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The Gift [EPUB] ✵ The Gift By Cecelia Ahern – Todos os dias Lou Suffern um aruitecto bem sucedido de Dublin travava uma batalha inglória com o relógio na tentativa vã de responder às múltiplas solicitações profissionais familiares e sociai Todos os dias Lou Suffern um aruitecto bem sucedido de Dublin travava uma batalha inglória com o relógio na tentativa vã de responder às múltiplas solicitações profissionais familiares e sociais Vivia a um ritmo vertiginoso O seu desejo de sucesso afastou o do ue era realmente importante na sua vida E assim foram correndo os dias até àuela gelada manhã de terça feira em ue resolveu oferecer um café a Gabe o sem abrigo ue costumava sentar se perto da entrada do seu escritório À medida ue o Natal se aproxima e ue Lou vai privando mais de perto com Gabe a sua perspectiva do tempo vai se alterando Emocionante e divertida esta narrativa onde está sempre presente o espírito de Natal faz nos reflectir sobre a importância do tempo e rever as prioridades na nossa própria vida.

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  1. Fatema Meamari Fatema Meamari says:

    Cecelia Ahern is a very clever creative writer I really admire her work It's pretty awesome When you look at her covers you don't expect much At least that's how it was with me You expect just another romantic comedy with all the gooey cheesy lovey dovey romantic parts Trust me that is FAR from the case Her books are wonderful They deal with serious issues and serious problems Real life every day shit She also throws in a little bit of magic and intrigue Her books have this creepy eerie effect that I love And most importantly they are not stupidly and hopelessly romantic in any way Insert cheers and applause hereAbout this novel The ending was very sad It's a moralistic kind of novel and I liked that about it I especially loved the final paragraph It was very Shaking I didn't really hate Lou like I thought I would when I heard about the book and all I actually pitied him He lost track of his life and was living for nothing He didn't experience true joy or happiness and lived for his work He hurt himself and the people around him on a daily basis It was really unfortunate But he got a second chance He got the gift of time He got a chance to make things right before he was gone for good And I think everyone would want that But unfortunately we can't really have that most of the time And the point of this book I think is to rattle us and make us aware of that That time is slipping away and that we won't get a second chance to make it right we won't get extra time We need to make things right now We need to be happy and live for a reason and not just watch our lives waste away No matter how young or old I don't have much to say except that Cecelia is a very clever writer And she writes meaningful things not stupid sappy pointless romantic crap

  2. Mary S. R. Mary S. R. says:

    5 STARS Perfect for ChristmasMy first book by Cecelia and I LOVED it A lesson finds the common denominator and links us all together like a chain At the end of that chain dangles a clock and on the face of the clock registers the passing of time We see it and we hear it the hushed tick tock but often we don’t feel it Each second makes its mark on every single person’s life—comes and then goes uietly disappearing without fanfare evaporating into air like steam from a piping hot Christmas pudding Enough time leaves us warm; when our time is gone it leaves us coldTime is precious than gold precious than diamonds precious than oil or any valuable treasures It is time of which we do not have enough; it is time that causes the war within our hearts and so we must spend it wiselyTime cannot be packaged and ribboned and left under trees for Christmas morningTime can’t be given But it can be shared I was gonna post this on the night of 25th right when I finished the book literally eating it up in one setting but the internet is flimsy here right now due to political reasonsSo I'll say it nowMerry Christmas and happy new year 🖤✨RTC

  3. Ashton Jade Gibbs Ashton Jade Gibbs says:

    The Gift – Cecelia Ahern Admittedly I like so many others before me seem to associate Cecelia Ahern with lovely girly books especially with the gorgeous covers her books always have This is far from the case Her books are incredibly touching the writing is clever and this book in particular is a fabulous example of how her books can be moralistic with a magical touchThe Gift centres on the story of Lou Suffern as told through the eyes of someone else Lou is your stereotypical over working business man; he constantly needs to be in two places at once strives to always be bigger and better and relieves himself with his womanising ways As a result his family take a backseat and suffer all the while standing by him waiting for things to change And things may just change once Lou meets Gabe the mysterious homeless man who sits outside his office building “One thing of great importance can affect a small number of people Eually so a thing of little importance can affect a multitude Either way a happening big or small can affect an entire string of people”Ahern is a wonderfully gifted writer with a writing style that is easy and enjoyable to follow through her magical tales I found myself submerged in her story telling straight from the opening chapter During the beginning of the book she describes the warmth and calmness of Christmas with beautiful imagery and manages to get you to feel that warmth inside as you read along Although this book is set at Christmas time it’s not exactly Christmas themed though that didn’t stop me feeling the Christmas spirit as I read the first three paragraphsThe interesting thing about this book is that the protagonist is not necessarily likeable and can be difficult to empathize with yet we as a reader find ourselves willing him to succeed in improving himself Personally I continued to dislike Lou throughout the full book and yet I found myself completely invested in him and found I was rooting for him for his family’s sake rather than his “A lesson finds the common denominator and links us all together like a chain At the end of that chain dangles a clock and on the face of the clock registers the passing of time We see it and we hear it the hushed tick tock but often we don’t feel it Each second makes its mark on every single person’s life comes and then goes uietly disappearing without fanfare evaporating into air like steam from a piping hot Christmas pudding Enough time leaves us warm; when our time is gone it leaves us cold”This is a magical tale a wonderful Christmas read and although far fetched it definitely gets the intended message across there is nothing valuable than time Time can’t be borrowed and returned you can’t buy it back Once your time is spent there’s no grabbing it back and for that reason we need to value it than anything The issues addressed in the book are real life issues and all of the characters were so realistic and believable It was enough to bring a tear to my eye in closing chapter I’m just a big softieSo if you’re looking for a touching Christmas read when the time comes along this year I highly recommend this book and if you’ve already read it I’d love to know what you thought of the ending? “Time can’t be given But it can be shared”

  4. ~Bookishly ~Bookishly says:

    I actually received this book as a gift last Xmas but it isn't the sort of book that I'd go and purchase myself so I suppose I've been putting it off I have seen Cecelia Ahern's works in the bookshops but never until now read one of her works I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it It certainly wasn't amazing or anything but it is evident that Ahern is a wonderfully creative writer and instead of some cheesy romance like I was expecting there were some real life issues in her story which can cause one to stop and think I loathed Lou the main character throughout most of the book I thought he was a pretentious bastard uite frankly It was rather evident from the beginning that Lou only considered his own happiness important But as the book reads on Lou is taught some valuable lessons and nearing the end of the book I actually came to like Lou a little bitThis book certainly wasn't perfect but it was an interesting christmassy read and I may even pick up another book from this author in the future

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Cecelia Ahern's The Gift is a lovely addition to holiday fiction It leaves readers with a beautiful message about how precious and impactful the gift of time is Not just time on this earth but the time you purposefully set aside for those who give your life uality and purpose Nurture those relationships before you lose them The Gift is worth the read Check it outMy favorite uote Time is precious than gold precious than diamonds precious than oil or any valuable treasures It is time that we do not have enough of; it is time that causes the war within our hearts and so we must spend it wisely

  6. Sara Sara says:

    This book is for you ifyou are in the mood for a good old Christmas ly cryyou feel introspective and open to reflect on the sense of lifeyou want to reconnect with family valuesyou want something that will remind you what are the important things in lifeThis book is NOT for you if you need something easy breezy with no dramayou DO NOT want to cryyou're looking for of a happily ever after novel you are looking for a girl meets boy novelI enjoyed this book it reduced me into tears I was on a plane and had to contain myself not to sob loudly in front of everybodyAhern initial description of the uiet street on Christmas morning was sublimeOverall a sad book with plenty of moral but one of the good ones

  7. Anna Anna says:

    I found that book today on a bookself and it reminded me of some great time I had during reading itLou is the main character who is an arrogant and busy 247 man He is not happy with his life he always wants he tries to do but actually he forgets what he already has especially his family his wife Ruth and their two young children Especially his one year old son is crying when he approaches not recognizing any familiarity with his father Life goes on until one day before Christmas he meets Gabe a homeless man the good ghost from the tale that changes his cosmos completely A heartbroken page turner that reminds us that people in our life need to come first BUT FIRST THINGS FIRST we need to be patient and careful whatever we do

  8. Cri (PaperbacksandPizza) Cri (PaperbacksandPizza) says:

    EnglishItalianoFirst of all I have to say I am not a native english speaker so please I prefer to not be attacked if I made any mistakes Instead of do that it would be nice if you corrected me thank you “Time is precious than gold precious than diamonds precious than oil or any valuable treasures It is time that we do not have enough of; it is time that causes the war within our hearts and so we must spend it wisely” Here we go again with another Cecelia Ahern book I realized I’ve missed reading her books until I read this one I won’t ever stop saying Cecelia Ahern is a brilliant author and unfortunately she is so much underrated as she doesn’t deserve I picked this book up mostly because it was by Cecelia Ahern I admit that The thing with her books it’s that you become addicted to her writing style and always want to read Basically Cecelia Ahern’s books are my drug guys I guess everyone has their obsessions and here’s mine Apart from this emberassing confession of mine I’d like to talk about the plot This is a Christmas set book that talks about Lou a man so busy with work that he’s arrived to ignore and put aside his family along with his marriage and his own children One day he meets an homeless and finds himself piting for him he gives this homeless a job in the same company of his Strange things will happen from the moment on Gabe the homeless is hiredL I K E S• It’s a Cecelia Ahern’s book after all so of course I loved the writing style Beautiful sentences everywhere I would have underlined all the book Cecelia Ahern has a writing style that gets you involved completely in the story in fact I imagined all the scenes in the book like there weren’t actually fiction like they were happening all around me I got immersed in the story• Cecelia Ahern’s books are always written to teach you something they always contain a moral The moral that occurs in the book is about time About ambition and money too The protagonist wants to be the best at his work to get money and sure this thing does nothing bad to his family but spending time with our beloved ones is important too Abou time she teaches us the way it should be used not wasting it• There is a little bit of magic that characterizes Cecelia Ahern books and it fit perfectly well since it’s a Christmas related story and Christmas has always been a magic time of the year• Another thing that I liked were the characters Lou Gabe Ruth and all the family members are perfectly characterized and also pretty enjoyable to read• Along with the theme of time this book teaches how much family is important Family basically is the only thing we see at Christmas so it makes this book a perfect Christmas related read D I S L I K E S • I know I have previously said that the writing style is captivating but at first I was a little bit bored Oops I found it surpring too considering which person wrote this book coffs Cecelia Ahern coffs how many times did I tiped ‘Cecelia Ahern’ in this review? So many I knoww• Themes like family makes it a Christmas related read but I wanted to see atmosphere More Christmas magic More Christmas related activity what people actually do at Christmas come on I just wanted Christmas vibesAnyway I don’t understand why some people say this book disappointed them and wasn’t like any other book by Cecelia Ahern I continue to recommend to everyone this brilliant author because I need people who loves her books acknowledges her books as works of art as THEY DESERVE Blog | Bookstagram | Google | Pinterest | Tumblr Italiano “Il tempo ci riscalda e uando è finito ci lascia freddi È più prezioso dell'oro dei diamanti più prezioso del petrolio o di ualsiasi tesoro Il tempo non ci basta mai; il tempo crea dei conflitti nei nostri cuori e uindi dobbiamo usarlo saggiamente” Eccoci con un altro libro di Cecelia Ahern Non ho realizzato che mi era davvero mancato leggere i suoi libri finché non ho letto uesto ua Non smetterò mai di dire che Cecelia Ahern è una autrice geniale e che è anche purtroppo una autrice sottovalutata come non merita Ho scelto di leggere uesto libro maggiormente perché lo ha scritto Cecelia Ahern lo ammetto La cosa dei suoi libri è che diventi dipendente dal suo stile di scrittura e vuoi sempre leggere di più Praticamente i libri di Cecelia Ahern sono la mia droga ragazzi Credo che ognuno abbia le sue ossessioni ed ecco la mia Tralasciando uesta mia confessione imbarazzante vorrei parlare della trama uesto è un libro con ambientazione natalizia che parla di Lou un uomo così occupato con il suo lavoro che è arrivato perfino a ignorare e a mettere da parte la sua famiglia insieme al suo matrimonio e i suoi stessi figli Un giorno incontra un senzatetto e scopre se stesso provare pietà per lui gli da un lavoro nella sua stessa compagnia Cose strane succederanno dal momento in cui Gabe il senzatetto è assuntoCOSE CHE MI SONO PIACIUTE• È un libro di Cecelia Ahern dopotutto uindi certo che ho amato lo stile di scrittura Bellissime frasi ognidove avrei sottolineato tuto il libro Cecelia Ahern ha uno stile di scrittura che ti sa coinvolgere completamente nella storia infatti ho immaginato tutte le scene del libro cime se non fossero esattamente finzione come se stessero succedendo tutto intorno a me ero immersa nella storia• I libri di Cecelia Ahern sono stati scritti per insegnarti ualcosa sempre contengono sempre una morale La morale che è presente nel libro è a proposito del tempo Anche sui soldi e sull’ambizione Il protagonista vuole essere il migliore a lavoro per ottenere più soldi e ovviamente ciò non reca nessun danno alla famiglia ma trascorrere del tempo con i nostri cari è anche molto importante Sul tempo ci insegna il modo in cui deve essere usato cioè non sprecandolo• C’è sempre un po’ di magia che caratterizza i libri di Cecelia Ahern e ha funzionato così bene dato che è una storia incentrata sul Natale e il Natale è sempre stato un momento magico dell’anno• Un’altra cosa che mi è piaciuta sono i personaggi Lou Gabe Ruth e tutti i membri della famiglia sono perfettamente caratterizzati e anche molti piacevoli da leggere• Insieme al tema del tempo uesto libro ti insegna uanto sia importante la famiglia La famiglia è praticamente l’unica cosa che vediamo a Natale uindi ciò lo rende una perfetta lettura di Natale COSE CHE NON MI SONO PIACIUTE • So che ho precedentemente detto che lo stile di scrittura è affascinante ma all’inizio ero un po’ annoiata Ops L’ho trovato sorpredente anche io considerando uale persona ha scritto uesto libro coffs Cecelia Ahern coffs uante volte ho digitato ‘Cecelia Ahern’ in uesta recensione? Troppe lo so• Temi come la famiglia lo rendono una lettura relativa al Natale ma volevo vedere più atmosfera Più magia del Natale Più attività relative al Natale cosa fanno le persone a Natale dai volevo soltanto più Christmas vibesComunue io non capisco perché alcune persone dicono che uesto libro li abbia delusi e che non era come gli altri libri di Cecelia Ahern Continuo a consigliare uesta geniale autrice perché ho bisogno di più persone che amino i suoi libri che li riconoscano come capolavori come MERITANO Blog | Bookstagram | Google | Pinterest | Tumblr

  9. Julie Julie says:

    I wanted something easy to read on public transport and this certainly ticked that box I finished it before even adding it to my 'currently reading' on this siteThe protagonist is fallible something I always think makes a book interesting and all the characters are somewhat believable but it was very hard to find anything warm or likeable in them The people and the settings made me feel uncomfortable somehow Perhaps they was supposed toI suppose it's easy to be cynical about the character of Gabe in his mysterious guardian angel role and I understand the whole point of this story is to emulate a type of Scrooge story in the city; a man who goes through an experience that forces him to see the world differently and prompts him to want to turn over a new leaf You have to introduce an element of magic and suspend disbelief to achieve that that's fine It's even set at Christmas time It only narrowly avoids the cheesiness of a Hollywood Christmas movie by its ending but by that point I actually wanted to see the new leaf pan out and the characters to live happily ever afterI felt Gabe was under developed and could have thrown in a couple of jokes just to make him likableThe concept that the whole story is being narrated between some barely connected characters based in a police station was distracting and did not work to my mindThis book left a bad taste in my mouth mostly because of the tone of the author She patronisingly lectures about the lessons we ought to have learned on this insightful journey she has been so good to lead us through I don't believe the message that time is precious and you should appreciate your loved ones was something most people needed to be told by an over privileged chick lit authorI've neither read or watched PS I Love You so I have no prior expectations except that I assumed since it had been so phenomenally successful the writing of the author must be good Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would but perhaps if I'm basing my judgement on my perception of the success of another book I ought to have read that one instead

  10. Mochizuki Mochizuki says:

    After reading Cecelia Ahern's novels 'Book of Tomorrow' and 'PS I Love You' I was looking forward to reading another Her books are so easy to read and leave you feeling really uplifted and The Gift definitely does thatI was a little dubious about reading a Christmas novel in July but towards the end I really got into the festive spirit An utterly fantastic book that gives out a fabulous message about the gift of time which really made me think as I turned each page The descriptive writing about the festive season made me feel like it was Christmas and I have to admit I felt a little sad to peel back my curtain and see the sunshine outside I am very busy during the day but once I started reading I couldn't put it downI was putting off chores to read 'just one chapter' It keeps you engrossed from the onset just wanting to know what was going to happen next It may be a bit far fetched but when you have finished the book you do really see things in life a bit differently because we are all guilty of 'being too busy' I highly recommend this book

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