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  1. Bunnicula Bunnicula says:

    The reviews of this book I read online were extremely impressive and I psyched myself up for a phenomenal reading experience combining two facets of my personality that I really revere being polyamorous and starting into my spiritual journey It started off really strongly with some really profound sentiments in the first few really short chapters It seemed like everything he said could use a lot elaboration and I would have liked for him to delve into the points he made a lot further than he did but I accepted the simple ways he put things and elaborated them with my partner with whom I was reading itI was enjoying it until about halfway through Mystic Life started phrasing things in a way that made you suspect that he saw himself as a kind of superior enlightened being for being a polyamorous person It started as a hint in his writing and that only got worse as the book went on When he started talking about gender that's when I found myself being taken completely out of the book First of all he referred to both genders as if there were only two and even though he prefaced a lot of what he said by reminding the reader his experiences were as a white heterosexual male living in America you could tell he hadn't even tried to take himself out of his preconceived notions of gender roles and saw men and women and their sexuality as this fixed never changing thing Calling women the gatekeepers of sex and imparting this gem of wisdom you could tell he had really outdated concepts of gender embedded into his personWomen don't value having sex as much as me because it is easier for a woman to have sex This statement is no radical than saying a person dying of thirst in the middle of the desert values water than a person drowning in a freshwater lakeReally That statement is no radical than the other He also mentions that abstaining from sex for any reason including that you just don't want to will prevent you from attaining enlightenmentMystic Life seems to forget that enlightenment might mean different things to different people and that his way to enlightenment isn't the only way to enlightenment

  2. Aida Aida says:

    A nice short reminding notenothing really new however

  3. Rose Rose says:

    This is an interesting essay I agree with the author on a lot of points although there are some assertions he makes that seem confusing or hard to follow This book probably wouldn't interest anyone who isn't already into both polyamory and spirituality but for someone who is it can be a nice thing to read to help shape your thoughts Very short read and not too difficult This will not be a helpful book to people newly embarking on poly who are looking for a roadmap for how they might get started It is mostly a discussion on how polyamory can be an inherently spiritual concept and how the author sees the two as related Some good uotes here and there but also some places that felt really preachy

  4. Christina Christina says:

    There are few things that I disagree with 1 There are gender roles than just male and female such as transgender transsexualplus it isn't all about heterosexual couples There are gay couples that explore polyamory bi couples ect ect As wonderful as sex is it isn't the only way to enlightenment and some days you just aren't in the mood Otherwise this book starts out decently and could be a starting point for all types of couples to discuss their curiosity

  5. Katie Suchan Katie Suchan says:

    I found a lot of good information and challenges to the status uo thinking Of course most poly folks and spiritual people probably already challenge standard thought processes Even though I didn't agree with everything the author writes I found it an overall good easy and uick read

  6. Naomi Ruth Naomi Ruth says:

    Some good points A few things I might not agree with A lot to think about A lot of really good moments though

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Spiritual Polyamory ➿ Spiritual Polyamory Free ➶ Author Mystic Life – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Spiritual Polyamory is a powerful groundbreaking work certain to intrigue challenge and stimulate members of both the poly curious and polyamorous communities Mystic Life takes you on a journey into h Spiritual Polyamory is a powerful groundbreaking work certain to intrigue challenge and stimulate members of both the poly curious and polyamorous communities Mystic Life takes you on a journey into honesty awareness and self exploration You will be encouraged to explore your true beliefs about love jealousy sex and letting go of controlThis book will help you to open your mind and heart to a fresh approach to intimacy which transcends fear and releases you into a world of unbound peace and joyFor information visit wwwspiritualpolyamorycom.

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  • Spiritual Polyamory
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  • 10 October 2015
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