The Mitford Bedside Companion: A Treasury of Favorite

The Mitford Bedside Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Mitford Moments, Author Reflections on the Bestselling Series, and More. Much More. ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Mitford Bedside Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Mitford Moments, Author Reflections on the Bestselling Series, and More. Much More. By Jan Karon ✸ – Jan Karon’s Mitford Years series is a publishing phenomenon that since 1996 has sold than twenty five million books and attracted millions of devoted readers around the world With the series now com Jan Karon’s Mitford Years Bedside Companion: Kindle Ñ series is a publishing phenomenon that since has sold than twenty five million books and attracted millions of devoted readers around the world With the series now complete Karon’s fans have raced through nine novels—and then sat down and read them again and again For all those who love returning to Mitford this gorgeously packaged companion will be the perfect The Mitford ePUB í book to curl up with What was that Uncle Billy joke about the census taker Where was that beautiful prayer Father Tim offered The Mitford Bedside Companion will make it easy to find the greatest of the countless gems that grace each of Karon’s novelsFeaturing favorite scenes casts of characters Mitford crossword puzzles plus a hilarious read aloud scene and lots of trivia uestions for fan Mitford Bedside Companion: PDF É gatherings and family get togethers and much much The Mitford Bedside Companion is an enchanting collection Here too are new essays from Karon on everything from the life of a writer to her grandmother’s secret to good health Beautifully packaged and filled with eye catching Mitford Bedside Companion: A Treasury PDF/EPUB ² art The Mitford Bedside Companion is a book that any fan will cherish relishing favorite scenes from each book and in Mitford Bedside Companion: A Treasury PDF/EPUB ² one volume fondly reliving the best times spent in the little town with the big heart.

About the Author: Jan Karon

Born Janice Meredith Wilson Bedside Companion: Kindle Ñ in Jan Karon was raised on a farm near Lenoir North Carolina Karon knew at a very early age that she wanted to be a writer She penned her first novel when she was years old the same year she won a short story contest organized by the local high school Karon married as a teenager and had a The Mitford ePUB í daughter Candace At Karon began working as a receptionist for.

10 thoughts on “The Mitford Bedside Companion: A Treasury of Favorite Mitford Moments, Author Reflections on the Bestselling Series, and More. Much More.

  1. Marie Marie says:

    Nearly 500 pages of sheer Mitford bliss Each chapter collects various scenes from all the Mitford books around a common theme with reflections from Jan herself on the topic Far from formulaic in design The Mitford Bedside Companion reads much like an intimate conversation with the author and her charactersI recently re read the entire Mitford series to get ready for the release of Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good and I was feeling a little withdrawal from the cozy town This book is the perfect antidote In it you'll find all your favorite scenes with all your favorite characters Miss Sadie and Uncle Billy are once again alive and well Dooley is a teen again and Percy is back behind the counter at the Main Street Grill Just a few of the topics covered include the turkey club at Main Street Grill Father Tim's sermons and Uncle Billy's jokes Yes There's a whole chapter that's a collection of Uncle Billy's finest I think this was my favorite chapter A close second the chapter that collects the love letters between Father Tim and CynthiaThere were two unexpected to me bonuses to The Mitford Bedside Companion a very short section of Mitford bloopers and a fairly thorough character glossary The bloopers section was only about a page long but there were a few details that I guess other readers caught that I didn't In case you'd also noticed that Miss Lottie has two different last names in various books Jan answers that in this book Don't look at me for an explanation Go get a copy of this book You know I don't do spoilers The character glossary is much longer Jan estimates that over 700 individually named characters have made appearances in the series Do not fear she doesn't list all of them This book would have to be published in multiple volumes for that to work But she does list a lot of them There were a few that even I had forgotten But as soon as I saw the names a smile stole across my face as though I were greeting an old friendThanks to someone awesome shout out to my mom I've met Jan Karon So I could totally hear her voice in my head as I read her reflections I hope that statement doesn't sound stalkerish I promise I'm sane I loved hearing her talk about her experiences in Mitford and how the various characters and situations came to beThis book is so easily digestible You could read it all in one go as I did or savor sections of it at a time since it's written as a collection of essays and uotes from the books

  2. Margo Margo says:

    A delightful compilation to read even when you OWN all the Mitford books There are some bits of new materialessays and comments from Jan Karon as well as some photos and even a crossword puzzle and bloopers Excerpts are pulled from all the books along themes such as meals prayer special events letters sermons and Uncle Billy's Jokes I enjoyed it thoroughly and you read it in very small chunks

  3. Hope Irvin Marston Hope Irvin Marston says:

    A delightful walk though the Mitford Series that can be relived one memory or page at a time

  4. Diane Diane says:

    I enjoyed the Mitford novels even though I don't follow organized religion I felt that they were full of grace forgivness and examined life carefully and with good heart I would even read them again However I'm not a book worshipper and this Companion is for those who would fall into the class of those who wrote letters to Sherlock Holmes asking for help At the top of these worshippers is Karon herself which comes out so strongly in the book that it turned me off She loves her books likens herself to Dickens and has set herself up as a preacher and voice of God without having to do all the hard stuff that vocation endures She admits several times to picking up her own novels when she needs a good read Would I be humble less self satisfied and self praising if I wrote books with the success that Karon has had? I hope so Many other novelists have So I gave this book only two stars because it is a collection of information about the Mitford novels heavily enfolded in Karon's worship of her own creation How Godly is that in her philosophy?

  5. Jan Jan says:

    Oh Mitford how do I love thee let me count the waysThis is a book that explains some of the behind the scenes of how the Mitford series came about but importantly it is full of great segments that come from the series Reading this is like reminiscing with friends Oh do you remember whenThis is a good book to have nearby when you are between books Just read here and there and relish the wonderful tone philosophy and nature of The people of Mitford

  6. Margaret Margaret says:

    I received this book for Christmas and spent four months reading it at bedtime For the lover of Mitford it is a delightful way to revisit the novels without rereading them and the impact of the incidents in the story is hightened by clustering them together in categories a whole chapter of Uncle Billy's jokes all the food events Father Tim's sermons love stories and so forth

  7. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    I adored this series and waited anxiously for each new book to be published This books tells about all the characters the progression of the story the businesses that were in Mitford and of course the recipes I really should make the Orange Marmalade Cake someday It felt good to remember how much these books touched my life and I do really think these books would be a great TV show

  8. Lu Lu says:

    It's one of the books I like to open at random when in the mood and be able to laugh be inspired or recall the Mitford novels I so love I'm often reading it over many years

  9. Kay Carman Kay Carman says:

    Bits and pieces of The Mitford Years series books are presented in general themes meals prayers scriptures letters sermons even Uncle Billy jokes and they drew me right back into that little North Carolina town I have known so well and loved so much Makes me want to reread the seriesI remember first hearing about these books while driving two of my coworkers to a library conference being held in a hotel near the airport Bev in the front seat beside me Diva now gone to heaven in the back They'd both read the first book and urged me to read it That was a lucky day

  10. Cissy Ashley Cissy Ashley says:

    “Bedside Companion”I have read several other reviews and I’m not sure if people understand this is a bedside companion and not a new book I’m sorry I’m not trying to be rude but I use it to help remember parts of the books that I had read a year ago and refresh my memory since there are several books It is very helpful when used as a bedside companion

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