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  1. Alyosha Alyosha says:

    225 starsBest part of this novel was its beautiful cover The head hopping at the start was dizzying and the story could have been much compact

  2. Erastes Erastes says:

    Wow Just look at that cover I’m not generally a fan of Ann Cain’s hand drawn covers but I’ve probably only seen the yaoi ones This is utterly brilliant and has everything that a gay historical needs Yes there’s flesh but it’s not representative of “men shagging” it’s relevant to the story It has depth Bloody brilliant and standing ovation from me My top cover of the yearAlthough I did enjoy the story as a whole the main thing that stopped this book getting a much higher mark–which with a hard edit it would have deserved–was the head hopping I can usually bear it although I know most readers dislike it intensely with two people but this hopped between however many where on the page which was often 3 people and caused my head to hurt at times and made for some really difficult reading Christian realized he had not brought his valise into the room with him Sighing against the inevitable he wrapped the cloth tightly around his waist and opened the door He hesitated when he saw Teodoro and Esteban standing there but there was no help for it He needed his clothes Without speaking he crossed to his bag and rummaged through it for a clean shirt and breechesHis already hard cock throbbed against Teodoro’s breeches when Blackwood entered the room clad only in a bath sheet his bare chest and limbs even alluring than the Spaniard had imagined themAs you can see the head hopping here causes definite confusionIt also made it very difficult to get to know the characters–it’s hard to get inside the head of someone when they only have one paragraph one reaction and then you are whizzing over to everyone else in the scene To be honest it made the book almost unreadable as the POV even broke away from Teodoro in the middle of an exciting sword fight completely spoiling the scene to leap into Christian’s head who was elsewhere at the timeThe mercenary’s conscience surprised me – I wouldn’t have thought he’d have cared whether his client’s story was true or not – he was being handsomely paid I would have thought that a hired sword would have one loyalty – the the highest bidder Granted he was attracted to Christian from the first but not enough to immediately feel guilt that he was kidnapping Christian not saving him from unnatural practicesThere were a couple of things that jarred such as a horse travelling 400 miles in 5 days and the mention of a Grand Tour which didn’t exist until after the Restoration but other than that the history seemed pretty solid to me so no complaints thereOverall it’s a good story with a tender romance exciting moments enough hurtcomfort to assuage the hardest heart – and if you can get past the confusion of the dizzying head hopping you’ll probably enjoy the book but it makes it a not read again for me I’m afraid

  3. Sheila Sheila says:

    Using The Three Musketeers as inspiration Teodoro and Christian must work together to stay safe Their love is not approved of by the Inuisition Christian's father is head of the English delagation working on a treaty with Spain Opponents of Spanish King Phillip are trying to derail the negotiations and want to use Christian as a pawn Teodoro has been hired to bring Christian to them but when he learns the truth he wants to make it up to Christian and help keep him safe I enjoyed these men At first they are on opposite sides but uickly realize they have been lied to Christian grows into his aristocracy and cannot be seen as a child by his father after his adventures with Teodoro Raul and Gerrard to save the negotiations and protect King Phillip Lots of action and adventure and swordplay At the end of the story we get a glimpse of the French Musketeers I cannot wait to read the seuel All For One

  4. Becca Becca says:

    A good historical read Kept you on your toes

  5. Lena Grey Lena Grey says:

    “In life unlike chess the game continues after checkmate” Isaac AsimovTeodoro Ciéza de Vivar of 'Checkmate' by Nicki Bennet and Arial Tachna has one main concern—supporting his son Esteban Anything else including his own pleasure takes second place His occupation as a mercenary is a dangerous one but it pays well; for Teodoro it's worth the risk When he's hired to find Christian Blackwood son of an English nobleman Teodoro sees it as an easy job over and done with swiftly What he doesn't realize is that retrieving Christian will engage not only his sword but his mind and his heart as wellTeodoro accomplishes his mission getting Christian away from Hawkins his bodyguard but wounds him in the process After hearing that Christian's father sent him away for his own protection and learning that St Denys the man who hired Teodoro to 'retrieve' Christian is the one Christian needs protection from Teodoro understands Christian is in trouble He will not leave him unprotected until he can eliminate the threat so Teodoro takes over as Christian's bodyguard After making preparations for Hawkins to be taken care of Teodoro brings Christian back to Madrid with him From the start Teodoro and Christian have a strong attraction to each other but honor prevents Teodoro from propositioning Christian; he thinks he has nothing to offer Christian and that there is no way Christian could possibly want someone so far below his classTeodoro's son Esteban is not happy when Christian insinuates himself into their home and apparently into the heart of his father as well With patience and consistency Esteban comes to see that Christian isn't there to usurp his position or take Teodoro away from him and begins to trust him Esteban also sees how much happier Teodoro is with Christian around With the help of his best friend Raul Teodoro obtains evidence in writing of St Denys association with conspirators in an attempt to assassinate the king of Spain when he meets with the English Negotiator who happens to be Christian's father St Denys is condemned and executed but that's not the end of their problems There is another coconspirator out there to be taken care of Before Teodoro can present his evidence he is arrested by soldiers of the Inuisition charged with Sodomy It's obvious to all that the man working with St Denys is to blame for alerting them because he thinks it's a way to get rid of him His family and friends agonize over what will happen to Teodoro and desperately search for a way to save him because generally no one escapes the Inuisition’s clutchesI thoroughly enjoyed this swashbuckling tale and fell in love with the characters Teodoro having a son was a nice twist Raul added a touch of the exotic; the mystery surrounding the man was intriguing and his dedication to Teodoro was admirable Teodoro and Christian's miscommunication about their attraction gave them time to get to know each other better before jumping right into bed Teodoro and Esteban as well didn't give Christian enough benefit of the doubt assuming that he was just a spoiled privileged child instead of the fair minded not condescending man he actually was If you like swords for hire hot sex despicable enemies intrigue betrayal and a happy ending then you may enjoy this book Thanks Nikki and Ariel for the exciting story I'm looking forward to reading of the seriesNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  6. Siobhan Muir Siobhan Muir says:

    This is the second story I've read by Nicki Bennett and Ariel Tachna and I liked the interaction between Teodoro and Christian especially complimented by Raul the gypsy and Teodoro's son Esteban This story is set in the time of the Spanish Inuisition where being different meant death and most of the characters were either bi or gay so it was a large blade hanging over their heads What felt a little unrealistic to me were some of the supporting characters and how easily they accepted that difference in such a time and I was constantly waiting for something to go wrong with someone close to the MCs especially with the brothel proprietess There were some excellent nail biting moments throughout with regards to the Inuisition and a little BE Overall a decent read and a nice love story but I would have liked a vibrant suspense subplot 35 stars

  7. Mary Mary says:

    Swashbucklers and swordfighting and true love you cannot beat this book The best books let you step into another world and forget yoursI enjoyed my trip into Teo and Christian's world and hope to go back soon

  8. nisie draws nisie draws says:

    I could not finish this book I gave up about 13 12 of the way in I can't stand stories where the protagonists spend the whole time pining after each other when they both got the hots for each other SO OBNOXIOUS JUST FRICKLE FRACKLE ALREADY

  9. Elaine White Elaine White says:

    Book – CheckmateAuthor – Nicki Bennett Ariel TachnaStar rating ★★★☆☆No of Pages – 294Cover – IntriguingPOV – 3rd person multi POV omnipresentWould I read it again – Probably notGenre – LGBT Historical Magic Spanish Inuisition Romance Adventure Hired Sword I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK BY THE AUTHOR IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Reviewed for Divine MagazineThis was an interesting read and I'm of two minds about itOn one hand it's really really long with not a lot to show for that length I mean about 40% was about the adventure aspect and the other 60% was the romance which I'm not sure was strictly necessary But saying that a lot of my issues with the book were because there was a lot that wasn't “strictly necessary” On the other hand I did enjoy the overall story but it's not something that I'd rave about to a friend or bother to read the next two in the series eitherFirst off the omnipresent POV I've got a lot of experience with it but this time it was just unnecessary Half of the omnipresent POVs – by which I don't mean when whole scenes or chapters were occasionally dedicated to one character – were pointless and added nothing to the story that couldn't already be known or shown through their actions and words Here I'm specifically thinking about St Denys Esteban and the times when Teodoro and Christian are in the same scene; we don't need both their POV'sOmnipresent in this case is a problem for two reasons 1 – we get told things twice; once in one paragraph that is Teo's POV and again in Christian's POV which is the next paragraph literally 2 – one paragraph reveals something to us which in the next we're not supposed to know It makes it hard to follow the story and keep track of what each character knows or thinks Particularly when the two MC's often have alternating paragraphs; Christian Teodoro Christian Teodoro When you get into a rhythm of that it's okay to follow but often than not it happened for one solid chapter then changed format in the next and again in the next It was constantly confusing and difficult to keep track of what POV the paragraphs were supposed to be told in when not immediately made clear until halfway through the paragraphsceneHalf the space taken up by this constant repetition and re experiencing of a situation through both and sometimes triple when Esteban is involved sets of eyes makes the book much much longer than necessary It's also pointless Half the time we already know what is going on who feels what and so forth I'd much rather the authors showed us these varying perspectives in either one whole scenechapter dedicated to one character's POV or by SHOWING us through their words and actions This constant telling grew old very uicklySt Denys as a baddie was tame and boring I mean we got one chapter which included his POV unnecessary and after that he was referred to as this big bad villain but he was never seen and did nothing that actually put the characters at real risk of danger The same could be said for the el conde de la Rocha who was nothing except an off page tool to spur on the action but only entered the story for about a pageAnd uite honestly St Denys POV at the beginning ruined part of the story – as did the blurb How? Because the big revelation of St Denys plotting to kill the King is a major plot arc which is haphazardly thrown into the blurb so that it's neither a surprise or all that shocking to the reader when the “big revelation” is made Which jars with the fact that the authors make it very clear throughout the story that this is supposed to be a huge surprise to the readers Except that St Denys' POV and the blurb remove all mystery giving far too much away in a story that shockingly goes to painstaking lengths to keep this information from us until the big reveal It makes absolutely no senseOn top of that there were no translations This book is littered with Spanish phrases and not one of them is explained There also isn't a glossary anywhere in sight that I could turn to while reading If I were to highlight all the Spanish terms to look them up later I'd be highlighting half the book Instead I chose to remain ignorant and look up the most confusing in that they held some sort of meaning to the characters when I was done If I hadn't done that I would have been putting this book down every five minutes to check Google Translate As it was the scenes would have made so much sense had I known what they were talking about but I've never even flirted with Spanish so I had no hope in hell of ever guessing what all those curse words and endearments meantTo keep going with the negative but be a little brief with it there were continuity issues eg someone was standing but was talked about as though they were seatedspelling and grammar issues as well as mis placed punctuation A good example is when Esteban and Gerrard are both at different points mentioned as “the Esteban” and “the Gerrard”unbelievable abilities in terms of being interrupted in flagrante after a big build up and one MC with a lot of serious injuries only to immediately jump up with no problems and be able to talk freely Also an issue is their ability to be free with movement have sex and jump out of bed with no issues after being tortured with whipping and the rack at leastfacts were skimmed over that were important Often they weren't mentioned at all until well after the fact when it was thrown in as though we should have known it already the best example is St Denysthere was so much sex that I got sick of it I literally began skim reading the sex scenes to get to the next big of dialogue or storytelling because one they got together it was excessive andagainunnecessarythe story ends at 94% with the cover blurb and excerpt of book 2 cover and blurb of book 3 and a long list of books by the authors that I could just as easily look up online if I were so inclined Which I'm not at the momentOverallI could absolutely sum up this book with one word – unnecessary The actual plot was great as were the characters but the execution of putting those two things together didn't work The biggest issue was the omnipresent POV which caused a lot of the serious problems I encountered On top of that the actual plot aspect – the threat to the King – was so easily resolved that it almost feltyou guessed itunnecessary to have a book of nearly 300 pages tell the story I mean I could easily have cut 200 of those pages without impacting the story at all That's how little drama danger etc there really was though it was all made to feel very important and dangerous It justwasn'tThough I enjoyed it it was along the lines of – Meh I could have not read it and been just as happy with how I spent my day but reading it didn't exactly kill me eitherIn another POV this could have been fantastic without all the head hopping and repetition without the excessive sex and the over exaggerated danger I'm giving it a 3 because I enjoyed it and overall Christian was my favourite character but the fact that I didn't understand 30% of the words in the book which were Spanish really detracted from that enjoyment On top of the other issues nothing over a three would have been appropriateAnd no Sorry but I won't be reading books 2 and 3 I'm happy with how things ended even for Raul so I don't feel there's a need to read about his story in book 3 and I barely saw a glimpse of the main character for book 2 so I'm not really sure why I'd be super excited about going ahead to read about a guy who had about three lines of dialogue was introduced at the end of the Epilogue and had no impact on the story or me as a reader whatsoever Even if I was interested in Raul I wouldn't be tempted enough to force myself through book 2 just to get there

  10. Suze Suze says:

    First half was probably a 2 as I didn't really get into the story Once Teodoro found evidence of St Denys's treachery the second half seemed to have purpose and that was probably closer to a 3 for me So perhaps a 25However the uick changes of pov by paragraph made this hard work I wasn't fully drawn into the story anyway and this didn't help though it made skim reading next to impossible as you had to keep your wits to id whose pov it wasThe story is set in the times of The Inuistion and the dread and terror of that and the general time do come across I did think Christian was not so discreet as he should have been considering Teo had already been punished onceI did win this as I probably wouldn't have chosen to buy this There are two other books continuing the tale and taking in other historical venues of the time so I'm sure historical lovers will enjoy

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Checkmate [Epub] ➟ Checkmate By Nicki Bennett – All for Love Book OneWhen sword for hire Teodoro Ciéza de Vivar accepts a commission to “rescue” Lord Christian Blackwood from unsuitable influences he has no idea he’s landed himself in the mi All for Love Book OneWhen sword for hire Teodoro Ciéza de Vivar accepts a commission to “rescue” Lord Christian Blackwood from unsuitable influences he has no idea he’s landed himself in the middle of a plot to assassinate King Philip IV of Spain and blame the English ambassador for the deed Nor does he expect the spoiled child he’s sent to retrieve to be a handsome engaging young man As Teodoro and Christian face down enemies at every turn they fall and in love an emotion they can’t safely indulge with the threat of the Inuisition looming over them It will take all their combined guile and influence to outmaneuver the powerful men who would see them separated or even killed.