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  1. Hanzel Hanzel says:

    As with all books that comes from the Black Library you get a vague description of an Adeptus Astartes chapter then the story runsIn this case the White Scars chapter led by Ko'sarro Master of the hunt and the opponent Voldorious it isn't a fast pace story but a good story nonetheless the reason for hunting Voldorious where the protagonist went and the final curtain at uintusummmmm can't forget about the other chapter in this story the Raven GuardI guess I'll recommend this to the other Warhammer readers

  2. David David says:

    The book was exciting at times but I felt as if was rushed there was not the sense of completion I got from other books It felt like it ended at the highest point without the usual coming down that most books have I like how the main human character stayed strong in the presence of Voldorius’s daemonic influence through sheer faith A simple human Awesome though Andy Hoare should practice writing a good 3 act story I would like read of his storiesRecommended though

  3. Rob Ballister Rob Ballister says:

    Andy Hoare's HUNT FOR VOLDORIOUS has all the minimum reuirements for a book in the Space Marine Battles series There's a Space Marine chapter White Scars in this case an enemy Alpha Legion and traitor militia and plenty of over the top violence I lost track of the number of times someone was cut in half Unfortunately it's a little short on story and as a result doesn't really hold up well with either RYNN's WORLD or HELLSREACH the first two books in the seriesThe 3rd company of the White Scars have vowed to bring down the daemon Voldorius who is bent on releasing the Bloodtide once They track him to the desolate planet of uintus V where they join forces with the 3rd company of the Blood Ravens who are there on a related but separate mission There is mutual distrust between the two chapters but out of necessity they work together to achieve both their aims Along the way there are many bloody battles with all the chainsword flesh rendering and bolt gun carnage most 40K fans have come to enjoyBut in my opinion the story is long on daemons and warp and shorter on Space Marine tactics cooperation and domination The introduction of a second chapter Blood Ravens as tentative allies detracts rather than adds to the story line and in the end the whole book just sort of felt average and unremarkableI wouldn't go so far as to say disappointing but it's pretty average True Space Marine fans will find something to enjoy in here but if you just dabble in this world there are other titles worth your time

  4. Sven Mysterioso Sven Mysterioso says:

    This one is terribleYou take the tribal nature of the Scars and you just beat us to death with it This book exhausted me I finished it out of sheer spite honestlyI disliked the characters as painfully thin shams of people The great big evil was just some moronic daemon type thingUgh This one is best forgotten I'm only reviewing it to warn other readers Don't

  5. Dian Dian says:

    Hunt For VoldoriusThis is the 2nd battle novel i red in the past monthsThere is this amazing trend with the Black Library booksthey are ALL AWESOME O you can clearly sense the passion their authors have for the universe and their deep understanding of the lore Something us wow fans do not enjoy from the wow books we have seen released so far XThe book follows the White Scars 3rd company as they chase the Daemon Lord Kernax Voldorius in a sacred huntThe book was very engaging from start to end Altho the ending seemed to me a bit rushed and should not have been that easy considering the forces that were on the fieldull know what i mean if u read the bookBut nevertheless this is a great read even if your not a Warhammer fan Chances are most of the BL books can get you hooked in the WH40k universechokengtitiktitikchokengp I loved the i guess acidental tribute to my own country`s khans and their famous riders It was cool

  6. Zaphied Zaphied says:

    Combining Star Trek's TNG episode Darmok with Warhammer 40k gets something like this Which was pretty great Figuring out how the metaphors translated into orders was funNot so great was the fighting to see which of 3 phrases would take the most novel space The primarch my khan or honored be his name Followed closely by unit types like bikes predators rhinos etc charging Were it not for that I'd rate this much higherWell that and the fact the ending basically says And the great evils escaped Again

  7. Georgy Wilband Georgy Wilband says:

    This was a bit clunky to begin with and the writing a little 'immature' at times I get the feeling that some of the chapters are edited and refined than others The story is good although predictable at times Sometimes the authors of Black Library books try to be 'too epic' in what's happening in the story and that on occasion can irritate me It was good to learn about the White Scars however and the Raven Guard so if you are interested in learning a bit about each chapter these books are ideal I will be pursuing the others in the series

  8. Andy Andy says:

    Interesting book from the standpoint of the Raven Guard and the White Scars working in conjunction against the traitorous Alpha Legion led by the Chaos tainted Voldorius but probably near the bottom of Warhammer books I've read from a uality of writing standpoint I thought there was a bit too much fluff put in to describe how bombs were exploding or missiles or bullets flying through the air or similar descriptions of warfare but overall still a good read

  9. Vojta Vojta says:

    Well it is a book about Space Marines The writer has a weak grasp of the concept of what a Space Marine is but there is very little character development or personality to the characters in this book I would avoid this book and read a well known series in the 40K universe The deamon Voldorius is a weak enemy not to mention the badly written Alpha Legion characters just do not add anything interesting to the story To me this was an uninspired story that I am glad came to and end

  10. Christopher Christopher says:

    Well I personally think its a great book Mostly because I play the table top game and own a few Warhammer 40k novels The book was uite interesting and I liked the general concept but I would have liked to see what happened to the civilian girl that Voldorius enslaved All and all the book was a great testament to the skill determination and power of the space marine

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The Hunt for Voldorius [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Hunt for Voldorius By Andy Hoare – Captain Kor'sarro Khan of the White Scars is petitioned by his Chapter Master to hunt down and destroy the daemon prince Voldorius a warleader of the renegade Alpha Legion thus ending his reign of ter Captain Kor'sarro Khan of the White Scars is petitioned by his Chapter Master to hunt down and destroy the daemon prince Voldorius a warleader of the renegade Alpha Legion thus ending his reign of The Hunt Epub / terror across the stars Hunting the beast doggedly for over a decade Kor'sarro finally brings Voldorius to battle on uintus a world that has totally given itself over to the Alpha Legion Together with their Raven Guard allies the White Scars must fight an entire planet if they are to slay the daemon prince.

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  • The Hunt for Voldorius
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