assassinsReadable trash

  9. Minh Minh says:

    It's not to say that I hated this book it was along the lines of what was the point of it all? Anita has yet another adoring gorgeous man hanging off her arms and we've established yet again that her powers are awesome even without her men What happened to the good old days of blood and gore

  10. Donna Donna says:

    Flirt makes it obvious that Hamilton has paid at least some attention to the criticism of this series But considering that it took me a whole hour to read this novella terribly short for the price is too little and probably too lateAnita's long neglected career as an animator makes another appearance and she actually has an adventure that doesn't star half of her boyfriends Of course that whole Anita standing on her own thing was completely undermined by her predictable strategy for dealing with the new men that show upThe author's habit of using a couple of words over and over and over is in full force here I'd suggest that the book needed editing but without the repetitive musings and relationship wankery Flirt would have ended up as a short storyThere's a preface and an afterword both have a condescending tone and read like a self indulgent attempt to boost the page count Readers are told an account of Hamilton and friends making a waiter uncomfortable which supposedly inspired this book and is fictionalized in one of its scenes Oh and there's also a comic strip that someone else drew about the exact same incident which is supposed to make some kind of point about how two creative types use everyday events differently I'm sure that the whole gang found it just hilarious to screw around with their server but honestly the story comes off a bit sad It's like why you never try to explain an inside joke nobody else gives a shitI almost went up to two stars because we finally got animator action but between the afterword and yet another addition to Anita's stable I just couldn't do it

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Flirt ✶ [BOOKS] ✪ Flirt By Laurell K. Hamilton ❀ – When Anita Blake meets with prospective client Tony Bennington who is desperate to have her reanimate his recently deceased wife she is full of sympathy for his loss Anita knows something about love a When Anita Blake meets with prospective client Tony Bennington who is desperate to have her reanimate his recently deceased wife she is full of sympathy for his loss Anita knows something about love and she knows everything there is to know about loss But what she also knows though Tony Bennington seems unwilling to be convinced is that the thing she can do as a necromancer isn't the miracle he thinks he needs The creature that Anita could coerce to step out of the late Mrs Bennington's grave would not be the lovely Mrs Bennington Not really And not for long.

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